Way of life Holiday Club, Benefits and drawbacks of a Lifestyle Trip Club

Way of life Holiday Club, Benefits and drawbacks of a Lifestyle Trip Club

Lifestyle Vacation Club


Most of us intend to travel, some of us may not admit it to others but I find that’s more due to the fact that they don’t intend to confess to themselves. They feel they can not take a trip for whatever factor, so they inform themselves they do not want to so they don’t feel they are losing out. I’m letting every person know they can. Whether it’s funds holding them back, or not understanding ways to tackle establishing a fantastic getaway, or simply concern of going on their initial journey beyond their convenience zone. As well as I’m going to explain it with speaking about way of living holiday clubs. I’ll be speaking about this from the experience I have in travel that I have actually done and the lifestyle trip club I have expertise about.

Initial pro of a way of life trip club

The first, and also most likely most significant, pro for a great deal of individuals is the worth. A lot of individuals wish to obtain as much worth as they could out of the cash they invest. It makes good sense, we strive for our cash so we wish to obtain as much from it as we can. The lifestyle trip club that I have knowledge of does simply that. They offer a lot of value. All the getaway packages readily available are located at 4 as well as 5 star hotels or resorts at 2 as well as 3 star prices. They guarantee the lowest rate or they will certainly reimburse you the price of the trip as well as send you on the holiday anyhow. Pretty powerful statement. There is constantly inclusions in the trip which includes so much value to the cash you are investing too. If your trip is to Disneyland, they consist of tickets to the park. A winter sports journey, they include the lift pass throughout your stay. A day at an automobile race, wonderful seats that include pit passes. A way of life vacation club has value.

Pro # 2 of a lifestyle holiday club

Worry complimentary. Let’s encounter it, our lives are hectic. Setting up a great vacation is time consuming. You need to discover a hotel in the location you’re intending to go. You have to verify job while you wish to go. Then you need to establish things to do in the area you want to go. You can avoid this buy doing it while your on your trip, yet who wants to do that? I’ve done it and also it was added stress and anxiety … while on vacation trying to escape tension!! Then you have to pay for it, beforehand or while on vacation like I did on among my journeys. Either technique is a trouble as well as time consuming. With a lifestyle trip club the headache is removed. You could establish filters for the sort of journey your seeking making it exceptionally simple to locate the trip you desire with the incorporations you’re wishing to experience, publication the journey and also you’re done.

The 3rd pro of a way of life getaway club.

As belonging to a membership, the same journey is going to be available to other people. This permits you to have a common ground with individuals on the trips with you, the membership. Whether it be whale watching off the coast of Mexico, or a wine sampling scenic tour in France, some or most of individuals on those adventures with you have a commonalities with you to start the ball rolling and also make the preliminary interaction less awkward, you all are members of the same lifestyle holiday club. Understanding that there’s mosting likely to be other people on the journey that you share a membership with might make it less complicated to take that very first trip to get over your fear of taking a trip.

Pro 4 of a lifestyle trip club.

As I have actually stated, there’s a particular way of life trip club that I understand. There’s certain advantages that this way of living holiday club has that make it truly impressive. Among these advantages is an online shopping center. There are over one thousand stores in this on the internet shopping mall to choose from. When you make purchases on-line for points your going to buy anyhow, you obtain a percent back through “traveling dollars”. These could be put on the journey you picked, trips for the journey, or just your personal resorts, and so on. Essentially, if you shop on-line sufficient, and collect enough “travel bucks”, you might take place a trip completely free. Absolutely impressive.

Next are some intended disadvantages. A lot of things however are from viewpoints, and I’m going to provide different perspectives to look at these cons in a positive light.

Disadvantage # 1 of a way of living holiday club.

I hear everything the moment, “yet I do not like teams of individuals so I would not intend to take place a trip where there’s a number of other individuals doing the exact same point”. First, you do not have to participate in the group activities, but it might end up being a rather uninteresting journey. So look at it in a different light. Believe me, whether you get on a journey on your own or component of a way of living getaway club, there’s going to be other people around. You’ll need to pay a quite hefty fee to have the scuba teacher take simply you and your companion out for the dive, quite expensive scheduling the whale enjoying watercraft for just your family exclusively. Unless you pay massive cash there’s going to be other people doing the very same points as you. So why not transform your viewpoint and take a look at it as a pro like specified in pro # 3. You have a commonness with individuals on the outings with you.

Second disadvantage of a way of life getaway club.

