The Benefits of Papaya Fruit For The Human Body

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Papaya fruit has many benefits for the human body. Behind the sweetness, this native Mexican plant contains vitamins and fiber are very good for health. The fruit, dubbed as “fruit of the anggels” also contains some substances can improve the health of human papaya for health manunia

Some benefits of papaya fruit for the body
– Fruit and all parts of the papaya tree have the content of papaya enzymes that bermanfaaat to assist in digesting protein. Papaya enzyme is the most widely obtained in papaya that is still raw even though still exist in papaya that has been cooked. This enzyme is widely used in dietary supplements and as an additive in chewing gum. Or wicker, your patio dining set, and other furniture, will dictate how much you can enjoy your garden living extension through the summer months.

– Vitamin C
Vitamin C contained in papaya approximately 48 times of Vitamin C contained in apples. The benefits of this vitamin to prevent thrush, boost immunity, as anti-oxidants, and reduce the risk of various diseases such as diabetes, atherosclerosis and asthma risk.

– Protect the cardiovascular system
The combination of Vitamin C, Flavonoid, vitamin B, folate, pantothenic acid and some minerals, potassium, copper and magnesium along with high fiber content provide protection against cardiovascular diseases such as stroke and coronary heart disease. Fruit and all parts of the papaya tree have the content of papaya enzymes that bermanfaaat to assist in digesting protein. Papaya enzyme is the most widely obtained in papaya that is still raw even though still exist in papaya that has been cooked.

– Smooth digestion
It is widely known by Indonesians that if it is difficult, one of the ways to expedite it is by consuming papaya. Not only good to smooth when to the toilet, the benefits of papaya fruit for other digestive health is to prevent colon cancer. Combination of beta carotene, vitamin C, dietary fiber, vitamin E and folatnya erode toxins and reduce the risk of colon cancer.

– Anti-inflammatory
Papain and chymopapain enzymes contained in papaya fruit have anti-inflammatory effects (anti-inflammatory) and help in healing burns. Anti-oxidants such as vitamin C and beta carotene also contribute to decreasing the effects of inflammation. So this fruit is good for people with inflammatory diseases such as osteoarchritis, rheumatism, asthma and good for allergy sufferers.

Terms and How to Make a Rain Water Infiltration Wells

Sumur Yakub

Water is needed for the survival of both humans, animals, and plants. Until the time when it does not rain, many are expecting to immediately rain.

Long droughts can create clean water supplies become depleted, in certain areas would be very difficult to find sources of clean water or even none at all. So as to meet their daily needs have to find clean water to a considerable distance, and there is also a buy, although the government has also sent aid clean water.

That’s one of the problems in case of drought. However, when high rainfall sometimes also brought problems, one of which is flood. It occurs mainly in big cities, because the water catchment are also more narrow course.

As we have seen, the ground level has now been widely covered by buildings that were increasingly more and more. The court house has also been shrouded with cast concrete and paving.

Even now in the village-desapun it also occurs, and the streets in the village are now also almost made mostly of cast concrete, paving, and asphalt. However, it is sometimes not balanced with the drains .

What will happen with the reduction in the water catchment area?

Flooding, flooding, and flooding is certainly going to happen. Yes when heavy rains where the ground surface no longer able to quickly absorb the rain water, due to unavailability of sufficient water catchment area. So water will linger on the surface of the ground which is largely been covered by a wide variety of materials such as what I have said above.

Indeed, rain is a blessing, and how to keep the rain was actually a blessing in the lives of the creatures on this earth without causing problems?

For some people with flooding may be brought blessing, but for most people certainly do not want the flood.

To prevent flooding should be done jointly, both government and society. But let us start from ourselves each advance to prevent such flooding. Many things we can do, one is to create a rain water catchment wells in our yard.

Make a rain water catchment wells did not fully prevent flooding, but of course it can minimize the occurrence of flooding. Because with the rain water catchment wells mostly rainwater will go directly to and seep into the ground, even though perhaps only a few percent.

The way it works is that when it rains, of course most of the rain will fall on tile / roof of the house. The rain water is then piped through the horizontal gutters which will then be forwarded by the vertical gutter towards infiltration wells through the connecting pipe.

Thus rain water will enter and seep into the soil, thus reducing the volume of rainwater that is at ground level. Of course, flooding will be minimized and the other advantage is going to make a backup of water in the soil becomes easy to obtain as it is easy to reach.

To prevent overflow of rain water in the gutters of the house, please read the tips at the link below:

Tips to Prevent Water overflowing the gutters House

Then how do I make it recharge wells?

