Teak garden bench is a Perfect Choice For Wildlife


Teak is a hard wood that is extremely versatile and can be found a lot in Southeast Asia. They’s being one of the members of trees that can withstand the weather for properties owned by the tree. It is made of teak become one of the most widely used to make outdoor furniture. In addition, if you now want to buy a teak garden bench, then that is a wise choice in selecting the material because they are very strong and durable. They could even survive even in extreme weather. But still there must be some things you should consider when going to buy garden teak furniture.

Maybe you do not want to cause the decor of a room to be bad because one can choose the material. You are therefore looking for a more secure by using teak furniture. And fortunately, in addition to having a nice look, this wood also can protect themselves well. That means they also require little maintenance compared to other wood species. Teak furniture production is now becoming increasingly considering their popularity is causing more and more also reservations against them. In addition, buyers today do not have to worry about buying teak furniture because teak is used instead of the wild slash but harvested from sustainable plantations owned by citizens or governments. Teak products are still new and have been certified sustainable by the Forest Stewardship Council so that people looking for teak furniture should make sure to be responsible about where it came from.

Teak itself is naturally have a very high oil content in the wood. This means you do not need repainting teak furniture and they will still be able to look good even without painted. In addition, teak is naturally also able to change color to gray when they are too long to be outdoors. Even the few people who prefer the gray color of the teak wood. But if you prefer a honey brown color of teak compared with their gray color, then you can apply teak oil once every few months or once a year. In buying furniture teak bench, is now no longer difficult because there’s been a lot of furniture stores that specialize in selling teak bench. In addition, teak bench also has come up with various models so that you can easily find what you’re looking for.

And when you finally can find teak garden bench is a match, then do not forget to bring them into the room during the winter underway. Teak wood itself is one that has most excellent durability. Still, nearly all the wood will be split when exposed to winter on an ongoing basis. Hot weather can also affect the same thing. Therefore, if you want to keep it looking nice furniture, then keep them well is the right way. When you see any cracks in the surface that are small in teak furniture, then you can know if this is one of the natural process of the wood.

Macerator Toilet Problems


Macerator toilet fast becoming the first choice for the canal and river sailors and reliable but when they go wrong, it tends to really go badly wrong with a lot of chaos …

common problems and how to fix it

Toilet who make bad sound and not emptying properly
This is usually because someone has put something on them that they should not. Remember that only light (2 ply) or specially made disintigrating toilet paper (like the ones made by Thetford) could go down them and OK for long-term use (!) If you put the toilet paper weight that advertises as an extra soft and extra thick to be OK for temporarily but could cause problems with congestion open non return valve, bends in the pipe pumps out or even the tank vents if too full. In order to fix the blockage because these products are used, you’ll have to strip down macerator or get a professional in. Remember that opening the macerator is quite skilled, requiring safety torx screw bit and will void the warranty if new. It’s best to check first without voiding your warranty you vent and non-return valve. Non return valve usually rubber bend 90 degrees which serves as a connection pipe behind the toilet. You can take off and remove the jubilee clip (with bucket at the bottom of it, maybe a great one needed depends on your tank and pipe layout!) To check. They are a very simple design, just make sure not there to force open or close.

The toilet worked well but slowly recharges (a little but did not overflow)
It may be a mistake non return valve. On some boats can ride the pipe work before he went across and down into the tank. If the non-return valve slightly wedged open, the volume of garbage in the vertical section of pipe will leak back into the bowl.

The toilet did not do anything when I tried to flush it
failure to complete without something happening which is obviously quite rare so simple things first. Check the fuse and weaving connections and took the plate of panel flush if you have one to check for wire damage or water ingress. If you have an electronic key that is not installed in the toilet itself, the tube behind it may have come a long way. These buttons have a small pipe behind them which connects to the pressure sensor in the main board and the public on a power supply voltage cubicle toilet. They forced air into the pipe types such as syringes so that if someone is too strong with it, the pipe may arise out of and the need to put back in. You may be able to look around the side to do this depends on your installation.

Another potential problem may be that your capacitor has failed and needs to be replaced. They are connected to the main board and is quite large, about 8cm long cylinders.