They do not include trips in the expense of the journey. ALRIGHT so you obtained me there. It would be difficult for them to do this. There would certainly be people flying from just a couple of hrs away as well as individuals flying from throughout an ocean. There would certainly be no way to make one rate for these when individuals are originating from throughout. However let me ask you this. A family members in British Columbia Canada is booking a getaway to Cancun Mexico through some scheduling representative that “consists of” the flight. Now, the very same size household occurs to be scheduling the specific very same trip, at the precise same time, through the same booking representative, however this household remains in the state of Texas in the United States. Do you think that the price of the holiday is going to be the same for each and every family members? The answer is no. The household in Texas is way closer to Cancun than the family members in Canada. Though they say the trip is consisted of, it’s really just bundled in with the price of the keep. When it comes to the con … I’ve sought out the cost of trips to a trip in the way of living vacation club and also totalled it up. I then sought out holidays to the very same place at the very same time that consisted of trips. I then had to find the cost it would be to obtain the very same things that the lifestyle trip club includes in the price, and also add it to the cost of the “trip included” trip plan. Guess just what, the way of life holiday club end price was numerous dollars less costly every single time. That takes us back to pro 1, bang for our dollar. I prefer to reserve a separate trip and also save hundreds of bucks after that reserve a vacation that consists of a trip. In addition, there’s a number of us that have methods of gathering points to apply towards flights when we opt to travel. When reserving a vacation where the flight is bundled with the getaway plan, you can not use your points to make the trip part less expensive. When the trip is separate from the getaway bundle, you’re totally free to spend for the trip just how you desire, so you could do this using your factors, seat sales, and so on. In my viewpoint this turns trips where the trip is “consisted of”, into a con. And also the fact that the flight is not “included” in the lifestyle getaway club, right into a pro.

Let the Party Games Begin

Let the Party Games Begin image by pestaulangtahun.com

If you do this part right, you will be the talk of the school, the baseball team and the ballet class.  If you are trying to come up with a theme for the party, talk to your child to see if they have preferences or ideas.  Another good way to start is by considering your child’s favorite entertainment.


Does she have a favorite TV or cartoon character or a favorite toy like a Barbie doll or American Girl?  Even if someone else has done the same theme, you CAN be original in your approach to games and activities AND to the cake and decorations that complement the theme. Before we dive into ‘themes’, let’s talk a little about the basics of planning for and managing activities during the birthday party.


Plan games and activities that start within 15 minutes after the party guests arrive.  If you leave children to their own devices, your party may turn chaotic. Try to plan multi-faceted games and activities, so that if one game does not appeal to Mary, she will find something of interest in the next game. That way, no one gets bored and wanders off. If you planned a game that is not going well, move on.  Don’t force the kids to play just because you planned the activity. If some of your activities are outside activities, be sure you have other games and activities to fall back on if it starts to rain or gets cold.


Above all, look at all the games before the party and be sure you have all the pieces and supplies necessary to play the game and that YOU understand the rules well enough to explain them in ‘child speak’.  Make sure every guest feels included.


Don’t have one prize.  Plan prizes so that everyone can go home with a prize, even if they failed miserably at the game. Keep your prizes simple – nothing expensive or fancy.  A sheet of character stickers or a bite sized, mini chocolate bar, is probably enough.  You may wish to skip the prizes altogether.  If you plan to give everyone a favor bag as they leave, prizes are really not necessary, anyway. Even if you don’t want to have a themed party, you will still want activities and games to keep the kids busy and send them home happy.


This is the part of the event the children will talk about – they won’t ask for your cake recipe! If you have hired an entertainer for the party, ask them to arrive about thirty minutes after the party start time.  That way even the latecomers will not miss the performance.  Stay away from clowns for children ages 1-3 because they are often afraid of clowns.  Puppet shows are a great alternative to clowns at this age.


Schedule the entertainer first and then allow the kids to transition to other planned games and activities. Keep in mind that the activities you plan will have to be age appropriate.  The most difficult party to plan is a 1st birthday party where you are inviting ‘friends’.  In this scenario,you have to entertain a bunch of 12-month-old kids.  Not an easy task! Because the one-year-old scenario is so different, we will give you some ideas specific to first birthday parties and young toddler parties, in a moment.  In the meantime, let’s talk about children ages 4-10.


Some old standby entertainment ideas include: Pin the Tail on the Donkey, Musical Chairs, Simon Says, Mother May I, Guessing Games.


