5 Places On The West Cast Of Ireland, Which Should Not Be Missed



Those who think of Ireland often have the image of green hills, sheep and whiskey drinking elderly men in their heads. More there is not. I thought that at first. But hey. Do you listen to me? I must tell you something, and I want you to tell the whole world: The West Coast in Ireland is so much more than that.

For me it was last year on the west coast in Ireland. More specifically, the counties Kerry and Cork. The routes and “drives” we drove with the rental car, which was a small challenge with these small, sweet but damn narrow streets and then also with left-hand traffic, but at the latest, after one day we had used it. If you prefer to take a backpack across the country, you can also use the same routes. Here and there-there are even extra trails directly over the hills.

1. West Coast in Ireland: Kenmare – the jewel of the Ring of Kerry!

Less than half an hour from Kerry Airport is the small town of Kenmare with sewa bus pariwisata. Colorful houses, lively pubs, in the middle a sweet church and on every corner there is free WLAN and a lot of nice and open people. Kenmare is also called “The Jewel in the Ring of Kerry” as it is the starting point for a tour of one of the most famous hiking trails in Ireland: the Ring of Kerry. The west coast has several peninsulas, which in turn have the right panorama squares. The Ring of Kerry is often preferred by travel groups because you have not only wonderful views but also lots of old buildings, stone rows, and forts on the way. Tip: Make sure you have “Ladies View”. From here you can look over the lakes of the Killarney National Park.

2. West Coast in Ireland: Glengarriff – seals on the beach and musical diversity

Of all the places I have seen on the west coast of Ireland, this little place surprised me most. From Kenmare, we made a stop to the next peninsula, the Beara Peninsula. At first glance quite inconspicuous and only visible when one is in the middle, lies Glengarriff amidst green hills. Actually, it consists of a single crossroads, on whose main road everything takes place, but the small village has it fast dick behind the ears. The three or four pubs alternate each evening with their events and so here in the summer, young and old play together under the free stars. Everyone is allowed to join and play a song if he wants and all sing with. And whoever thinks that is all, has been wrong. As you walk a little further into the woods, towards the water, you can even see the seals sunbathing on the warm rocks, while the children of the area are jumping into the cool water from the footbridge just a few yards away.

3. Ireland’s West Coast: Killarney – pure nature meets tourist nightlife

Back across the pass, past Kenmare and a bit into the country. There comes my favorite town, Killarney comes. There is an old, heroic manor house whose family has been ruined many centuries ago to make the environment for Queen Victoria to come to visit. At that time the property returned to the country and now it is a national park. Do you remember the “Ladies View” near Kenmare? These lakes belong here.

If you walk through the “Gap of Dunloe”, so through the gap between two mountain chains, you get out at exactly this lake. Here I have had the most beautiful boat trip of my life, with funny stories of Homer Simpson Island (a small island on the lakes that looks like a lying Homer) and interesting historical facts. In the evening it is not as quiet as in the previous places. Killarney is a little touristy and accordingly the offer is also great. Here you will find not only small, nice pubs, but also night clubs, shisha and cocktail bars.

4. West Coast in Ireland: Eyeries – A colorful oasis of tranquility

Admittedly. If you ride the Ring of Kerry along the coast to the north (or walks), you’ll pass some great little places. But a small stopover in Eyeries must be. So many colorful houses with a view of the Pacific you have never seen anywhere else. Activities are also available, from the evening, but otherwise is not much going on. There is a small café on the main street waiting for you to make your tea and scones break. The nice, elderly lady who runs the store has long sat down to tell us stories of the times when Ireland was anything but a destination. In Eyeries, it means: take a break, relax and enjoy the peace. If you want, you can walk from here also on foot to the beach. If there were not the full linen lines in the gardens, one could almost think that there is no one living there. Fun fact: In Ireland, a beach is also called the beach.

