Finally Online The Official Trailer

Finally Online The Official Trailer

The horror movie IT, which has become a cult for a whole generation, soon to the cinema. Here is the first official trailer.

The clown assassin, the one that literally frightened an entire generation of children, is about to return to #Cinema. In fact, next September, a “load” of film novelties is anticipated, including the return of the clown horror film coming out of Stephen King’s mind and genius pen.

Pennywise will be played by young Bill Skarsgård

Tim Curry, who lent his own personality to play the scary Pennywise clown in the 1990s, leaves the young Bill Skarsgård, Stellan’s actor son, and filmmaker, like The Divergent Series: Allegiant. Glacial look and Oscar-winning makeup, the new Pennywise is scarier and certainly worse than the previous one.

A few hours ago, the official poster was released: the red balloon, the entire film of the film, the little yellow Georgie Denbrough’s waterproof, and a spectral hand that protrudes towards the baby are inevitable. So here’s the long-awaited trailer: do you think better Tim Curry or young Bill?

Do you want a nice colored balloon?



“Of course they fly … Here we all fly. You also want to …” this is the most famous phrase, linked to IT the clown assassin, a joke that has literally terrorized middle-world kids, many of whom – still today – they can not stand the sight of clowns. The official trailer just released, promises or suppresses a terrifying film at the right and definitely interesting point for those who have already seen IT, the miniseries, directed by Tommy Lee Wallace.

Same environment, same characters, identical story, but the new IT has kept, or rather, pulled out even more massive, psychological wickedness, able to nail horror fans to the armchair. Without a doubt, Stephen King will be pleased with this new release that, as he learns, will arrive in theaters around the world between 8 and 9 September 2017. Stay tuned for other updates!

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