Education Specialist in Germany: a personal experience

I have known this young Doctor figure as a reticent, private introvert. First the home of a friend who was being repeated years. I looked at it, he’s a very quiet person. I think I should ask her to speak. And so after these meetings the new Doctor Chrisen lie it can taste good are invited to chat. It turns out we’re all hooked, we eat here often held gatherings and sharing recipes. 

There are only a few people ofIndonesia in Magdeburg so we all know well the families of Indonesia here. 1416478800886871288 Arisan in the apartment Page Doctor Chrisen Lie Fitting summer. My good friends all here including Doctor Chrisen Lie.

I say fruit Kluwak and limes to his parents to brought to Magdeburg. And I get the treasure with a happy flowery. My Doctor finally Christ Act eating chicken a la Madam Kluwak Fruit. They love this dish, my friends also. But this article is not about Kluwak, but about a doctor’s Experience into a Lie and Chrisen Doctor Specialist in Magdeburg, the following story. I’m sure it will be an awful lot of people that Indonesia searched for this valuable info Hamburgzi


What is it? The school is a specialist in Germany paid? Keep the night just three times a month? There is no seniority? In Germany are the shortage of doctors? So the rumors are blowing in the ear of the candidate’s graduate faculty of medicine who are seeking opportunities for continuing education to become a specialist. True, all the things that I mentioned above is not a figment of the thumb.

However, as usual, the ads always accentuating the positive side of a product. Before confirming the choice, it is better we weigh the advantages and disadvantages of our choice. As one who has managed to get into the educational program specialist in Germany, I often get a lot of similar questions: “did the rumor‘s true? “If Yes, WOW nice Yes PPDS(Educational Specialist) in Germany.” “I also want a ah lectures in Germany.”

Another question that arises is: “Hard dont heck lecture (PPDS) in Germany?” This questionwas impressed very spontaneous and commonplace to be asked, but if I ask the questioner to figure out roughly what answer should I give, I’m sure we can all answer the question itself. In this article I won’t go into the technical side of the preparationundergone PPDS in Germany. In addition because of different regulations in every State, information about the completeness of the documents as well as the process to be undertaken can be found in the virtual world/the search engine with the key words “Berufserlaubnis” and the desired state.

Overview of the education system, a specialist in Germany after graduating from the Faculty of medicine, unlike in Indonesia, all participants in the education of doctors in Germany are not allowed to practice as a general practitioner. To become a general practitioner (Hausarzt), graduate in Germany FK must be educated as specialists in general medicine (Facharzt für Allgemein Medizin) or specialists in internal medicine (Facharzt für Innere Medizin).

Like other advanced countries to TAKE in Germany is a job. The term for doctors who work in order to TAKE is Assistenzarzt. [1] So to start the PPDS in Germany we need is jobs as Assistenzarzt RS in Germany. Almost all of the RS in Germany were able to organize this program, because most of the RS is RS of Networking Universitäts klinikum (RS an Education Faculty of medicine, such as RSCMMEDICINE, RS m. Djalil FKUnanddsbnya). Education program specialist lasts on average for 6 years.

For diseases in the program there are two options, namely (1) took sickness in for 6 years, then take the specificity for 2 years or (2) direct take Pulmonology, cardiology, etc. for 6 years. Both these programs are equally recognized in Germany. However, there is a difference of competence when done attended the program. Colleagues who are options (1) can work and opened a private practice Hausarzt in addition to their specificity for having title Facharzt für Innere Medizin, while colleagues who option (2) should only be practiced according to their specificity [e.g. as a heart specialist (Kardiologe)].

Because the process of education specialists inGermany is a job, then it‘s only natural if we are to successfully acquire the job salary. In some States of the former West Germany (North Rhine-Westfallen, Hesse) stillallows us to apply for guest as doctors (Gastarzt). As Gastarzt we will not get a salary, although the education specialist. We just have to fund yourself (accommodation, shelter, transport, dsbnya) and not have to pay the TUITION FEE . After a minimum of 6 years we can register to take the exam (Facharztprüfung).

If we pass ujianini then automatically we get title Facharzt/Sp. This exam will be held at the in the State where we work when registering for the exam. The implications ofsuch a program is no structured education. The amount of science that we can, which more or less determines our competency, depending on the performance of us during the work and our desires.

Preparation of menempuhPPDS in Germany Adadua a fundamental thing needed to educated specialists in Germany, namely (1) capital of languages Germany is good and (2) a very strong intention for educated specialists. Why these two things are very important? Because to get jobs as Assistenzarzt, we had to find a job, write a suratl warning, then we must relate to the various government bodies in Germany to take care of various completeness of documents, and we have to read all the rules on the documents that we have to complete.