5. West Coast in Ireland: Dingle – The home of Fungie the dolphin and exceptional pubs


A peninsula further north, but still in County Kerry, there is again a beautiful road along the coast. The “Slea Head Drive” you should definitely leave / run off. In addition, you can easily find in the small (you can see, really big is not a place) port staff Dingle. Here the dolphin “Fungi” came over 30 years ago and made the bay easy to his home. And this is actually entirely voluntary. For a bit of money, you can get out of one of the boats and watch Fungie at the early sport. Tip: There is a money back guarantee if you should not see the dolphin, but I assure you: You can always see it! If you want to save the 10 – 15 €, just walk along the beach, towards the sea. Here you can sometimes see Fungie from near, sometimes from far away.

In Dingle, there is the most delicious and fresh seafood chowder, fried chocolate and in the evenings you can enjoy the music in the “most modern, traditional pub”, the Courthouse Pub or the famous Dick Mack’s. From the outside, he looks like a small aunt’s shop, from the inside too. Only stop comfortable and with a counter and many seating possibilities. Tip: Look for the “Dunquin Pier” on the Slea Head Drive. The little stone road that leads down to the pier, looks just too beautiful, surrounded by turquoise blue water and green hills, to omit it.

The Halloween Eve


I saw “All Hallows Eve” of 2013 and – hardly ever – released on DVD in Spain as “Halloween Eve”, the appropriate night of last October 31 to mark the opening of the channel specializing in terrors “Dark “, the Great initiative this.

When I first reported on her, I got chills. It looked like a semi-amateur zeta-like bazooka of those murderously boring, empty, predictable, and postmodern ones. In the end, it turned out that, even being Z series, semi-amateur and post-modern, the thing was not so bad. In fact, it’s pretty good.

But let’s go for parts! It’s witches’ night. A couple of brothers discover that in their candy bag someone has cast a VHS tape. They want to see it, but their kangaroo does not allow it for fear that it is something pornographic. In the end, the curiosity can more and put it in the video. This gives rise to what will be three different stories with a nexus of a union: a clown of distress that responds to the name of Art. We have a girl kidnapped by a sect of satanic witches. Another harassed by a Martian. And, finally, a third persecuted without rest by the same Art in a plot that slightly remembers to some comic of Creepshow 2. Once finished, we return to the kangaroo and the kids, who are waiting for a chilling end of the night and, also, very bloody.

And it is that yes, friends, “All Hallows’ Eve” is very generous as far as gore. The truculence is not only graphically and politically incorrect (with children and pregnant women undergoing various mutilations), it is also filled with latex. No CGI. This is explained by the fact that the director, Damien Leone, comes from the world of makeup effects. He exploited his talents for a handful of various Z series, as well as for his own film – and debut, by the way – where he also serves as a scriptwriter, editor and … well, something else. If they are set at the end of the credits, there are names that are repeated over and over again.

“All Hallows Eve” is an ultra-indie product, but interestingly, and above all, one that works. Do not bore. Or it does not get boring, perhaps the intermediate story is the weakest, because of its rhythm, because it is the least truculent and because it looks like a Martian not especially achieved, but the rest, strange as it sounds, is saved. Especially the clown Art, very well characterized (is really terrifying, hence his face is the only thing we see on the poster) and, thank God, is totally speechless. That does not mean that Leone does not approach him as a possible “Freddy” third. In fact, the new work of the boy, “Terrifier”, dated this same year, counts again with Art as a protagonist. In the middle of the two, we find “Frankenstein vs. The Mummy”, a product that generally would avoid, but after the good results of “All Hallows Eve” even would give him a chance. Who knows, maybe the case before we have only been a stroke of luck. Or is that the friend Leone has wood.

On the bad side (and this is when we get into the subject of postmodernities), to cite the odious use – in the third story and the end – of the “striped film” effect and certain quotations to the “VHS of the 80s” Somewhat loading. Fortunate that the good results of the rest compensate for such slips. Recommendable!

The History Of Halloween

The History Of Halloween

The word “Halloween” is a contraction of the English expression “All Hallow’s Eve”. Literally, it means “Halloween.” Apparently, this macabre and humorous Anglo-Saxon celebration would be linked to a solemn feast and considered as strictly observed by the Catholic Church: the First of November, a feast of All Saints. But this is not entirely true.

