50 most travel

Travel to buff you are ready to increase one degree – the all-time list for most inspirational aphorisms our travel should read carefully! The world famous poets, philosophers from, you will be culled from proverbs from different countries are confident that this list does not finish already started planning the next trip …

“Speak a new language is to open the door to a new world and culture.” – Frantz Fanon
“Nothing can develop intelligence enough to travel sewa Bus Pariwisata.” – Emile Zola
“You have to learn if you want to travel.” – Mark Twain
“Walk around the world. you can see the most spectacular of all dreams! “- Ray Bradbury
“You do it for yourself is the best investment you make for travel investment.” – Matthew Karsten
“Life is either a daring adventurous or nothing” – Helen Keller
“A trip mileage is not the best measure of the catheter you are friends you make the trip.” – Tim Cahill
“Journey – before then leaves you speechless converts to a good story teller.” – Ibn Battuta
“The sun is going down in each of the unique way in the world one hundred thousand. It is worth to travel to witness this once. “- My Ryu mura ka
“Go away, the sea, borders, countries, beliefs when the opportunity arises to overcome any hesitation.” – Amin Maalouf
“Once you go away completely changed as a return to a true miracle.” – Kate Douglas Wiggin
“Travelling is to evolution.” – Pierre Bernardo
“Travel to microbes is you no longer treat infection after a time. a very nice feeling to know that microbes to live happily until the end of my life! “- Michael Palin
“Traveling is not to arrive at a place, travel to discover it.” Goethe
“There is no fixed plan and intention to reach a good traveler.” – Lao Tzu
“Life is a book, and readers who do not read through all the same page.” St. Agustina
“The traveler sees what comes in front of him, but he wants to see what the tourists.” – G. K. Chesterton
“Set out to see new things people not to go somewhere.” – Henry Miller
“Look instead to enjoy the trip to endileşelen to the pits on the road.” – Fitzhugh Mullan
“Buy only fresh memories of the places you go and just leave their footprints.” – Chief Seattle
“Go someplace you’ve never seen before once a year.” – Dalai Lama
“Journey brings us back to ourselves.” – Albert Camus
“Travelling is living.” – Hans Christian Andersen
“Travel to balance our imagination with reality and allows us to see them instead of thinking about how certain things.” – S. Johnson
“The harmony that exists between man and the universe establishes Travelling once again.” Anatole France
“If you want to travel fast and light way, all the hostility, the jealousy, you have to figure out a way to leave behind the light Benelli and fear.” – Cesare Pavese
“When everything is getting worse get yourself a holiday.” Betty Williams
“Every browsing is not lost.” – JRR Tolkien
“Travelling does humble people. We have seen how the world actually a small place so we are taking. “- Gustave Flaubert
“Coastal reviewing lose courage unless people can not discover new oceans.” – Andre Gide
“Not to escape from life, the life we say we’re going to travel.” – Anonymous
“Tourists where they go, the traveler will not know where to go.” – Paul Theroux
“The only obstacle is the threshold of the door in front of the trip.” Bosnia and Sayings
“Prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness of the best treatment trip.” – Mark Twain
“The only thing you have to travel will make you rich by spending money.” – Anonymous
“Travel broadens the human world.” Malcolm X
“After seeing the other half of the moonlight in the world I’m not old.” – Mary Anne Radmacher
“If you do not know where you’re going, any road will take you there.” – Lewis Carroll
“Happiness is on the road to get there, not at the end of the road.” – Epictetus
“It’s like a bird without wings of a traveler making observations.” – Moslih Eddin Saadi
“Just exploring new ways of browsing.” – Norwegian proverb
“The boat is safe in harbor. But this is not the purpose of the boat. “- Paulo Coelho
“What if I go away I’m closer to myself so much.” – Andrew McCarthy
“Worth every sacrifice worth and go on the journey.” – Elizabeth Gilbert
“Long live, travels, adventurous, grateful and will never regret it.” Jack Kerouac
“It’s not that where that is the last stop, is that of how memories and experiences!” – Penelope Riley
“See too many lives, too browsing sees more” – Arab proverb
“If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine; Fatal .. “- Paulo Coelho
“Travelling is not for you to teach.” – Benjamin Disraeli
“Traveling and brings new vigor to the mind change places.” – Seneca

Worm Danger 5 Bathroom (Toilet) Part 2

This is the worm Danger bathroom that can appear at any time, if the condition of the bathroom in a state that rarely cleaned:

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1. Worms in children

Children who carelessly bathing in public restrooms are sedot wc jakarta not clean may be exposed to intestinal worms. worms can enter the body through the oral cavity, namely when children are cool bath with friends joked with her.

