Tooth Gum Pain Remedy at Home You Can Do

You maybe know that if you talking about health, your teeth and gum become the two things that you do not be forgotten. Why? It is because the health of tooth and gum will be so important. There are many people who get sick since they have a bad condition of their teeth and gum. Hence, if you do not to get sick just because of your gum and teeth, now it is the time for you to change your life to be a healthy one. However, if you have to get your teeth and gum sick, what you can do is that doing tooth gum pain remedy at home. Why should it be at home? Usually, home remedy will use a natural medication so that it can help you to avoid any bad effect for the body.

teeth gum pain home remedy

In this case, some of the tooth gum pain remedy at home that you can do. To begin with, there is oil pulling. This first home remedy can help you to cure several problems of your teeth and gum. Those problems are like curing swollen, reversing gum disease, and curing red gums too. Another home remedy which you can choose is that sage leaf decoction. Here, the remedy will be for gum disease and gingivitis. The benefits of the sage leaf itself are that as anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antioxidant at the same time.

For simpler remedy, you can choose that is garlic. Garlic which is usually used as the ingredients for cooking the food actually have great benefits. One of those is can be an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agent when you feel the pain in your teeth and gum. The others, you can just choose Neem, mustard oil, and aloe vera gel. All of those tooth gum pain remedy at home above actually can be the solution for your gum and teeth problems.

How Long Does It Take for A Sore Throat to Heal?

Have you felt a sore throat? If you are, of course, you have felt that it is very suffering, isn’t? Then, how long does it take for a sore throat to heal? Maybe it is the common question which many people want to ask to end they are suffer caused by a sore throat. Moreover, for you who want to get a further information relating to this sore throat, there will be some things about it as in the following paragraphs. Thus, for you who are curious enough, you can check it out directly here.

To begin with, how long does it take for a sore throat to heal is actually relating to the cause of a sore throat itself. In this case, it means that a sore throat which is suffered by someone will be different from the other. Then, for the cause of a sore throat actually, will be various depending on the environment where someone does their activities. Here, it can be caused by persistent irritation such as inhalation of toxic substance.

how long does it take for a sore throat to heal

Besides, the viruses of a sore throat that will active in the cold also can be another cause why people suffer a sore throat. For more cause, you can find that it is because of the infection of mononucleosis.

After knowing the cause, now you can understand that a worse sore throat will be caused by a worse thing too and in this case, it will take such a long time to heal it. Then, if you find that your sore throat is still bad, it is the time for you to see the doctor. By getting medical treatment, your sore throat can be better. Last, if you have understood all of the things relating to a sore throat, indeed you do not need to ask this question “how long does it take for a sore throat to heal?” anymore.

Why Are My Nails Purple at the Bottom?

As it is known that nail becomes the important part of the body. Even for women nails can be beautified by polishing it with many colors. Not only it, actually nails also will be the part of your body that gives you sign about your health. In this case, it can be shown by the color of the nails. Yes, maybe you have found that there are many people having a different color of their nails. Actually, this condition depicts their body health. Then, why are my nails purple at the bottom? Maybe it is the question you want to ask, isn’t it? If you want to get the answer, you just check the information out as in the paragraphs below.

nails purple at the bottom

Moreover, there are some signs which will answer the question why are my nails purple at the bottom. To begin with, it can sign that you have oxygen deprivation. What is it? This condition occurs when your supply of oxygen has problems. Here, the common symptoms of it are such as a cough, fast heart rate, no response to lights, and the other condition which can relate to brain damage of someone. After that, another sign of the purple nails is that circulatory problem. In this problem, you may face many bad things relating to your circulatory system.

Then, the next thing which occurs to your body and it can be seen by your purple nail is that congenital problem.  In this case, you maybe have this problem because of the gene from your parents. Of course, it can be so hard for you to change the gen but what you can do is that do the best treatment in order that your condition not to be worse. In short, those are some answer from the question why are my nails purple at the bottom. By knowing well about your nail indeed you will know as well about your body health condition.

Tips for Skin Itching After Surgery

As it is known that after surgery, indeed, there are some effects that people can feel. Those effects can make people suffer actually, and one of the effects is skin itching. It is the common thing which people have to feel after they do surgery. Skin itching after the surgery itself is the condition that you do not need to worry about as long as you cannot rub this area. If you do it, it can cause infection or a worse condition for your wound. Then, when you want to reduce this skin itching, there will be some tips yours can do.

What are the tips to reduce skin itching after surgery? For those who are curious and also want to know more about the tips, here is the explanation for you.  To begin with, you have to know about the cause of your skin itching first. In this case, your skin itching maybe occurs because the products you use after surgery.

skin allergy after surgery

That is why you need to know it well in order to get the best treatment for you. Besides, you also can ice the area. Here, just put the ice in the area of your skin itching. The ice itself will help you to reduce the itchy feeling. Also, antihistamine you take can be another solution after your skin feels itchy after surgery.

Moreover, there is one thing you need to remember that anti-itch cream will be a little bit bad for your stitches if it has not been closed completely. The cream maybe can cause your wound will not be closed completely or it needs more time to get the wound completely closed. That is why for the first thing you can do before do the treatment is that seeing the doctor. You ask what the best treatment is for your skin itching after surgery.

Causes and Treatment for Lower Back Hip Pain During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, there are so many problems which can be faced by pregnant women. One of those problems is lower back hip pain during pregnancy. This problem maybe is faced by many women since it is a common problem. For those who face this problem, what you have to do is that knowing the causes of it. Having known about the cause of lower back hip pain, indeed it will help you not to be panic about this condition. If you want to get more information, you just read the following explanation.

For the first cause of lower back hip pain during pregnancy is the hormone you produce when you are pregnant. As it is known that the hormone which can help the tissue to soften and relax will be released by the body of pregnant women. The hormone will work and it makes your back hip pain. Besides, another cause that us common for pregnant women relates to the uterus which becomes bigger for the baby. That is why the area of your back will feel the pain caused of it. Actually, it is a normal thing occurred during pregnancy.

lower back pain early pregnancy symptom

If you have felt it, the most important thing you cam do is that do not be panic. You can do some treatments to reduce the pain in your back hip actually. However, you must remember that you cannot do the treatment without asking permission from the doctor. Thus, before doing it, you have to see the doctors first and ask what the best treatment is which you can do in order to reduce this lower back hip pain during pregnancy. The aim why you should see the doctor is to make sure if the treatment will not harm the baby’s condition in the uterus. Here, you can reduce the pain without making your baby suffers.