What are the origins of Halloween? The true origin of this Anglo-Saxon festival is millennial and varied in origin. Halloween has a Celtic and a Roman root. The Romans dedicated the feast called Feralia to the rest and peace of the dead, making sacrifices and raising various prayers to their pagan gods. Also, the Romans dedicated a holiday to Pomona, the goddess of harvests and fruits, whose symbol is an apple – note that one of the traditional Halloween games is the game of biting the apple (bobbing for apples) -. But earlier, the Celtic peoples of Ireland, Wales, Scotland and northern France were celebrating the festival called Samhain. Samhain or La Samon was a festival that took place at the end of October and the beginning of November, a rite celebrating the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter.

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The Druids, true priests or Celtic shamans, believed that on a certain night, that of 31 October, witches enjoyed greater vitality, the Druids themselves were given the gift of guiding the future, the boundaries between the world of Alive and the world of the dead disappeared completely, and even that the ghosts of the dead came from the other world to take the living with them. That is why, on the night of Samhain, the druids prepared huge fires and made spells, attempting to drive away evil spirits, and people left candy or food at the door of their houses, in the superstition that the deceased, whom the legends Attributed the authorship of the cruelest atrocities, they would go away happy and leave them in peace. In those people, for whom every act of nature was little less than prophetic, the night of Samhain opened the long and raw winter through which the ghosts of the dead of last year wandered in search of bodies to possess to transit to Another world, until the coming of spring when the days are longer and the darkness lessen.

When Christianity reaches the Celtic peoples, the tradition of the Samhain does not disappear, despite the efforts made by the Catholic Church to eliminate pagan superstitions that could connect with Satanism or worship the devil. However, the festival of the Samhain undergoes some transformation. In the Gregorian calendar, November 1 became All Saints’ Day; The Samhain, on the eve of All Saints, was renamed All-hallows Eve, and today, by contraction of expression, Halloween; And for its part, the Day of the All Dead or Day of All Souls happened to be the 2 of November. The three celebrations together, “Eve of All Saints”, “Day of All Saints” and “Day of All Souls”, are called in the Irish tradition Hallowmas.

In the middle of the eighteenth century, Irish emigrants began to arrive in America. With them comes their culture, their folklore, their traditions, their Halloween … In the first moment, Halloween undergoes a strong repression on the part of the New England authorities, of ingrained tradition Lutheran. But at the end of the 19th century, the United States received a new wave of immigrants of Celtic origin. The Halloween party in America, mixed with other Indian beliefs and in the colonial sequel, Halloween includes among its traditions telling stories of ghost stories and mischief-making, jokes ( Fortunes) or traditional dances. People start making costumes (disguises) or costumes for Halloween (Halloween baju badut).

Thus, in the United States, Halloween evolves and disregards the Christian tradition. Halloween becomes a night with an aura of weak mystery, witches, ghosts, goblins, spirits, but without losing the festive mood and good humor. A night of sweets, jokes, disguises and horror films, lost and the atavistic fears of the old Irish ancestors.

Greenpeace Fills Trujillo With “Nuclear Zombies” on Halloween Eve

Greenpeace Fills Trujillo With “Nuclear Zombies” on Halloween Eve

The city of Trujillo (Cáceres) has hosted hundreds of zombie runners who have participated in the “Nuclear running dead”, one of the five popular races organized for the first time by Greenpeace in five localities of the country to show the “most zombie” side of Nuclear energy. It is a type of energy that, in the opinion of environmentalists, is completely dead and has its days counted despite the efforts of the big electric companies to keep the power plants open and continue to benefit from them.

The races have started at noon simultaneously in municipalities in the five provinces that have nuclear reactors in their territory: Miranda de Ebro (Burgos), l’Ametlla de Mar (Tarragona), Gargoyles de Abajo (Guadalajara), Trujillo ( Cáceres) and Valencia. In them have participated people of all ages and condition in what has been a global holiday a few hours from the celebration of Halloween.

Although these races are not acts of protest, Greenpeace does seek to highlight the feasibility problems facing nuclear energy, which makes it seem like a living dead.

Participants have competed in two categories, distances of 10 km and 4 km, and many have made it characterized as a zombie, as they have come characterized or have been made up by the organization.