Cak Roto is a professional birthday party host with EO ulang tahun anak provider www.pestaulangtahun.com. He is a Master Ventriloquist and award-winning magician. As Magician, Cak Roto heads a team of dynamic performers and has 20 years of live performing experience. Find out more about him at Jakarta Kids Party Organizer website .


The Pillars Of Successful Leadership In Person

The Pillars Of Successful Leadership In Person

These interventions are called reengineering, restructuring, strategic redirection, total quality, cultural change, acquisitions and mergers. Either way, to be a leader, is no longer needed, therefore, to have a position of power, more and more precarious; rather we must demonstrate to know to use and then have those skills and competencies that are not specialized techniques, but which are personal qualities of sensitivity and humanity; these characteristics general to all true leaders.

After what has been said it is clear that a winning leadership is based on a multiplicity of pillars that coincide with those factors and behaviors that can ensure the success of an initiative: trust, cooperation, emphasis on the objectives, clarity, security, support, performance, humanity , awareness.

A prime example is related to Marshal Montgomery, who assumed command of the Eighth Army and was able to instill in its soldiers the spirit necessary to beat the powerful armored divisions of Rimmel https://investasiterpercaya.com. When Montgomery arrived in command of the Eighth Army, due to ongoing disasters and setbacks, the entire organization was with the moral ground. The first thing he did was to bring together employees, many of whom appeared disappointed and unmotivated, asking them to work together to have trust in each other. Soon after, Montgomery, clarified its employees, unequivocally, that there was no alternative to success, if not victory. In addition he remarked that those who were not willing to believe in the project and had no confidence in himself, he could leave. Immediately after it was made clear that he intended to create the atmosphere and circulate to all levels of the organization. Everyone had to know what were the objectives so that when they began to realize that these objectives were reached, the entire organization would be covered by a wave of confidence.

Undoubtedly, the speech made by Montgomery to his officers is typical of an efficient and effective leader who uses the command as a velvet glove, but with hidden inside the steel fist; ie the method Montgomery, of trust, collaboration, atmosphere, objectives, security, support, performance, humanity, aggression.

To schedule all actions aimed at responsible leadership must therefore seek opportunities for change, growth, innovation and improvement; take risks and learn from the failures; invent the future, creating visions and involving others in this vision, by appealing to their values, interests, expectations, hopes and dreams; Food collaboration through a strong confidence and full support of the objectives; empower others by providing information and degree of discretion; reward those who dare to try, even if the result is bankruptcy; lead by example; behave in line with the company’s values; plan small victories and celebrate them; give awards to people who have contributed to the success of any project, strengthening the team spirit of cohesion; and finally focus on a few priorities, coping well with the unexpected and controlling situations, through mental flexibility and organizational agility.

The Sheer Convenience from Ebooks


Ebooks are actually certainly not simply starting to rivalrous traditional literary works; they are actually additionally starting to substitute that. This is actually concurrently a good idea as well as a poor trait, though the only disadvantages of this particular eBook change are actually emotional. While one could just certainly not refuse the appeal from storing a brand-new hardbound manual off a valued writer, ebooks merely supply immeasurable perks over their aged forefathers.

Smooth brand-new attributes match the actually simple as well as effective functions from eBook audiences as well as give additional help for several kinds from individuals. As an outcome from these latest developments, ebooks are actually coming to be combined right into the everyday lifestyles from numerous individuals in qualified, entertainment, and also education and learning settings.

eBook purchases have actually raised greatly recently as well as this schedules certainly not merely to the attributes and also ease that ebooks and also eBook visitors need to deliver, yet additionally their price. The leading 3 eBook tools possess all reduced their rates well and also eBook costs on their own continuously be actually constantly and also oftentimes dramatically much cheaper in comparison to their traditional versions.

Ebooks for Recreation

Ebooks are actually also a lot more interesting for home entertainment objectives due to the fact that from their numerous interactives media possibilities. Ebooks may also possess sound. In addition, ebooks may be actually simply discussed along with close friends by means of either mobile media or even publishing.

Our company all like to periodically rest down along with a really good publication in palm, unwinding and also taking a break in an alternating fact where the tensions as well as concerns from the actual planet come to be unnecessary only for a couple of valuable minutes. That could really feel unpleasant or even annoying to store a manual upright for hrs also though you are actually completely immersed in the tale and also yearn for to carry on. Probably you possess a visit as well as you understand the delay is actually going to be actually long, however you do not prefer to bring all around a sizable manual along with you the whole time.