Toilet emptying slowly
Sometimes you may blame the plumbing work. A macerator must have connected to the pipe which has NO 90 degree bend in it and do not have to reduce the size of the lower run before it gets to the tank. If you have a particularly small outlet pipe may caking with calcium. Get 5 standard liter of white vinegar and put half a liter to the toilet with every flush for several days to break it. It is surprising how quickly this can happen on a ship which is new even top up their tanks with water in certain areas.

The toilet has overflowed
This usually only happens if the toilet macerator pumps have been damaged or have a full tank and flushed repeatedly to try and clear it .. If the toilet does not clean in the first flush then you do not have to flush again until you have at least turned off the water supply. This toilet is not like the people in the house that sometimes can cleanse themselves if the water level to build pressure. Moreover, they do not have any sensor to let you know they are damaged. They usually just have more thermal load and fuse to protect the pump itself and no one thinks about the state of your head if the toilet overflows. So, insulated water supply – it must have a stop cock right next to the toilet and if you do not have to turn off your main pump and drain the tank header on tap. You can now try again as toilet flushing will not be able to add much water into the bowl and cause it to overflow.If to ilet fulfilled by itself then you may have a bad installation of pipe layout that is not un heard.

Protein function


The function of protein is very much at all, here is a function for the human body that are vital to support all aspects of life in the body.

Protein To Hormone

Hormonal Protein is a protein that helps coordinate the activities and events and certain body. Examples of these proteins include insulin, oxytocin, and somatotropin. Insulin regulates the metabolism of glucose to control blood sugar in the human body. Oxytocin is necessary to stimulate contractions in women during labor. Somatotropin is a growth hormone that stimulates the production of proteins in muscle cells.

For Antibody Protein Function

Protein functions as an antibody is to prevent the invasion of the antigen. Protein can travel through the blood stream and used by the immune system to identify and fight bacteria, viruses, and other parasites for the body. One way is to immobilize antibodies against antigens with them so they can be destroyed easily by the white blood cells in our blood. Antioxidant benefits of this protein can be used to maintain the health and metabolism of disease.

contractile proteins

Proteins of this kind serves to movement on the human body, these are examples of proteins actin and myosin, the protein has a function and a role in muscle contraction and body movements. Protein is also frequently mentioned as one in a healthy diet without drugs safely and naturally.


Protein function for biochemical reactions in the body, therefore, often referred to as a catalyst because they speed up chemical reactions in our body. Examples of this type of protein is the enzyme lactase and pepsin. Lactase breaks down lactose sugar found in milk. Although the benefits of drinking a lot of milk, but the sugar content should also be regulated. Pepsin is a digestive enzyme that works in the stomach to break down proteins in food to be easily absorbed by the human body.

protein Storage

This type of protein is to store amino acids, for example, is ovalbumin and casein. Found in egg white ovalbumin and casein is a milk-based protein.

Protein As Transport

Protein was also serves as a means of transportation, which he carries molecules in one part to another. Examples include hemoglobin and cytochrome. Hemoglobin carries oxygen through the blood and Cytochrome operates as an electron carrier protein.

structural proteins

The function of this protein is to provide support to other body parts. This type of protein is keratin, collagen, and elastin. Keratin strengthens protective cover such as hair, feathers, horns, and a beak. Collagen and elastin provide support to other tissues such as tendons and ligaments.

For Human Protein Function

The function of proteins for humans is one of them as an energy source. How do we get the energy? in addition to calories and fat, protein also produce useful energy for the body. Protein is one of the important energy source for the human body. In addition, protein is also essential to help the body muscle and get the ideal shape and muscle. Various types of these proteins are abundant in eggs, meat, various types of cheese, tempeh, and tofu.