One euro in five contributed by the symbolic registration fee will go to the association Chernobyl Elkartea, an organization that has been working since 1995 for the welfare of children still suffering from the consequences of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster.

In Spain, there are still six plants, including Garoña, whose useful life ended more than three years ago and does not produce electricity, but has not been definitively closed. Greenpeace believes that nuclear power should be replaced by clean energy at the end of its useful life, something that will happen at the beginning of the next decade. In addition, the unavoidable dismantling of nuclear weapons will provide 100,000 jobs according to the report “The inevitable closure of nuclear, an economic and social opportunity.”

Greenpeace identifies nuclear energy as a “zombie” energy because in addition to efforts to keep the plants alive when it ends, continues its toxic legacy of tons of radioactive waste that we must manage for thousands of years so that they are not one Threat to people and the environment.


The Almaraz nuclear power plant (Cáceres) has two nuclear reactors, the first obtained its start-up license in 1980, and the second in 1983. Both have undergone repowering. Currently, they have an operating license expiring in June 2020. The operating company is Nuclear Power Plants Almaraz-Trillo, A.I.E. Property of Iberdrola Generación, S.A. (48%), Gas Natural S.A (34.5%), Canábrico Hydroelectric (15.5%), and Nuclear (2%). In the last months has been surrounded by the controversy regarding the defective pieces provided by Areva, since the CSN has not ruled out the possibility of a serious accident.

Children’s Clothing Sale Tips For Beginners

One type of business that many hailed as a budding business is selling clothes. Clothing as one of the basic necessities of human life, create business opportunities in this segment to be quite promising. Moreover, the proliferation of models and designs not only affect the trend of adult clothes, but also to children’s clothes. Design inspiration may come from a movie character is jubah anak laki laki in vogue or out of character – the child’s favorite characters – children. Parents in this modern age also have to change the mindset that seeks to order the model and design clothes or her daughter’s son is not obsolete. Therefore, a business selling children’s clothes also developed rapidly in line with consumer demand.


Why Choose Selling Children’s Clothing Business

In a pioneering effort in the field of fashion, a lot of chances effort but chances are not much ogled is a business selling children’s clothes . Variations in cheerful colors and designs related to the characters – the favorite characters of children – children make this business has a fairly lucrative business segment especially with the small number compared with the competition clothes – clothes for adults. Undeniably, the lives of children in modern times have changed, because the children are able to decide what clothes they want to wear by the picture, kind not infrequently even many children who can exist in choosing clothes – clothes that are fashionable to wear in daily life – day.

Tips Businesses Pursue Selling Children’s Clothing

Like clothes adults or adolescents, children dress was influenced by trends and fashions that developed at this time. Therefore, as an entrepreneur in the field of selling kids clothes , knowledge of trends and favorite characters and modes that developed during this period is very important. In fact, if we are creative, we will be able to create a new trend that will be followed by other entrepreneurs. In this case the creativity and innovative ideas is necessary to dig. Kids today can already distinguish between models and trends that exist at the moment, which makes parents became more concerned about the child’s favorite models and designs that are up to date will be more popular.

In selling clothes, greatly affect the quality of the ingredients. Parents now tend not to think about the price as long as their children are comfortable with the clothes worn. Therefore, as an entrepreneur, there is need for us to really – really know about the quality of the material sold and the level of comfort. Not because they want to compete in terms of price, quality of goods is not considered. There is a need for us to collaborate with people – people we know and can trust and have a deal in black and white to reduce the risk of loss. Collaborated with convection for business continuity selling kids clothes with a company that can be trusted will allow us to return goods if defective, and we could complain if the goods are acquired is not in accordance with the quality standards that we apply.

Choosing a method of sales is also affecting the continuity of business selling children’s clothes that we wrestled. For starters, we need to expand the market and introduce our efforts towards society. The best way, in addition to opening stores and online shop, also by conducting door to door and diligently attend the gathering, especially for mothers – mothers who typically have savings and loans groups, this is an effective way to promote your business. Do not hesitate to contact family or relatives who have small children and promote our goods on them, because although they may not buy, but they can do word of mouth.