2. Triggering the appearance of diarrhea

Diarrhea is not only arise because the food is not clean, but can also be caused by a worm that is in the water where the vegetables or fruit being washed. be careful if you want to use the water to wash vegetables or fruit. because water that has worm eggs are likely to be attached and included in vegetables and fruits.


3. Accelerate sexually transmitted diseases

Hotel bathroom a tau inn or any premises which allow worn by people who frequently change partners, and the condition of the bathroom was dirty and never cleaned properly can lead to sexually transmitted diseases than someone who is stricken with venereal disease, the virus will be attached to the floor or about the person Wc shortly after defecation or urination. if the virus is attached to the feet or hands it will potentially infect others.

4. Trigger indigestion

Worm eggs that enter the body will usually attack because the worm will digestion of food nutrients to be used daily needs. when worms enter the digestive it will disrupt the digestive system be stricken with abdominal pain and diarrhea.

5. Triggers that cause itchy skin disease

Worms living inside the bathroom will bring a lot of bacteria and germs that originally comes from the floor and drains or area Wc where the worms would accidentally put the germs that he had carried when doing the walking motion on human skin can cause skin attacked by itching and other skin diseases.


Tips to Eliminate Worm of Bathroom order Not Appear Back

1. Using salt

Salts are hot and sharp for skin spineless worms. worms skin is very sensitive to salt and can burn the skin that can make the condition worms become weak and poisoning. use salt and place it in the corner of the bathroom or floor cavities or spray salt water on the bathroom walls were mossy and cracked.

2. Using special cleaning bathroom

Bathroom cleaners are formulated to kill germs and bacteria tend to be able to kill animals that often inhabit animals disgusting bathroom including worms. The point diligent bathroom cleaning you are best solution should be consistent so unwanted animals which are not popping up in the bathroom.

We recommend that you maintain the cleanliness of the bathroom into a daily habit and instilled from an early age so that after will already accustomed to a healthy lifestyle and can be transmitted to colleagues. clean discipline in keeping the bathroom often overlooked, while the bathroom is a routine activity important to clean up and remove the dirt.

Benefits of Papaya Leaf for Health 2

5. papaya leaf juice contains more than 50 active ingredients including karpain compounds that inhibit microorganisms such as fungi, worms, parasites, bacteria and various forms of cancer cells. It is often used in herbal medicines to eliminate intestinal worms because it contains tannins that protect the gut from infection of the lining of the intestinal wall. In this way the worm can not stick. Thus, they are effective in suppressing the cause of typhoid fever.

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6. Another benefit amazing papaya leaf juice is its ability to fight viral infections such as the common cold virus. This is a natural way to regenerate cells, white blood cells and platelets.Papaya leaves contain more than 50 ingredients, including vitamins A, C and E, which supports the immune system.

7. Fresh papaya leaves boiled with sliced oranges helps in burning fat because papaya leaf juice is astringent for reducing body fat perfectly.

8. papaya leaf juice is effective in reducing menstrual pain. For this purpose, take 1 papaya, add acid and salt, mix with a glass of water and boil. Drink this mixture once cooled to provide assistance.

Papaya Leaf Juice Benefits for Skin

Papaya fruit is very good for your skin and merupakann natural skin care products to provide a healthy and glowing skin. In addition to fruit, papaya leaf juice beneficial for the skin in the following way.

9. papaya leaf juice has a higher content of vitamins A and C compared with fruit, which improve skin health.

10. papaya leaf juice acts as a natural skin cleanser. This can be attributed to the presence of compounds that inhibit microorganisms karpain and other toxins, thus giving your skin clean and provide protection against skin problems like acne, spots and stains.

11. papaya leaf juice is effective in treating eczema. You can apply it on the affected area.