Teak deck – Supplement Good In A Room


To be able to find furniture that matches the patio or deck, then try to consider teak wood as material for them. In addition, there is now a lot of companies that deliberately only made furniture from quality materials only. Outdoor wood actually have to have a quality course in order to survive well outdoors. In addition, a quality outdoor furniture will be able to make a lot of buyers. With their look very elegant, making them even could be the most favorite wood and a lot of sought after by people. In addition to the elegant, they are also very strong and can last a very long time even reached hundreds of years. This wood is very strong and amazing. They can withstand various outdoor elements that can damage the wood quickly. In addition, teak wood has a very long actually used to be one of material for large ships. They were naturally able to withstand various natural conditions are changing like the seasons. The durability of wood is very nice. Therefore, they can use all year round.

Although there is a lot of controversy in the use of teak into outdoor furniture, but now they have been harvested from teak plantations owned by citizens or the government by using selective logging and replanting trees do to maintain the supply of teak stay there every year. Indeed, for the wood itself, they almost always increase the number of extremely high demand. It makes Teak Furniture Manufacture opportunities for many teak trees will be planted as a cash crop in order to be able to meet the demand for furniture that is durable and also nice. Manufacturers are responsible for teak furniture can now buy raw materials grown specifically for craft teak products. Those who are aware of environmental problems can choose to purchase furniture made exclusively from teak plantations and not from natural teak forests.

Although they are more expensive when compared with other types of wood furniture to be outdoors, but the actual identity does offer more benefit than from other types of furniture. One of them is that they can have a very long lifespan. Mostly, buying teak furniture is used to make an investment in the long term. It is one of the main options in choosing the teak deck furniture. They were specifically designed to withstand sun, wind, and heavy rains. So that they will be able to survive for years without being able to lose the character and functionality of their course. Better pay more to get teak furniture. it means you’ll no longer need to constantly replace them. It is one of the advantages they are not easily broken, cracked, or faded quickly because of a lot of elements that exist in the outside environment.

As one of the methods to invest money for the long term with teak outdoor furniture, we guarantee you’ll be very happy. Teak outdoor furniture not only can last a lifetime only. But they will also be able to provide to you a tempilan furniture were very nice and luxurious. But, just because the identity can be more expensive does not mean you can not find a bargain. quality manufacturer will work hard to offer the best quality of teak deck furniture at very reasonable prices.

Unique to outlining Gak Mahal, This 6 Rak Recycle Hand Made Unique Looks That Make Your room

Wallet again like the desert, the next few months still have to pay arrears installment motorcycle. But the goods – goods mess up your room and you really need the shelf again. No cane, the root was so you know. All items can be used as a shelf super cool and also super cheap even free. Let’s find out some cool innovations recycle shelves.

shoe rack of cardboard

Read here: Karton box

Refrigerator shelf, refrigerator not used but a cardboard refrigerator
Used cardboard packing refrigerator idle tuh so displays the warehouse. Take just for making shoe racks, prepare also alteco, duct tape, a ruler, scissors and a buffer. Buffer can be of metal or drink cans filled with ballast.

Pipe the rest of the neighboring building also can
Cardboard freezer has become the place to play – play your sister? Pipe former neighbors also really really useful. Create a shoe rack of pipes with a diameter of 15-17 cm with a length of 35 cm. puree before the end – the end so as not to hurt the paint and also make it more beautiful pipe, then stacking the pipe with the arrangement upward and glue pipe – the pipe earlier. I become cool.

Slider rack anti mess of cardboard
Shelves that can be shifted out of cardboard? Can be made anyway, disposable cardboard dense cardboard used as packing drinks a glass bottle. Cut in such a way and let the buffer can be shifted transversely in order to see the types of files – file

Colorful pencil color will be the base material of this book holder, the next ingredient is a rope or rubber and also enforce the board as a colored pencil.

It is easy once the materials used to make cosmetic shelf of cardboard. Which need to be prepared is an old shoe boxes, cardboard in barrier or partition cosmetics, karo colorful paper, paper glue and scissors. Arrange the pieces – pieces of cardboard barrier to  kosmetik, glue each corner so that strong. Then decorate with colorful wrapping paper to make it look more presentable and beautiful. Now you have a neat cosmetic shelf itself in accordance with its function.