A lot of eBook audiences possess components that enable you to check out when the lighting fixtures is actually much less compared to perfect as well as they are actually lightweight as well as very easy to keep upright. The greatest component is you may bring about your eBook audience and also many thousands from download ebooks everywhere you go http://www.good-ebooks.org easily as well as easy. Bring this in your handbag, checked out ebooks on your phone as well as hold this in your wallet.

Ebooks for Education

Ebooks may be remarkably beneficial for academic objectives irrespective of grow older. For really children, involved youngsters’s ebooks may help make analysis and also finding out an extremely exciting take in along with the appeal from pop-up publications that most of us always remember coming from our childhood years mixed along with present day innovation to create all of them a lot more cutting-edge and also gripping. Ebooks may be published out clearing away the danger from all of them being actually damaged or even destroyed through reckless youngsters.

For higher university and also university pupils, research study may be actually carried out simply as well as effortlessly making use of ebook public libraries as well as hunt performance. These functions may likewise be actually utilized for media magazines to produce study also much easier. You are going to spare hrs from opportunity through staying away from going to a true collection and also browsing via the limitless church aisles in add-on to being actually strained along with possessing to come back the publications later on.

Ebooks for Professionals

In the workplace, comfort, effectiveness, cost-effectiveness as well as the potential to discuss info are actually from important significance where every 2nd and also buck issues. Multitasking in the workplace may be performed quite effortlessly along with an eBook viewers that may review records and also media out loud to you while you service an additional job. Net get access to on eBook audiences that have the capacity to use this functions may incorporate much of your tasks all together flawlessly enabling you to linked to the globe during taking pleasure in the attributes from your eBook tool.

Ebooks for Everyone

While one could just certainly not refuse the appeal from keeping a brand name brand-new hardbound manual off a treasured writer, ebooks just provide countless perks over their aged forefathers.

Ebooks are actually more secure for the atmosphere. Certainly not simply are actually no plants or even ink eaten when generating ebooks, yet a lot more information are actually spared being actually squandered as ebooks demand no components to carry, make, or even disperse besides power.

Ebooks are actually even more economical as well as hassle-free to acquire compared to newspaper manuals.

The simple fact from the issue is actually, ebooks are actually the development from the traditional manual and also have actually been actually surpassed in practically every region feasible. While that is actually difficult to fully leave to newspaper publications because of their beauty and also emotional worth, that is actually unavoidable that our team are going to ultimately need to allow and also accept its own much more dependable, handy, as well as cost effective forerunner, the ebook.

The transparent transportability from ebooks permits any type of kind of consumer to flawlessly include ebooks right into their lifestyles regardless of their usage for this. Certainly not just are actually the real audiences little as well as lightweight, however you may stash an essentially limitless quantity from ebooks on your visitor as well as have all of them along with you no matter where you go.

The absolute best component is you could lug about your eBook audience and also many thousands from ebooks anywhere you go effortlessly as well as easy. For really younger kids, involved kids’s ebooks could produce analysis as well as discovering a really exciting encounter along with the appeal from pop-up publications that our company all always remember off our childhood years integrated along with present day innovation to create all of them also a lot more cutting-edge as well as gripping. Net accessibility on eBook visitors that are actually capable to use this performance may include numerous from your tasks all together perfectly permitting you to hooked up to the planet at the exact same opportunity as taking pleasure in the attributes from your eBook tool.

Ebooks enable even more folks to each create, disperse, as well as investment literary works since that is actually less costly both for the customer as well as the homeowner. These features suit the basic ease of access from ebooks to nearly every person due to the fact that offered you possess a world wide web hookup, you may obtain ebooks coming from throughout the planet.

Ebooks are actually even more economical as well as hassle-free to obtain in comparison to newspaper publications. You could download a countless volume from manuals without also leaving your house. An on the web public library enables you to possess accessibility to countless publications for a level cost.

Ebooks final for life and also may certainly not be actually damaged unless you actually harm your eBook audience, through which situation ebooks are actually simply backed-uped to become protected consistently. Your eBook viewers may be conveniently changed at the same time taking into consideration the going down rates from the units as well as taking into account that a lot of all of them possess guarantees or even insurance plan.

Ebooks are actually entirely personalized whatever your usage for all of them is actually. Text measurements, font style, message to sound, webpage design, ink design, as well as a lot more could be altered after urge.

