In addition to palatable banana was storing a lot of benefits that are useful for health. Bananas contain vitamin A, B1, C and protein, especially for men. In addition to helping the fertility of men, it turns bananas too powerful for bone health because it is rich in vitamin D. This fruit can be found in tropical country with moist soil conditions. To get the benefits, the consumption of bananas three times a day. Before outlining the benefits of bananas, the following are the nutrients contained in bananas.

Nutritional Content of Bananas

0.2 grams fat
1.2 grams protein
carbohydrates 25.8 grams
0.7 grams fiber
iron 0.5 grams
phosphorus 28 grams
Calcium 8 mg
Vitamin C 3 mg
0.08 mg of vitamin B
vitamin A 44 RE
Bananas benefit to patients with hypertension

Bananas are very suitable for people with hypertension / high blood pressure. Patients with hypertension is recommended to reduce the high salt content of food. Bananas are very suitable for people with hypertension because the banana is very minimal salt content.

Bananas are rich in potassium, high potassium content is also great for people with high blood pressure. The combination of a high potassium and very low salt makes pisan fruit is beneficial for patients with high blood pressure.

Bodies authorized to grant permission for the feasibility of food in the United States (FDA) has recognized the benefits of bananas so as to allow the fruit producers claimed that the benefits of bananas can lower the risk of blood tekananan and stroke.

The higher the potassium levels, the risk of heart attack and stroke because the lower the potassium balance the role of sodium in the body. In addition, the banana is good for people who are stressed. When stressed, the body’s metabolism increases dramatically to reduce the levels of potassium. By eating bananas, potassium levels will be re-balanced.

Another advantage, the sodium content found in bananas is quite low. This makes it safe to eat the bananas with high blood pressure should perform low-salt diet, but requires potassium.