Of course, continue to use a very strong cardboard for these cabinets, thick cardboard with a cavity that meeting would be able to withstand the load of clothes to make your wardrobe. Use some cardboard powerful, shape-sized with cardboard shoes. Then set up so that the shape of the rack and immediately glue or tape so as not to shift or collapse. You can garnish with a cover using wrapping paper.

Tlaten capital only course you can make your room look neat and unique with your new racks. Let’s try for one piece only, really exciting really.

How Successful Planting and Cultivating Cabe In Polybag

Chilli is one kind of plant that is currently widely used for seasoning. Commodity prices on the market also fluctuates. Especially when approaching the big days such as Eid, the chilli prices soared to 60-100 thousand / kg.

Therefore, many people are interested in planting chillies, either for sale or just for their own use. To plant a chili certainly needed the land for cultivation. Unfortunately when this in urban areas is not much available land that could be utilized. But it can be circumvented by planting chili in a plastic bag, or pot.

How to Grow Chillies In Polybag

Step Raising Cabe

To plant chillies in pots or polybags is relatively easy to do. This plant can grow well in the highlands and lowlands. But good chili planted in the area at an altitude of 0-2000 meters above sea level. While a suitable temperature range 24-27oC, but still able to withstand a temperature below that. It depends also the type of chili planted.

One chili is most suitable to be planted in the yard of the house is kind of chilli and chilli curls. This type of chili is very suitable to be grown in tropical climates and spicy taste are also favored by many people. Here we provide a tutorial on how to plant chilli curls in a polybag.

Choosing Chilli Seeds

To get quality chilli would need to select the best seeds. Available in the market a lot of various kinds of peppers ranging from hybrid chillies to local varieties. For planting two kinds of peppers are relatively the same but specific hybrid chili is usually to get the maximum should be given certain drugs.

Many types of hybrid chilli was imported from Thailand and Taiwan, while for the type of local chilli grown in Kudus, Rembang to Tanah Karo, North Sumatra. Currently farmers prefer local chilli seeds that have been selected because of its productivity better than unselected.

In addition, from a technical point of how to cultivate local chili easier than hybrid chilli. Just in terms of the productivity of hybrid chilli superior to local chilli. For beginners who are just learning how to chili cultivation should use local chilli seeds.

Seeding process Bibit Cabe

To plant chilli in a polybag or pots should not be done right from the seed. The first process that must be done is to sow the seeds dilahan. It is for selecting chilli seeds, the seed can not grow well because of disabilities or illnesses are not planted.

In addition the process is intended to wait for chilli seeds to grow strong enough to be planted in a bigger place. To land a place to sow the seeds of chilli can be done in poly bags, pots, trays, nursery or create plots of land. For now we will discuss how the planting on the land plot.

The first step is to create a plot of land with size taste. Create a mixture of compost and soil and mix well. Granules land cultivated with and segembur as smooth as possible. The goal is that the roots can penetrate the soil with ease. Make a plot of land with a width of 5-10 cm, then create an array topped with a distance of 10 cm.

After the land is ready, the next step is to enter chilli seeds into the array with a distance of 7.5 cm. After that flush to wet the soil and cover lightly with soil or compost. When you are finished close the land that has been sprinkled seeds with damp burlap sack and leave 3 to day. Maintain a wet burlap sack remained until day 4 usually chilli seeds have started to appear on the surface of the ground, and then open the burlap sack.

When the chili seeds have started to grow, make the cover of transparent plastic to protect small chili seeds from rain and direct sun heat. One sign of the chili seedlings ready to be planted is already their 3-4 leaves and seeds have approximately 1 month old.

Preparing Growing Media

When the seedlings chili was great, then the next step is to prepare the planting medium. Use pots or polybags with a minimum size of 30 cm, so that you could sustain a planting medium chilli lush growth. When trouble getting polybag can use other growing media such as plastic pots, bags of cement and soil.

Can also use second-hand containers unused, puncture the bottom in order to drain the water. To plant chilli in polybags can wear the planting medium from a mixture of soil, manure, compost, charcoal, rice husk, or other similar materials. Some examples of the composition of planting medium that you can apply as a mixture of compost and soil with the composition of 1: 2.