Benefits of Facebook for Your Business Needs

Who is not familiar with social media on this one? Yes, Facebook is one of the social media with the most active users. Individually, use the facebook social media is one way that can be done to communicate and socialize with others. By using this facebook, we will connect with many people. Not only connect with people nearby but only for people who have never known or old friends who have never met can we find in the world of social media on this one. So what to do this facebook social media with business needs? Then the answer is a lot. Therefore, this time we will review related to the benefits to be http://www.daftaremail.com/ gained from facebook for business purposes.


Some Benefits of Using Facebook for Business Purposes
Turns businesses that use Facebook for business purposes is not new anymore in today. Those with smart utilizing social media this one in order to increase the coffers advantage in their businesses.One of the benefits they feel in using facebook for business is with the status update feature. Yes, this feature might to all facebook users are already familiar. The benefits of this feature is to create an ad.

Business travelers will usually make the status associated with the products or services they offer. This is what makes many businesses like Facebook, where they can do the marketing of products or services without having to spend a lot of costs and time. They just need to update the status of associated descriptions and advantages of the product without having to create pamphlets, leaflets and others which are usually the conventional way as it was extremely rare demand. In contrast to Facebook, the current status is made on the homepage of the thousands of eyes reflexively will see an ad that made it.

You need to know that in addition to having a special page personal profile, facebook also provides dedicated pages for users who want to do business. This page has been used by many online businesses to increase their turnover. In addition to free of charge, provided the facebook page this will create a level of confidence in the products sold netter increasing. Therefore, this page provides a description of the business undertaken, including the store name, store address, photo and other products.

By using this page sales of products or services offered becomes very easy to find on search engines facebook. Suppose you are selling clothes and name a special page-owned business by the name of a clothing store xxx. So just by typing words clothing store, your store will appear as one page business that provides products such clothes. Her most good is because all these facilities are provided free of charge by the facebook. This particular page is usually often known as the fanpage.

Well, did you know that there are some benefits gained by the businessmen or seller who has a facebook fanpage to their business interests. One is the number of followers is not limited. The purpose of followers here is more like a facebook user and want to know everything that is in post any updates on this fanpage. A maximum of followers or enthusiasts facebook fanpage on facebook users is 5000. That way, there will be many people who see and may be interested in buying products or using services offered on the fanpage.

The benefits of making fanpage on facebook the other is the seller can do marketing without having to tag each one Facebook user. Therefore, by having fanpage then all Facebook users who are friends with this fanpage able to tag everything relating to any business undertaken on that particular page. Even if you have a business fanpage, this will not interfere with the presence of personal accounts that have been previously owned. In addition, take advantage of facebook fanpage This will also facilitate the online business to be indexed in search engines on the internet. So it will be easily found by Internet users who need the products or services commercialized by you. Using this special page will also be undertaken business seem more reliable, and proven.

To make your business fanpage has many enthusiasts or clicking like. facebook likes interaction needs is essential to clear your efforts then the thing to do is to make the facebook users are interested in selling your items. The first thing that must be taken to ensure that we create fanpage to attract netter is, make a fanpage relevant or appropriate to the products sold. We recommend not directly post the description of the products or services being sold but gave out a little picture or information about users’ needs facebook to then hook pautkan with the business undertaken.

Many Facebook users who do not like fanpage like it because it is considered as spam on their porches, and eventually will be unlike. In addition to making the relevant status, using a status that attracted them to comment also the best way to get your business fanpage visited by many Facebook users. This is particularly important considering that the business, facebook likes interaction needs can increase the number of potential customers or buyers of products commercialized. Likewise reviews related to the benefits of using facebook for business needs we can provide, may be useful for the readers.


Avocado juice drink in the morning after breakfast in addition to delicious tablets also have many benefits. And for pregnant mothers, must have known that the many benefits of avocado for pregnant women . Yuppzz, the benefits of avocado for pregnant women comes from high folic acid content. Besides strengthening the baby’s nervous, the benefits of avocado for pregnant women also lowers the risk of babies born with disabilities.