12. Fresh juice of papaya leaves assist in healing open wounds and sores.

13. The sap of papaya leaves can soften hardened skin or a wart / wart on foot.

Benefits of Papaya Leaf Juice for Hair

Due to the abundance of vitamins, minerals and enzymes, papaya extract is often used in a number of hair care formulations such as shampoos and conditioners to promote hair growth, strengthen the hair shaft and ward off problems such as baldness, thinning, dandruff etc.Papaya leaf juice has the following benefits to the hair.

14. papaya leaf juice is often used by health store or salon for hair care. When used as a conditioner along with other ingredients such as coconut milk and honey, so it gives dull hair shine, hair overcoming death and softens coarse and unruly hair.

15. papaya leaf extract is mainly used as an ingredient in anti-dandruff shampoo is intended to control and prevent dandruff flakes. Due karpain compound, is effective in removing dirt and oil, as well as the buildup of chemicals on the hair without any side effects.

So many benefits of papaya leaves to health, skin, and hair us. You can also consume them as vegetable dishes to be made.

What You Need to know Concerning Forex

what-you-need-to-know-concerning-forexOne could think the more cut-throat an area will be, period of time the probability of you achievement grow to be. However when confronted by this currency exchange market, the choice is really true. More and more people selling and buying money indicates a lot more possible revenue for you personally. However, you should know how to capitalize in the chance. Here are a few sound advice round the subject.

Understand that daftar forex indonesia investing is all about playing the chances, not concerning attempting to predict what is going to come about subsequent. No-one could truly foresee the way forward for any currency exchange across the Forex marketplace. Somewhat, you’ll want to develop a program that offers creedence to the file probability of a currency set.

Forex Marketplace automatic selling and buying computer software might be beneficial using providing multilingual support as well as simultaneously become clear to see along with lessons that will assist you when you encounter troubles. Pick application providing you with a new money-back guarantee software. Don’t spend a lot of money with an computerized system folks who wants afford 1. You are going to quickly throw money away as a result.

The particular forex market does not work within a vacuum, observe the other market segments as well. Be mindful of futures, residence, products nevertheless an additional numerous market segments because they’re signs of what’s taking place within the currencies market. A few marketplaces show you after that happen, a number of show you what is occurring. Integrate your data for your analysis.

Examine your own prior investments, the two advantages and disadvantages. The ultimate way to know what functions is usually to review the successes and also problems available on the market. Search for patterns within your positions to determine what tactics perform good for you. Try out retaining the journal of the positions as well as indicate reduce exactly what the answers are.

Make certain that you just comprehend your current forex broker’s buying and selling procedures to make certain that he is not undertaking stuff that might be considered dishonest. You may make plenty of profits even though coping with the best specialist, nevertheless choosing the wrong one will cause you to get rid of a great deal.

If you are currency buying and selling employing a technique, maintain technique relatively easy. The more complicated the actual exchanging system, the extra likely it really is to be able to are unsuccessful. Adding excessive work straight into buying and selling will not assure achievement, so it’s advisable to function smarter as an alternative to harder to offer the results desired.

A key point to see with regards to Forex buying and selling should be to determine your current danger patience very carefully. To learn what kind of investor you are, you must comprehend what numbers of dangers you are at ease, and steer clear of virtually any exchanging that could go beyond people threat limitations.

Obtaining the proper comprehending from the marketplace will assure that you will never lose your hard earned money. When find out more compared to others deciding to make use of Forex to understand, you may get the most from the particular jampacked character of the marketplace. Always employ the guidelines you’ve figured out below rather than quit exploring Forex.