How to make a recharge wells is actually quite easy and , but perhaps we also need to involve a builder or handyman-digging. And in addition to the availability of material required, it should also fulfill its requirements.

Terms Make a Rain Water Infiltration Wells

Infiltration wells must be located on flat land, not on the ground slopes, steep, and too unstable.
Absorption wells should be away from landfills and septic tank, which is at least 5 meters from the edge.
Minimum distance from the foundation of the house / building is 1 meter.
Limit excavation recharge wells that can reach the sandy soil, or can also be a maximum of 2 meters below ground water level. water table depth of at least 1.5 meters during the rainy season.
Soil structure must have the ability to absorb water (permeability) that is greater than or equal to 2 cm per hour. This means that puddles as high as 2 cm will be absorbed within 1 hour.

Having fulfilled the requirements above, now check out how to make it by recognizing the parts.

This He 6 Advantages of Having Cards Alfamart


How to Make ATM Cards and Savings in All Banks

How to make a card BII ATM BCA Mandiri BRI CIMB Niaga and Danamon BNI Syariah BRI Savings in banks – There have been many articles about the savings along to make its, but why there is odd, because too on the basics on how to create an ATM card and saving money in the bank.

New blog visitors realized that this was not only those who want to add to the account, but also of those who had entered the stage wants to be a customer, for example, school children, students, or those who usually keep the money under the pillow. Be ideal if this article I refer to as banking for beginners. Therefore, for those who are already advanced, please leave this post, and read other articles.

So how do you make an ATM card?

Basically, the ATM card is a banking facility that is given to the customer holding a savings account at the bank.

The goal is for customers to transact without having memudahkah Teller at the branch office. It’s up any bank, if the bank BCA, Bank Mandiri, BNI, BRI, CIMB Niaga, BII Maybank, Permata, Bank Mega, Danamon, Sinarmas, Syariah Mandiri, or other

Transaction here can vary, can withdraw cash, transfer to another savings account, checking account balance, or payments to merchants

ATM stands in the English language are “Automatic Teller Machine”, while in Indonesian is “Automated Teller Machine”, is very far huh?

At the initial appearance in Indonesia, customers who want to make an ATM card still had to wait for between one week to two weeks to be, but now it is directly the same day, along with when opening a deposit account.

ATM card-making speed difference may be due to a change in trend on the card itself. At first ATM card made with embossed on the name and card number accompanied by a photo of yourself. Then switch to a post does not arise with still show the name with photo selection or not. Now the trend is changing again, ATM card instant without a name and without a photo. So if today requested in make ATM, the customer service will give us a moment’s notice.

So is the cost, now many banks are offering free ATM card on every customer who opens a savings. There are no extra charges of making the first, except for the replacement of the card due to damaged or missing.

Again, to make the ATM cards must first open a savings account at a bank. The balance of the savings this will then be used as a source of funds for transactions with an ATM card at machines that are scattered in many places.

So, to answer the question how do have an ATM card, then it will be my guide how to open a bank account.

Here are the steps to make savings accounts and ATM cards;

Prepare an identification card as administrative requirements, in this case can KTP / SIM / student card / student card. In certain banks such as BCA even require a tax ID and card kelurga. If you want to open his account in a branch office in units as small as BRI, or BPR, better in a photo copy of it to avoid the commute because of the unavailability of a photo copy machine at the bank.
Prepare cash for an initial deposit of at least the minimum requirement of each product from each bank. The provisions of this minimum deposit I have written on each article of deposit products at this site. Please read; The initial deposit savings BCA, Mandiri, CIMB Niaga, initial deposit danamon more, BII Maybank Syariah Mandiri, etc.
Once these requirements are ready, please come to the desired bank in the nearest branch office in accordance with the domicile.
Download or request the same pack of security guards for the purposes of the queue number to the Customer Service (CS)
Wait for the call.
When in the call, do not forget to introduce yourself first (better right than later also definitely in question and name) then convey to CS if you want to open a savings account, if you want to say just a complete daily savings for individuals. Daily Savings is savings that is not tied to a period of time the number of deposits and withdrawals. Because here the intention want to make ATM.
CS Bank will explain savings products available. Have a listen and let the horse run as a customer service officer.
If so, please ask if there are less obvious, especially about features and services. If necessary ask threshold also balances. In nominal balance of what happened the breakeven point, the interest banks can cover the monthly administration fee, so that later the principal balance of savings is not interrupted by admin