Unlike basic literary works, ebooks as well as eBook tools are actually regularly being actually upgraded, improved, as well as excelled to offer your necessities far better and also extra dynamically. This indicates that along with each passing year, ebooks come to be easier, extensive, personalized and also reliable along with every expanding volumes from accessible literary works for you to obtain or even download free of charge.

The Halloween Eve


I saw “All Hallows Eve” of 2013 and – hardly ever – released on DVD in Spain as “Halloween Eve”, the appropriate night of last October 31 to mark the opening of the channel specializing in terrors “Dark “, the Great initiative this.

When I first reported on her, I got chills. It looked like a semi-amateur zeta-like bazooka of those murderously boring, empty, predictable, and postmodern ones. In the end, it turned out that, even being Z series, semi-amateur and post-modern, the thing was not so bad. In fact, it’s pretty good.

But let’s go for parts! It’s witches’ night. A couple of brothers discover that in their candy bag someone has cast a VHS tape. They want to see it, but their kangaroo does not allow it for fear that it is something pornographic. In the end, the curiosity can more and put it in the video. This gives rise to what will be three different stories with a nexus of a union: a clown of distress that responds to the name of Art. We have a girl kidnapped by a sect of satanic witches. Another harassed by a Martian. And, finally, a third persecuted without rest by the same Art in a plot that slightly remembers to some comic of Creepshow 2. Once finished, we return to the kangaroo and the kids, who are waiting for a chilling end of the night and, also, very bloody.

And it is that yes, friends, “All Hallows’ Eve” is very generous as far as gore. The truculence is not only graphically and politically incorrect (with children and pregnant women undergoing various mutilations), it is also filled with latex. No CGI. This is explained by the fact that the director, Damien Leone, comes from the world of makeup effects. He exploited his talents for a handful of various Z series, as well as for his own film – and debut, by the way – where he also serves as a scriptwriter, editor and … well, something else. If they are set at the end of the credits, there are names that are repeated over and over again.

“All Hallows Eve” is an ultra-indie product, but interestingly, and above all, one that works. Do not bore. Or it does not get boring, perhaps the intermediate story is the weakest, because of its rhythm, because it is the least truculent and because it looks like a Martian not especially achieved, but the rest, strange as it sounds, is saved. Especially the clown Art, very well characterized (is really terrifying, hence his face is the only thing we see on the poster) and, thank God, is totally speechless. That does not mean that Leone does not approach him as a possible “Freddy” third. In fact, the new work of the boy, “Terrifier”, dated this same year, counts again with Art as a protagonist. In the middle of the two, we find “Frankenstein vs. The Mummy”, a product that generally would avoid, but after the good results of “All Hallows Eve” even would give him a chance. Who knows, maybe the case before we have only been a stroke of luck. Or is that the friend Leone has wood.

On the bad side (and this is when we get into the subject of postmodernities), to cite the odious use – in the third story and the end – of the “striped film” effect and certain quotations to the “VHS of the 80s” Somewhat loading. Fortunate that the good results of the rest compensate for such slips. Recommendable!

The History Of Halloween

The History Of Halloween

The word “Halloween” is a contraction of the English expression “All Hallow’s Eve”. Literally, it means “Halloween.” Apparently, this macabre and humorous Anglo-Saxon celebration would be linked to a solemn feast and considered as strictly observed by the Catholic Church: the First of November, a feast of All Saints. But this is not entirely true.

What are the origins of Halloween? The true origin of this Anglo-Saxon festival is millennial and varied in origin. Halloween has a Celtic and a Roman root. The Romans dedicated the feast called Feralia to the rest and peace of the dead, making sacrifices and raising various prayers to their pagan gods. Also, the Romans dedicated a holiday to Pomona, the goddess of harvests and fruits, whose symbol is an apple – note that one of the traditional Halloween games is the game of biting the apple (bobbing for apples) -. But earlier, the Celtic peoples of Ireland, Wales, Scotland and northern France were celebrating the festival called Samhain. Samhain or La Samon was a festival that took place at the end of October and the beginning of November, a rite celebrating the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter.

Check Out: How INDOMASCOT Create Halloween Baju Maskot Costumes.

The Druids, true priests or Celtic shamans, believed that on a certain night, that of 31 October, witches enjoyed greater vitality, the Druids themselves were given the gift of guiding the future, the boundaries between the world of Alive and the world of the dead disappeared completely, and even that the ghosts of the dead came from the other world to take the living with them. That is why, on the night of Samhain, the druids prepared huge fires and made spells, attempting to drive away evil spirits, and people left candy or food at the door of their houses, in the superstition that the deceased, whom the legends Attributed the authorship of the cruelest atrocities, they would go away happy and leave them in peace. In those people, for whom every act of nature was little less than prophetic, the night of Samhain opened the long and raw winter through which the ghosts of the dead of last year wandered in search of bodies to possess to transit to Another world, until the coming of spring when the days are longer and the darkness lessen.