Benefits and Dangers of Sex When Pregnant

Some people believe that having sex during pregnancy can help smooth the delivery process.During sex, prostaglandin released sperm could lead to a contraction in order to assist the emphasis so that the baby’s head can get into the bottom of the pelvis.
Yes, help is also indirectly. Sometimes the baby is 40 weeks in belly, pregnant mix only. Yes contractions, the cervix becomes soft. But sex in pregnancy parents still have to be careful.emphasized Dr. R. Muharam, Sp.OG of Sam Marie Family Healthcare jual hajar jahanam
Right time
The right time to have sex during pregnancy, ie after the first trimester until the age of 7 months. At this time, pregnant women have been relaxed, and more preferably. In the first trimester of pregnancy, you should postpone first intercourse. Because the sex early in pregnancy is contraction. The placenta has not been formed so that it can lead to miscarriage occurs when a devastating contraction.
While at the age of 7-9 months of pregnancy, frequency of sexual intercourse should be reduced to 9 months old fetus because it is very harmful to the fetus. Because the contraction could result in rupture of membranes and the baby can become infected.Meanwhile, when the baby should be born, immature lungs. The most dangerous time is between the age of 7-8 months of pregnancy, he said.
At the age of 9 months of pregnancy, the baby is ready to be born when the contractions so that water breaks. Because the baby’s lungs mature. If it could be over 36 weeks, when the rupture of membranes, birth is safe because it has been able to breathe outside the mother’s body, he said.
Safe sex positions
Many people think of sex during pregnancy is dangerous to the fetus because of the penis, orgasm or ejaculation considered to injure the baby. Actually it is not. Sex with a partner during pregnancy especially during labor done very relaxed.
A good position in sex during pregnancy, which is not pressing on the abdomen. According Muharam best is half-sitting position. This position is not pressing on the abdomen. Or you can also take the husband’s position dropped to one knee to hold his weight. Or any other style, you can lift both legs up. A spirit of adventure, the position Dr. Ruth and Dr. Amos can try, so that you are comfortable during lovemaking.
Position Dr. Ruth and Dr. Amos, the pregnant woman lying on her back, put one or both feet on the bench. This will allow the wife to move freely and slightly leaned over to the left and right to add to the enjoyment.
Atauberdiri kneels between her legs, which allows it to easily caress the clitoris with your fingers and other limbs. When he penetrated, there will be no pressure on the stomach wives and they both can move. You can try and modify this position that sex is more enjoyable and comfortable.
Must be carefull
I am reminded, sex must be done comfortably in order not to place a powerful contractions to avoid rupture of membranes. Because the membranes rupture can lead to infection of the fetus. It was a hassle, but the effort may be of hygiene must be maintained. If it is an infection that is why so rupture of membranes should consult a doctor. Because the golden period, six hours, if more than six hours, should be given antibiotics. If not, the more the bacteria, he said.
Other issues to watch out for is the umbilical cord will be squeezed between the baby and the uterus. Fetal distress can result. Babies become overcrowded and run oskigen because oxygen can not get into the baby’s body. There is a process of sucking, the baby can swallow amniotic fluid into the lungs. It was feared.
In addition, in certain circumstances in the second trimester sex is not allowed, especially in pregnant women with placenta previa, where the placenta is blocking the cervix, premature cervical dilation, and are at risk for preterm labor.

Figures Scope ASI in Indonesia Targets Under WHO

The coverage number of breastfeeding in Indonesia only 42 percent. This figure is below the WHO target which requires coverage of at least 50 percent breast milk. In fact, ASI ensure adequate nutrition on a child’s growth and development as well as strengthening the immune system of the body.
The basic science of the benefits of breastfeeding which then causes the mother did not attempt a maximum bonding. Mothers in Indonesia prefer the practical rather than bother milking or breast-feeding.
Mother’s milk is the right of the child. Parents who are not breastfeeding can actually be said to violate the rights of children. In the more developed countries, this offense can be sanctioned. Unfortu
nately, Indonesia does not impose sanctions for women who violate the rights of children.
Sanctions actually not necessary if the parents understand the benefits of breastfeeding and to give the best for her baby. Moreover, research in 2009 proved, hepatitis C virus that infects the child can be inactivated due to breastfeeding. Hepatitis C itself likely to cause cancer of the liver (cirrhosis), and until now there is no vaccine available to prevent the virus attacks.
The benefits of breastfeeding, not merely improve IQ and endurance. Breastfeeding determine the emotional bond between children and parents and the whole family. Mothers who are breastfeeding routine will slowly understand the nature and character of the child, know the meaning of tears, serving drink, up to when the child can be invited to play.
It certainly plays a role in the growth of the child becomes a teenager. Child of her close relative could minimize exposure to bad neighborhood. So that children can grow up with nature and positive character.
With this condition, the Ministry of Health through the Director of Child Health, will disseminate the knowledge of the milk into the family. One of them with a book Mother and Child Health (MCH), which requires all members of the family including health workers monitor the health of mothers and children. This book will be modified so that the load on breastfeeding, plan will be distributed in early 2014 in conjunction with the start JKN. This book will be distributed to primary care centers, community health centers, for example.
MCH handbook is expected to increase the knowledge of mothers about breastfeeding.Furthermore, awareness of the importance of breastfeeding will improve the impact on increasing the coverage number of ASI.

