Ways Baby Natural Hair Thickening

Every parent must want the baby had thick hair. With the bushy hair, the babies look healthy and beautiful. So, many parents who do everything they can to make the hair grow thick head. Of course, you as a parent should not be indiscriminate use of drugs hair thickener for small sii is still very sensitive. Patient flow summit to that end, for mothers who want the baby hair grow fast, you can use natural materials as a solution. Here’s how to thicken the baby’s hair naturally .

How Baby Natural Hair Thickening

how hair thicken baby

1. Using Pecan

For the mother who wants hair that baby grow bushy, you can use as a solution pecan grower hair. How to thicken baby hair naturally with hazelnut very easily. First, you only need to set up a few grains of walnut and hazelnut oils to fry appear until later returned the hazelnut oil. Then you can grind and rub it evenly pecan impact on the baby’s head already barren. After a few moments silence, you can simply rinse with clean water. To get optimal results, you should do the therapy regularly.

2. Using celery leaves

Celery is believed to make the hair to thrive so that mothers often used to thicken the hair of the little because celery is also not going to cause side effects for the baby. How to thicken infant hair naturally with celery, first, you squeezed celery until smooth and you can put it on the baby’s head is shaved before. Wait until a few moments before you rinse it off with warm water.

3. Using the tongue Crocodile

How to thicken the baby’s hair is naturally also can do with aloe vera. Do not worry, you can use aloe vera as a hair grower drug baby because these plants do not contain chemicals that can harm the baby’s health. How, you just need to slice into 2 parts aloe vera and greasing-apply the gel on the baby’s head already at bare. Perform routine to get maximum results. Hopefully the above information useful for readers. Good luck!