It could also be the composition of the soil, charcoal and manure sekap kamposisi 1: 1: 1. While the latter mixture is a mixture of manure and soil with the composition of 1: 2. To manure can use manure mature. Read: Growing Media for Cultivation

Make sure the material used as a growing medium has good quality. Use a sieve to sift the growing media in order to get a smooth planting medium. Give a little fertilizer NPK about 3 tablespoons on each polybag. The fertilizer Stir until completely fused with planting medium.

Place the soil media in places that are not under water, or you can make the right by coating the tile fragments, small coral and coconut coir. The goal is that the water is not stagnant in these places.

Types of flute cardboard box Part 3

Software Trial For Designing Box Cardboard Box

There is an information for colleagues, namely a software license trial (to try) for 45 days. Name of the software is PackMeister pro .


Where this program can be used to create the Kardus design of the shape and size corrugated board boxes with the data input is the size of the product to be packaged (L x W x T).

For colleagues who would like to try, please download the software on its website here . May be useful.

Cardboard Box Design Box

Some things to consider before designing the carton box for your products is as follows:

  • Product knowledge itself, minimal know how vulnerable these products to the dangers of the outside and the dangers posed by products iu itself.
  • How treatment during storage and distribution of products.
  • Long-term storage of the product
  • Temperature / changes in temperature / humidity in the storage area of the product. Due to the nature of the carton box is able to absorb the water content, the more moist product storage areas, diminishing the strength of the box carton box to protect the packaged product.

The foregoing need to know as a consideration in deciding some important things to design carton box that corresponds to your product are:

  • Determine the combination of quality paper to be used. The higher the quality of paper used, the stronger the carton box.
  • Determining Fluting (wave type). The most common on the market is Fluting B, Fluting C or a combination of both, Fluting BC. Fluting C has a bearing high and capable of reducing vibration well. Suitable for packing glassware products and products in general. While the flute and has a number of waves more, so it has a lasting power of stacks better. While Fluting BC can be considered as a combination of capabilities Fluting Fluting B and C.
  • Determine the shape of the packaging design, whether half or full system flap flap system, or any other form that is suitable for your product.
  • Determine the design of printing on the cardboard box. Because in addition to media and protective packaging your products, you can use a cardboard box as a medium for product information and advertisi inclusion.
  • Costing / pricing. The use of paper will determine the price of a carton box. To get the most sparing use of paper one is to determine the shape design cardboard box right. For example, a cardboard box with a box shape (type) half flap system is much more efficient dibadingkan paper with full flap system, but in terms of strength is the opposite.

Tourist attraction in Malang Part 8

26. Coban Rais

Coban Rais is one waterfall tourism in the town of Batu. To reach the waterfall Coban Rais, have to go through a relatively gentle footpath, forest road, and paket wisata malang down the river. And during the trip, you can views of Batu eye-catching. Rais name taken from the name of one of the villagers are commonly called Rais pack.

malang 5

27. Coban Pelangi

Coban Pelangi Pelangi or waterfalls, is one of nature conservation areas under the protection of Perum Perhutani within 10 Km from the district Overlapping and 32 Km from the city of Malang. This waterfall is d district rugged mountains and winding, with the slope over 45 degrees is at 8.0109 ° S; 112.8607 ° E; 1299.5 m asl.

To reach the waterfall, visitors will pass through hilly terrain with a slope of approximately 45 °. After passing through the hills about 15 minutes, the rest is along the path above the creek.

Requires physical state healthy and strong to achieve this waterfall, where guests will find the state of unspoiled nature and green as well as an incredible experience awesome. Green forests, cool mountain, birdsong and crystal clear rivers are things that can be found when going towards Coban Pelangi.

Coban Pelangi waterfall flowing over a cliff with a height of 30 M. There is a cottage which was prepared as the facility to enjoy the beauty of waterfalls in Coban Pelangi. If lucky, visitors can also see a rainbow refracted from the tops of the cliffs, which became the origin of naming this Coban.

28. Jatim Park 1


Travel is the most visited in the City of Rock is currently the Park East Java (Jatim Park). Understandably attractions that are on the slopes of Mount Panderman this is the most modern and best hotel in the City of Rock. Rides his game a lot of the landscape is also beautiful. Besides a cool air makes the sights at an altitude of 850 asl it is suitable for people who come from the heat.