Packaging Quality Test Method Is Often Used

The method or manner valid testing is needed to determine the quality of packaging used. The aim is that the products manufactured are not having problems (damage, change in quality, color, odor, etc.) Because of problems with the quality of the packaging is not stable. Karton box good packaging should be able to support the product passed the expiry dates.

test the quality of packaging

Here are some test methods commonly used packaging. As far as possible at the time of testing approaching actual conditions in the field so that the end result can give a picture of all the risks that might occur in the field. It is recommended that all tests and evaluations conducted by experienced people in the field of packaging to avoid any perception of results.

  1. Leak Test

Leak test or leak test can be done in several ways. Suppliers already should also check packaging component it before it is sent to manufacturing, manufacturing industry (customers) checked again after all the components installed and already filled product.

  1. Product-packaging Compatibility Test.

This test is useful to look at the suitability of products and . Which need to be observed is whether there is a reaction or changes in the product (odor, color, viscosity, shape, and performance) and packaging (odor, color, rusty for cans, change shape like a bubble or the other, whether there are products that penetrate out, whether No symptoms chipped in packaging or printing ) for a certain period. Manufacturers must simulate the conditions of the test with actual conditions where the product is marketed and how long they are marketed and how long the product is in good condition.

This test can be performed within a period of 3-6 months or more with different storage conditions (room temperature, a temperature of 45 C, below zero degrees centigrade, and others). This test was first performed in the process of packaging development, especially in primary packaging to determine the appropriate material. Materials for the primary packaging must be appropriate and does not react with the packaged product.Thus, the form of packaging used for this test must match or similar to be used. Its products are products that will be marketed and the amount of product in the same packaging as it will be marketed. The important thing as far as possible may all be close to the actual time will be marketed.

  1. Transport Test

This test is used before the goods are marketed. Useful to see if the total package and each component in keadan good after the goods are distributed and still good quality after arriving in the hands of consumers. At the time of transport test , an expert on packaging should already have the data in which the product will be marketed and how a mode of transportation, including the way of handling it. Products and packaging used should be equal to or resembles the product to be marketed.

Evaluation of the packaging after transport test should include both functional dimensions and appearance of his. Some of the ways that can be used to support the accuracy of the transport test is to add data l ogger to record the necessary data for products in transit. For example, the temperature is added to the data logger . Then, during the course of the product during transport undergoing test are recorded actual temperatures that occur at any time. So in the evaluation, will be able to be concluded in more detail and also can anticipate all risks expected to occur in the current environment.

In developed countries, there are also tools that can simulate transport test is quite convincing, but it is difficult to apply in Indonesia due to lack of available statistical data supporting, for example, the slope of the road, roughness of the road, and how handling- her that this simulation tool be inaccurate.

  1. Drop Test

This test is done to evaluate whether the filled product packaging resistant to the beat (not break, dent, remove the lid, and others) at maturity. This test can be done as an individual packing or packing in a cardboard box wave. Drop test i ni done in several positions fall down position, top, tilt left, right oblique, direction of the width and length direction with a certain height. There are certain standards that must be met, such as should not break or leak after being dropped at a certain height. This test can use a tool or by making his own tools, as long as the position of the fall of the goods can be made consistently and reduce the influence of his supervisor.

  1. Stacking Test

This test is to see the resilience of the finished product during storage in the warehouse. The main focus in the stack below the product. Tests of resistance to this pile is done by using the finished product, then stacked in warehouse stacks and stored according to specifications for a certain period tergantng how long the cover stock in the warehouse, for example, less than 30 days or in accordance with the duration of storage in a warehouse.