Folic acid or vitamin B9 is part of the vitamin B complex vitamins are water soluble.Because it is able to dissolve in water to make this vitamin can not be stored long in the body. Because it can not be stored long in the body and therefore during pregnancy, pregnant women need a lot of intake of folic acid daily to help your body produce and maintain excellence in DNA and RNA as the genetic material of the body.Read also, beautify the skin with avocado .

Some health experts agree that there are many benefits of avocado for pregnant women and advocate for pregnant women in order to provide a source of folic acid intake comes from fresh fruits or vegetable salad. Why should vegetable salad? The reason is because folic acid content will be lost when vegetables in cooking.

The result showed that the most fruit contains a lot of folic acid is an avocado. But, despite the many benefits of avocado for pregnant women, because it tastes bland and has a fat content high enough is what makes many people decide not to eat the fruit of this one.

In fact, although the fat content in avocados reach 20 to 30 times the amount the content of fat in other fruits, but be aware that the fat contained in avocado is monounsaturated fat that may help lower levels of LDL cholesterol and raise HDL cholesterol.

avocado benefits for pregnant women and fetuses

Benefits of avocado for pregnant women not only because of the high content of folic acid. This fruit is the only fruits that contain monounsaturated fatty acids. For pregnant women who need a lot of fat as an energy enhancer may be able to eat an avocado’s.

The results of research conducted in the United States said that the first trimester the fetus is the formation of the nervous system including the brain and spinal cord. Babies that folic acid deficiency can cause heart problems, urinary tract defects, cleft lip, and the other limb defects.

Lack of folic acid will affect the establishment of functioning of the brain, spinal cord and nerves that lead to birth defects. If the supply of folic acid do not meet the needs of the fetus, the fetus will take up nutrients from the mother, it would be bad for the health of the mother. In addition to insomnia, the mother will also be susceptible to anemia, fatigue, forgetfulness, easily depressed and even hair color change. In addition it also threatened the mother can be affected by breast cancer , colon cancer and pancreatic cancer.

That was a handful of the benefits of avocado for pregnant women . Probably the majority of mothers are in a period of pregnancy to know what are the benefits of avocado for pregnant women. But, for the uninitiated, hopefully the discussion about the benefits of avocado for pregnant women can help during pregnancy mothers. To find out the benefits of avocado for expectant mothers more you could ask questions directly to a health professional to know for sure. Other interesting articles, the benefits of green bananas for digestion .

Home heating system unique Ondol

In case of Shivering in the winter of Korea, we were invited into the House of a smiling, friendly residents. Eve of comfortable in our bodies warmed the room was freezing, even though it did not appear the presence of a heater or radiator. Fireplace mantel ideas after releasing the shoes at the entrance, we stepped onto the floor and feel the floor was warm. While sitting on the floor and put our hands on it, we feel our hands are frozen at start up.

In Korea, almost every House has floor heating like this. It’s called ondol. How does a home heating system unique? And, what is the impact on Korea way of life? Before answering that question, let’s look at the origins of the traditional type of ondol.

Hasil gambar untuk sistem pemanas ondol

The Origin Of The Floor Heating
The origin of the underfloor heating dates back from before Jesus Christ came to Earth. According to archaeological discoveries and historical records, it could be that the ancient Romans were the first to use the heating system URlantai.* On the fourth or fifth century AD, the floor heating system is already popular in Korea Peninsula, and the system is then called ondol. The name is derived from the letters of the Mandarin word for “warm cavity”. The historical record of Chinese Books of Old Tang is talking about sleeping, she said, “in the winter, people [Korea] warmed themselves by making the cavity-long cavity and provide heat into it.”

The Workings Of The Traditional Type Of Ondol

According to tradition, ondol is the furnace heat source. This stove can be placed in the kitchen or on the outside wall of the living room. A kitchen with two or three furnaces can be heated by ondol rooms surrounded by the same amount. In an ancient Korea people’s kitchen, you can find one or two large iron Kettle at tungkunya. So, the fire used for cooking rice or soup is also used to heat room beside the kitchen! Efficient, isn’t it?

In General, the kitchen was built around one metre lower than the room that was heated. This difference makes it easy to smoke and hot air flow under the floor of the room which is elevated. The smoke to flow under the floor? Yes, that’s the secret of ondol.