When Christianity reaches the Celtic peoples, the tradition of the Samhain does not disappear, despite the efforts made by the Catholic Church to eliminate pagan superstitions that could connect with Satanism or worship the devil. However, the festival of the Samhain undergoes some transformation. In the Gregorian calendar, November 1 became All Saints’ Day; The Samhain, on the eve of All Saints, was renamed All-hallows Eve, and today, by contraction of expression, Halloween; And for its part, the Day of the All Dead or Day of All Souls happened to be the 2 of November. The three celebrations together, “Eve of All Saints”, “Day of All Saints” and “Day of All Souls”, are called in the Irish tradition Hallowmas.

In the middle of the eighteenth century, Irish emigrants began to arrive in America. With them comes their culture, their folklore, their traditions, their Halloween … In the first moment, Halloween undergoes a strong repression on the part of the New England authorities, of ingrained tradition Lutheran. But at the end of the 19th century, the United States received a new wave of immigrants of Celtic origin. The Halloween party in America, mixed with other Indian beliefs and in the colonial sequel, Halloween includes among its traditions telling stories of ghost stories and mischief-making, jokes ( Fortunes) or traditional dances. People start making costumes (disguises) or costumes for Halloween (Halloween baju badut).

Thus, in the United States, Halloween evolves and disregards the Christian tradition. Halloween becomes a night with an aura of weak mystery, witches, ghosts, goblins, spirits, but without losing the festive mood and good humor. A night of sweets, jokes, disguises and horror films, lost and the atavistic fears of the old Irish ancestors.

Greenpeace Fills Trujillo With “Nuclear Zombies” on Halloween Eve

Greenpeace Fills Trujillo With “Nuclear Zombies” on Halloween Eve

The city of Trujillo (Cáceres) has hosted hundreds of zombie runners who have participated in the “Nuclear running dead”, one of the five popular races organized for the first time by Greenpeace in five localities of the country to show the “most zombie” side of Nuclear energy. It is a type of energy that, in the opinion of environmentalists, is completely dead and has its days counted despite the efforts of the big electric companies to keep the power plants open and continue to benefit from them.

The races have started at noon simultaneously in municipalities in the five provinces that have nuclear reactors in their territory: Miranda de Ebro (Burgos), l’Ametlla de Mar (Tarragona), Gargoyles de Abajo (Guadalajara), Trujillo ( Cáceres) and Valencia. In them have participated people of all ages and condition in what has been a global holiday a few hours from the celebration of Halloween.

Although these races are not acts of protest, Greenpeace does seek to highlight the feasibility problems facing nuclear energy, which makes it seem like a living dead.

Participants have competed in two categories, distances of 10 km and 4 km, and many have made it characterized as a zombie, as they have come characterized or have been made up by the organization.

One euro in five contributed by the symbolic registration fee will go to the association Chernobyl Elkartea, an organization that has been working since 1995 for the welfare of children still suffering from the consequences of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster.

In Spain, there are still six plants, including Garoña, whose useful life ended more than three years ago and does not produce electricity, but has not been definitively closed. Greenpeace believes that nuclear power should be replaced by clean energy at the end of its useful life, something that will happen at the beginning of the next decade. In addition, the unavoidable dismantling of nuclear weapons will provide 100,000 jobs according to the report “The inevitable closure of nuclear, an economic and social opportunity.”

Greenpeace identifies nuclear energy as a “zombie” energy because in addition to efforts to keep the plants alive when it ends, continues its toxic legacy of tons of radioactive waste that we must manage for thousands of years so that they are not one Threat to people and the environment.


The Almaraz nuclear power plant (Cáceres) has two nuclear reactors, the first obtained its start-up license in 1980, and the second in 1983. Both have undergone repowering. Currently, they have an operating license expiring in June 2020. The operating company is Nuclear Power Plants Almaraz-Trillo, A.I.E. Property of Iberdrola Generación, S.A. (48%), Gas Natural S.A (34.5%), Canábrico Hydroelectric (15.5%), and Nuclear (2%). In the last months has been surrounded by the controversy regarding the defective pieces provided by Areva, since the CSN has not ruled out the possibility of a serious accident.