  1. Stress Cracking / cracking

Packaging material as well as the dimensions and the interaction with the packaged product may cause rupture its packaging after a certain time. For packaging multicomponent, for example, a bottle of deodorant roll on , all installed components and products must be tested rift in order to ensure there are no cracks for products in the market. If the dimensions of one of the components outside the standard tolerance, this component will press other components, which can lead to cracking. Not to mention the pressure of the product and the conditions in the market.

  1. Fade Test (discoloration)

Packaging color durability to sunlight should be tested. Packaging color can fade in color after a certain time. Could fade in a relatively short time (less than one week in the sun). This is because the ink and master batch or pigments used are not resistant to sunlight. For a good degree of accuracy, use a tool with a UV lamp with a certain intensity, ie the packaging drying in the sun and observed every day or week.

  1. Delamination

In packaging consisting of several layers of both flexible and rigid containers, especially flexible, can occur separation of individual layers of material. This separation can be caused by the production process and the material used is not appropriate, and can also be caused by the product and the inner layer to interact so that the product can penetrate the layers of the next. This examination should also use suitable products because sometimes products that are similar to perfumes that are not the same, the result is different.

  1. MVTR (Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate)

To check the movement of moisture (water vapor that can be transferred through the packaging). This water vapor may come from the air, so moisture entry of air into the package and vice versa. Obviously this will affect the quality of products primarily in food products.

  1. Mullen Test / Burst test

Trying tear resistance dengna Mullen tester tool. In general, this test is done on cardboard.

  1. Peel Bond

Resistance to exfoliation, how much power is required in order to peel packaging or can be exfoliated. It is generally used for flexible packaging or labels.

  1. Stiffness

The rigidity of cardboard. This will affect the nature of the packaging produced and smoothness of the packaging machine.

And there are many other tests such as tensile strength, opening force, puncture test, test Crusch edge, pin test , and others. Method of testing above aims to provide initial views regarding any test used to do, both for primary packaging, secondary packaging, as well as tertiary packaging so that readers can determine what type of test is most suitable for use.

Five Powerful Pineapple Fruit Benefits For Health

The pineapple is a fruit that is rich in vitamins and minerals. In it there is quite a lot of water content in the fruit flesh. Besides that, it also has a pineapple flavor which is not inferior to any other fruit. Has a flavor that is so typical if we eat that is sweet and sour into one cohesive. So not surprisingly, would make a great fruit juice drinks that are so tempting. In addition to delicious, also has health benefits are so great. So what are the benefits of pineapple for?
Fresh pineapple fruit
Various fruit – fruit that grows in Indonesia is quite abundant and diverse, it is because it is supported by the location and rainfall are fit to make almost all the plants fruit – fruit in this archipelago flourish. On this occasion special for pineapple. There are a myriad of benefits of the fruit to maintain and improve the quality of your health. Following the Extraordinary Benefits Pineapple Fruit for the health you need to know:

1. Healthy Organs Eyes
In pineapple fruit contained a high content of Vitamin A. We know that vitamin A is very good and necessary for eye health. Therefore, if you want a vision that has always been brilliant, in addition to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, get used to eating pineapple fruit that your vision is getting clearer and better.

2. Improve Body Immune System
Effects of antioxidants than vitamin C contained in pineapple can improve the immune system. In addition, the pineapple also contains amino acids that can help boost the immune system and prevent the body that are not easily tired.

3. Nourish and Strengthen Bones
In addition to having a high content of vitamins, pineapple is also rich in minerals and manganese which is indispensable to the health and bone strength. The good pineapple was always served on each of your daily menu. In order to keep bones healthy and strong throughout the day.

4. Nourish the Heart Organ
Inside there is the content of natural antioxidants pineapple, serves as an antidote to the threat of various free radicals that could potentially enter the body and could be at risk in all of the body, including the heart organ.

5. Various antidote Free Radicals
Just as the fourth point that pineapple contains antioxidants that very much. Serves to counteract the free radicals that can cause various diseases, especially cancer is very deadly

Important Terms in Science Shorof Part 2

3. Masdar: lafadz that shows the meaning hadats without with age, and there are two kinds; masdar meme that masdar beginning with the letter mim ziyadah (extra) besides wazan مفاعلة, like lafadz منصرا and shaped qiyasi. And masdar ghoiru meme that masdar that do not begin with the letter min ziyadah, such lafadz sima’I نصرا and shaped the rule that nothing of ficil tsulatsi. As is kursus bahasa arab the sense that meaning hadats settle on the other.