Horizontal pipes line the path for heat and smoke — mounted under the floor of the room, connecting the stove and the chimney. The hot air from the heat that passes through the pipes and heats the floor stones and mud. This is not as easy as it sounds. Two conflicting needs must be met. In order to make its fuel burning, the smoke should quickly pass through the channel and up into the chimney without obstacles. The pipe straight and short is the best for that purpose.

However, to allow the heat from the fire warms the floor, the heat and smoke that must remain in the channel as long as possible. To that end, the pipes were made to cover the entire area under the floor, so that hot air does not come out too quickly through the chimney. When the smoke and hot air passes through the pipes with the proper speed, a room can stay warm throughout the night with the fire that is lit for approximately two hours.

Some people say that once there’s an ondol room — the age of hundred years — with outstanding heat efficiency. Thanks to the design of the structure of the pipe, the floor can remain hot during the 45 days with just one warm-up! Allegedly, the warmth can be felt over the next 100 days.

Unfortunately, rooms that were destroyed during the war of Korea in the early 1950s. In 1982, the engineers restore back the building, and the tourists can visit his sleeping room. Heat efficiency is not as good as the original. However, after one time of heating, the floor is warm for ten days in spring and autumn, and for three days in the winter, even when the temperature is minus 10 degrees Celsius.

Another secret of the ondol heating system is the design of the floor itself. Before the floor is installed, the hot air pipes for construction. The pipes were then lined with flat stones and thin as thick as an inch or two. Because the floor near the furnace usually warmer, the stones that thicker is used there to prevent heat loss. Later, yellow clays is placed on top of the stones, and the floors were leveled. Finally, several layers of yellow paper sheets glued together into the base.

In a room that was heated with traditional ondol, floor system on the other end of the room that tends to be cold. Therefore, elderly people, such as a grandparent or parent, and also guests are invited to sit in a warmer place. This is an expression of respect.

The traditional ondol rooms found in the northern part of the peninsula of Korea is slightly different to that in the South. In the North, a heated ondol rooms and the kitchen not separated by walls. Good heat from the furnace or ondol floor keep the room warmer. In the South, a wall separating the kitchen from the living room, preventing the smoke from annoy people who are sitting there.

Hereditary, Korea people use wood as fuel for furnaces of this type. So, before you turn on the ondol, they piled firewood to dry next to the furnace. Then, they use paper and straw to light the fire. Charcoal is also used as a fuel. However, in the 20th century, the people of Korea began using charcoal briquettes. Of course, it is very important that ondol rooms maintained well. If service-pipe cracked, carbon monoxide can seep went into the living room through the floor, which can be fatal.

The Modern Ondol

Right now, the traditional ondol heating system is rarely seen in the homes of the people of Korea. In contrast, modern homes, including apartments sleeping ondol multilantai, using the current version of hydronic radiant floor heating — (floor radiation heating system hidronik). This system using hot water instead of hot air to warm the floor. It’s interesting that the people of Korea is not that developed this system.

In the early 1900s, when the famous American architect Frank Lloyd Wright to build a hotel in Japan, he was invited to the home of the count of Japan. There, Wright found a room that is different from the typical room people Japan. The floor is warm and covered with yellow paper. This is the people’s Korea ondol rooms! The nobles of Japan has felt the ondol in Korea and could not forget it.

So, after returning to Japan he built the ondol rooms in her home. “The indescribable Comfort because it is heated from below” impress Wright. Then, he decided on the spot that the ondol is the ideal heating system and start using it in the buildings. Wright was designing radiant floor heating, using hot water flowing through pipes instead of hot air.

Radiant floor heating system is particularly suited to the lifestyle of the people Korea at that time. Once imported to Korea, a simplified system it became popular quickly. Nowadays, almost all of the people of Korea are using the system.

Ondol and Life-style

Ondol had enormous impact upon Korea’s lifestyle. One of them, because the floor is much warmer than the air in a room, people generally chose to sit in the warm floor than a seat cooler. As a result, the people of Korea to sit, eat, hang out, and slept on the floor.