The concept which occupies an area of 11 hectares, it blends harmoniously concept of education (education) tourism (tourism) in one space and time. Tourist attraction The  stone is to be a means of distributing information about the treasures of science and technology (science) which was presented by the presence of a vehicle such as a gallery of learning (such as biology, chemistry, mathematics, and physics). There is also provided a gallery stage of learning that can accommodate 300 students.

This study gallery equipped sheet student study guide and completeness of applied science props both indoor and outdoor backed by PLN, Telkom, Rimba Raya and a number of leading public and private universities in East Java.



Nutritional content of sweet potato and health benefits

The sweet potatoes were once known as the food is rustic, has now climbed the rankings and is known widely in the world. This is because it is known if the potato that tastes sweet and delicious contains many essential nutrients for health. The main content of nutrients in sweet potatoes such as Vitamin A, C and E, beta carotene, magnesium, potassium and are also rich in oxidants. There are many varieties of sweet potato, normally we know of differences in colors like orange, white, yellow, red and purple. There are also varieties of sweet potatoes that are known to be sweet, that comes from the poor eastern Java that cassava Mount Kawi. But all kinds of sweet potatoes that there are, on average, the same nutritional value.

ubi sweet potato 2

Advertisement Facts Nutritional content of sweet potatoes According to an article published by the Commission of North Carolina Sweet Potato, of 58 kinds of vegetables were examined, it was found that the sweet potato is included in the list of best food. The sweet potatoes are sweet foods that are free of fat, but it contains 769% of the daily requirement of vitamin A and 65% of vitamin C in one serving (about one cup). The sweet potato is safe for consumption by almost all ages, even for babies who are over 6 months. High in fiber in sweet potatoes helps digestion early as the transition the transition to solid foods. The sweet potato is very well known to contain high amounts of beta carotene, which is a natural antioxidant that helps improve endurance of free radicals and disease. The sweet potato also contains Vitamin C, Vitamin B and phosphorus in high enough quantities, so it is also a powerful way to fight infection. Even the food is also included as one of the best foods that are recommended for pregnant women.

Based on RDA, the highest nutrient of sweet potatoes are Vitamin A, which reached 14 187 IU. This means that nearly the same as the vitamin A in carrots is numbering 16 706 IU vdengan weight of 100 grams. The sweet potato also contains high levels of magnesium, zinc and vitamin B, a combination of nutrients that have been proven to be beneficial to help healing and reduce pain due to arthritis and swelling. The sweet potato is also listed as a good meal to reduce the symptoms of pain effectively in people with arthritis. See also:   Is it safe to drink supplement continuously? Here tremendous benefits for health yams We Reducing the risk of diabetes and heart disease, as it has the ability to stabilize blood sugar and insulin resistance is lower. Carotenoids in sweet potatoes are beneficial can regulate blood sugar levels. Sweet potato is a good food to help relieve pain and joint pain arthritis, because it is rich in minerals. High-fiber, thereby reducing the risk of colon cancer and constipation.

Beta-carotene contained in sweet potato is an anti-oxidant that helps to fight free radicals. High Potassium is found serves to maintain the balance between fluid and electrolytes as well as cell integrity. Sweet potato can also reduce blood pressure. If consumed regularly, can relieve inflammation of the stomach and intestines in chronic ulcers. High calcium and iron helps increase the production of red blood cells and can increase bone density. The sweet potato is also good to help people imsomnia. The sweet potatoes are also Good to prevent stroke, because it inhibits blood clotting. Eating sweet potatoes can also help make your skin look brighter and younger-looking appearance. High content of beta-carotene can turn the body into vitamin A in the DNA which aims to produce new skin cells.

21 Attractions Batu Malang Mandatory Visited Part 2

4. Eco Green Park

Eco Green Park Malang

One more place in Batu Malang educational tours that we can visit that Eco Green Park which is located on Jl Ora-ora Ombo No. 9A, right next to Batu Secret Zoo and Jatim Park 2.