Image result for bahasa arab

4. Isim fa’il: lafadz that shows the meaning of the subject of a work, such as lafadz كاتب means doing the job.

5. Isim maf’ul: lafadz the object representing the meaning of a job, such as lafadz مكتوب written means.

6. ficil Amr: lafadz that shows the meaning of the demands of doing the job, sepertilafadz اقرأ بسم ربك means tututan read by naming your god.

7. ficil Nahi: lafadz that shows the meaning of leaving the job demands, such as lafadz لا تنم meaning that claims not to sleep.

8. Isim Period: lafad that shows the meaning of the results of work time, such as lafadz مرمى means that the time of throwing.

9. Isim Spot: lafad a result that shows the meaning of the work, as a means مرمى lafadz throwing.

10. Tool Isim: lafadz that shows the meaning of the device (tool) of a job, such as lafadz مفتاح means a device (appliance) appetizer.

g. The origins of the phrase: the problem is occurring disagreements among scholars of Basra and Kufa.

According to scholars of Basrah: the origin of the phrase masdar, because masdar is isim sentences, and sentences isim not need to give faidah fi’il sentence meaning, as well as kefahaman of isim only one sentence different from that kefahamannya berbilang fi’il sentence (more than a) because it has a meaning hadats and with age. Therefore one earlier than that they are many.

According to scholars of Kufa: the origin of the phrase ficil, due to the presence or absence I’lalnya fi’il determine their ter-i’lalnya masdar.contoh I’lal in fi’il decisive teri’lalnya masdar like lafadz وعد يعد عدة lafadz وعد in fi’il mudhori’nya in I’lal by removing the letter illat so in masdarnyapun also dii’lal. Conto absence dalamfi’il decisive I’lal masdar not in I’lal, as lafadz وجل يوجل وجلا lafadz وجل in fi’il mudhori’nya not in I’lal so in masdarnyapun also not in I’lal. The circulation of shows on all asalannya fi’il sentence.
[1] The first stone of the science shorof in penysunan science that is separate; Abu Muslim al imam al Hiro ‘.

How to Eliminate Black Spots Acne Scars Naturally

How to Eliminate Black Spots Former Acne Naturally , face problems that are often experienced by most people is acne. Acne problems often complained about by many people because in addition to acne its disturbing appearance, acne scars was often left scars even certain black spots are stubborn. Of course, if the black spots is not immediately eliminated, would make a face like a dull appearance and make you less confident.

How to Eliminate Black Spots Acne Scars

Not infrequently various carapun done so that black spots acne scars disappear, from starting to use drugs even facial cleansing operation. However, it does of course require no small cost.Therefore the natural way is also commonly used as an alternative to medical treatment in removing black spots and other acne scars on the face.

How to Eliminate Black Spots Acne Scars Naturally

In addition to problems at the time of acne growing on your skin, acne scars on your face that there may be a reminder of where the acne scars remind section next to where you’ve berjeraawat.If this happens on your face do not worry, this was not the acne scars will be permanent if you try to remove acne scars and dark spots so that within a certain time acne scars and dark spots can disappear immediately. Of course, its use must be consistent, because it may not be lost in a few hours or a few days.

One of the main ways in addition to medical care, and medicine from the pharmacy, you can also use natural ingredients and traditional to remove acne scars this. As quoted from wikiHow, below is a way to remove acne scars naturally using traditional materials, see the full description!

1.) Water Lemon Juice of
one of the main treatments that are believed either to remove acne scars is to use lemon juice.You only need one lemon is still in a fresh state, then you squeeze the lemon, then add about one cup of water. After that you can use it on your acne scars area topically for approximately 3-4 minutes.

By doing it this way consistently every day, will benefit transform and remove dead skin and will encourage the growth of new skin cells that ultimately acne scars on your face over time will look faded.

Alternatively you can use is:
You can use handul net which is then dipped in a mixture of lemon juice, and then you paste the towel on the part of your skin.
After using this method, make sure you always moisturize your skin back, because lemon juice is can irritate dry skin.