To keep the floor warmer, they sometimes cover it with a thick sheets called ibul. While family members back home, they put their feet down icy sheets of it to enjoy the cosy warmth together — really the full experience of togetherness!

While Korea community lifestyle is becoming increasingly Western-style, the younger generation are often more like sitting in a Chair and slept in the bed. However, most people preferred the comfort of Korea ondol floor, which uses hot water floor heating system. If you visit Korea, you will certainly enjoy the heating system this unique home

Ways Baby Natural Hair Thickening

Every parent must want the baby had thick hair. With the bushy hair, the babies look healthy and beautiful. So, many parents who do everything they can to make the hair grow thick head. Of course, you as a parent should not be indiscriminate use of drugs hair thickener for small sii is still very sensitive. Patient flow summit to that end, for mothers who want the baby hair grow fast, you can use natural materials as a solution. Here’s how to thicken the baby’s hair naturally .

How Baby Natural Hair Thickening

how hair thicken baby

1. Using Pecan

For the mother who wants hair that baby grow bushy, you can use as a solution pecan grower hair. How to thicken baby hair naturally with hazelnut very easily. First, you only need to set up a few grains of walnut and hazelnut oils to fry appear until later returned the hazelnut oil. Then you can grind and rub it evenly pecan impact on the baby’s head already barren. After a few moments silence, you can simply rinse with clean water. To get optimal results, you should do the therapy regularly.

2. Using celery leaves

Celery is believed to make the hair to thrive so that mothers often used to thicken the hair of the little because celery is also not going to cause side effects for the baby. How to thicken infant hair naturally with celery, first, you squeezed celery until smooth and you can put it on the baby’s head is shaved before. Wait until a few moments before you rinse it off with warm water.

3. Using the tongue Crocodile

How to thicken the baby’s hair is naturally also can do with aloe vera. Do not worry, you can use aloe vera as a hair grower drug baby because these plants do not contain chemicals that can harm the baby’s health. How, you just need to slice into 2 parts aloe vera and greasing-apply the gel on the baby’s head already at bare. Perform routine to get maximum results. Hopefully the above information useful for readers. Good luck!

Differences EF and EFS At Canon Camera Lens

Difference EF and EFS On Camera Lens Canon. For photography lovers who wears his special Canon camera beginners course ever experienced difficulties in translating on the lens is not it ?? Lots of code in the code of the type of lens that we do not understand at the beginning of the initial holding the camera in fact there are also many people who have been using the Canon but not yet know the meaning of the code.

Differences EF and EFS At Canon Camera Lens

Well on this occasion I will try to discuss the differences of EF and EF-S in the lens of the Canon brand. What is the meaning of both his and what are the functions and advantages of each of the second lens ?? Here’s his full explanation.

Meaning EF Lens Brand At Canon
EF stands for Electro Focus is the type of lens that is designed specifically for Canon Full Frame camera like the EOS 5D, EOS 6D and EOS 1D. This lens is also his usual bracelet red mark for EF lenses is the first quality lenses from Canon. Although the design of the camera lens Full Frame, but can also be mounted on APS-C cameras
Differences EF and EFS At Canon Camera Lens

Which is another feature of the EF lenses are at the tip of the lens that is connected to your body there is a special sign indicating that the red spots this lens EF lenses. If you have a Full Frame body then must right to buy this EF lenses because then the image that you generate will be maximized.
Meaning EF-S Lenses Brand At Canon

While the EF-S stands for Electro Focus Short is a lens that is created specifically for Canon cameras Non Full Frame or APS-C. The camera’s APS-C size sensor that is smaller in her appeal to the Full Frame camera, and a distance sensor to the EF-S lenses are also closer in her appeal to the Full Frame camera.
Differences EF and EFS At Canon Camera Lens

The hallmark of the EF-S lenses are spots mark the white box on the end of the lens. EF-S lenses can not be attached to the camera body Full Frame and can only be installed in the camera body Crop or APS-C only. So if you use the camera Full Frame as 1D, 5D and 6D do not ever buy this EF-S lenses.
That’s reviews difference EF and EFS On Camera Lens Canon. Hopefully bermanfaatdan can help increase your knowledge about the world her special photography Canon camera. Thanks.