Here at least there are 35 rides education paket wisata malang that we can visit. Calm down, kids will definitely love to play and learn here, moto karenan attractions in Batu Malang, this one is Fun and Study.

Eco Green Park itself seek to incorporate the concept of nature, culture, environment, and the arts. Interest Eco Green Park is of course that the visitors (especially children) to learn about the ecosystem. Eco Green Park is divided into several zones, namely Zone miniature famous temples throughout Java, insectarium, walking bird, music plaza, jungle adventure, world parrot, Duck Kingdom, Home Reversed, Water Track, Dome multimedia, and others.

At Eco Green Park, you can get around by renting e-bike. At Jungle Adventure, you can walk around the woods with an open carriage while shooting poachers with toy guns. Exciting! Eco Green Park is open from 09:00 every day.

5. Alun – Alun Kota Batu


Square-stone city gradually has become one of the destinations Batu Malang we should not miss, especially at night, especially for young children.

Since renovated in 2011, the town square has become a tourist in Batu Batu, Malang cheap-rousing. You can enjoy the beautiful fountain with dozens of pigeons flying around the fountain.

There is also a Ferris wheel rides, mini playground, giant strawberry-shaped information space, and toilet-shaped rally. Stone Town Square is often the scene of the performing arts.

Wow, very interesting to be a place to hang out is not it?

6. Transport Museum


You want to see a collection of thousands of luxury cars, antique cars and cool cars? You can visit the museum of transport in Jl Sultan Agung Upper Canal No. 2, Batu, Malang.

This includes new museum opened, around the date March 9, 2014 and became the first tourist attractions in Southeast Asia is the concept of transportation.

Transports in musesum we can see various collection modes of transportation, ranging from animal-drawn up by transport using electric power.

Museum that stands in an area of 3.7 hectares is divided into several zones, among others: education zones, zones and Batavia Sunda Kelapa, the zone Japan, the EU zone, Hollywood zone, and Zone Gangster & Broadway. Transport Museum which is under management of Jatim Park Group is often the site of exhibitions, community events, even a prewedding photo. Transport Museum is open daily from 12:00 to 20:00. Few tips for those of you who also want to visit the Museum d’Mask Kingdom, you can buy a season ticket at a cheaper price of course.

7. Museum d’Topeng Kingdom


Still in place adjacent to the transport museum, you can visit the Museum d’Mask Kingdom. The museum also includes a new open, not much different from the transport museum.

Museum d’Mask Kingdom opened since May 23, 2014 this. Here visitors can see a collection of historical objects from ancient Indonesian culture. This museum also store more than 2000 ancient mask from various parts of Indonesia.

The mask collection is stored in a large cabinet that are separated by regions of origin. One of them is the mask that was found around Borobudur coated prada based paint. There is also a collection of royal chair Singaraja in Bali, a collection of ancient Quran hundreds of years old, and various types of puppets. Museum d’Mask Kingdom is open daily from 12:00 to 20:00 pm.

8. Parks Selecta Batu


Taman Batu Selecta has become one of the Batu Malang tourist destination not to be missed. This park has been around a long time, around the year 1930 the Dutch colonial period.

This park has an area of approximately 18 hectares and is divided into four main parts, namely Recreation Park, Hotel, Restaurant, and gardens. Selecta in Taman Batu and rides there are various facilities, such as swimming pools, flower gardens, outbound, and jogging arena. With the beauty of nature and the weather was cool, Selecta remains a tourist favorite, no matter there are already many new attractions in Batu, Malang.

9. Inggil Museum Resto


Well, if you’ve lapa, you can taste the culinary pleasure of Malang in Inggil Resto Museum, which is on Jalan Gajah Mada No. 4, Malang.

This restaurant is very well known because we can enjoy typical Javanese culinary offerings plus the performing arts, as well as view a collection of antiquities nuanced Java. There are a variety of alarm clock, old-fashioned sewing machine, old radio, and others. The waitress was wearing the typical Javanese kebaya. Some menus are presented, among others: rice corn, rawon tail, satay komoh, and carp sauce squeeze.