All this of course requires more Germany language from “Ich heiße …” or “Auf Wiedersehen”. Moreover, after we work, we will communicate with the patient. How is it possible we could build the raport with the patient, if we do not master the language of Germany? The second point, namely the strong intention, it is also very important, because searching for jobs in Germany for third country graduate, regardless of Ärztemangel (a shortage of doctor), is not easy. Imagine you’re a Director of staffing the RSCM accepting applications from a doctor originating from

Timbuktu, sure You will consider at least two things: (1) whether the applicant is capable of speaking in Indonesia and understandable by patients? Do not let this get RS demands malpractice due to communications that do not smoothly; (2) the competence, whether he was able to work as a physician that meets the standards of the RSCM HOSPITAL as a national referral centre in Indonesia? Of course as a RS in Indonesia, RSCM no lack of general practitioners who wish to qualify as a participant in a specialist.

Apart from the fact that the applicant is a graduate of FK best in Timbuktu, You certainly don’t have time to do thorough background on this candidate (you may also do not know whether that was indeed the best FK FK in Timbuktu). There are still many graduates of MEDICINE or FK PTN in Indonesia or other Private FK wanting to work in RSCM. This is a picture of our position as a graduate from Indonesia/third countries. Many have asked me: “If you want to TAKE MEDICINE X (course of study) in Germany, the nicest in the city what?” I know, we all want to get the best education in prestigious universities, but are we aware of our position?

If we as a third country graduate looking for a job in the best places in Germany, whether we have selling points? Here’s what I mean by intention. Looking for a job as AA (Assistenzarzt) in Germany very difficult, experience I personally spent two years. Plus the period of study for a minimum of 6 years. If added I will spend 8 years. But, to keep in mind is for 6 years that we work, salary, career building and can build up a household. So my advice is to be rounded determination and intention, if it wants to tackle the PPDS in Germany. We must be ready is difficult, should be ready to start from zero. our Opportunities to get a job in the RS in the small, maybe even those not familiar with Germany.

From there we can build our careers, moved to a larger HOSPITAL, moved to center. So, in spite of our best graduates of MEDICINE, we are not anyone in Germany. If you manage to get jobs, my advice, take the course without thinking. You won’t know when you get that opportunity again. However, once again, life is a choice, you can just like to work at Charité Berlin, Heidelberg, or another large city in (rumors say that among Germany’s own work at ceased to be their target because of the workload that is much larger than the usual RS: trias Education-Ministry of research). The risk of such options is you have to wait for the annual or perhaps never even got a job at all.

Showing Up No Matter What

Each Day we make a choice. A choice whether to show up or crawl back under the covers and hide.  We choose whether to engage or remain passive.  We choose whether to reach out to those around us or stay in our safe place.  We choose whether to show up and take action.  We make hundreds of choices and decisions every day.

Some days it is difficult to show up and be counted.  We struggle needlessly with internal monologues that defeat us — if we let those words take control.  Our comfort zone is often shaken and destroyed, but the only way to improve ourselves is to step out of the comfort zone, show up and take action.  It’s the only way.


Making Choices For You

Today we’re looking at what it takes to make new decisions.  It is necessary to obtain new knowledge to encourage us to move forward in a very busy world.  Those of us who work online can find many ways to step up….just as many as we can find ways to stay behind.  It’s a constant effort if you happen to be an introvert or suffer from deep-seated shyness.  I can assure you this is true.Each day I personally have to decide where I will go with my engagement….which social media platform to focus on, which content posts I need  and should engage with.  But with each step I take, I learn more and obtain a  feeling of success.  My opinion counts just as much as yours does.

Choose someone you trust, you look up to, and engage with their content.  Make your voice heard with gracefulness and kindness.  Acknowledge each person’s unique perspective on life and accept them as fellow human beings who have stepped out of their comfort zone, just like you are trying to.

How Does This Affect YOU?

Showing up for you can affect all aspects of your life.  Sometimes it is working online and building an audience.  But that’s not the only thing.  You might be working on getting healthier, more fit, changing your lifestyle, learning about environmental issues, strengthening family connections, improving your personal sense of being.

Thousands of ways that you might be needing to SHOW UP and commit to a new future.  You can do this by hard work, persistence, determination and the knowledge that no one is going to do this for you.  Set your thoughts on a plan, a goal, a dream.  Make a course of action to help you reach those goals.  Stay the course, show up each day with your plan in hand, and make it happen by taking action.

Don’t Give Up

Today’s thoughts were brought to my mind when I read some posts this morning that reflected distress and disappointment.  The focus was more on what was happening outside their own circle of influence and their own abilities.  They were buying into the false belief that their perceived failure was due to circumstances around them or the pressure from other people.It matters not one iota what someone else thinks, says or does.

YOU have the innate ability to reach all your goals if you just put your mind to it and Not Give Up.  Many of us would not be here where we are now if we’d given up.  Don’t let the negative words in your head destroy your dream.  You are what you think and those words you say to yourself will either bring you great success or dismal failure while still being in the same situation.