Almamegretta – EnnEnne Music Album

Almamegretta – EnnEnne Music Album
Where it already has dared and consequently successful is difficult, perhaps impossible, to go on the same as before, once you fattisi men. For a couple of years, with the return of Raiz on a permanent basis, it seems that Almamegretta are fully aware of such a condition and they know what it means to maintain a certain dignity. In light of what we forget completely the presence of a new Sanacore with the album in question, because of EnnEnne there is much to say, especially illustrating a challenge, as part of a band again in autoproduzioni vein, more arduous than that won almost completely, despite Sanremo, in the previous Controra.

But just as they challenge not take long for, without that to stand out both innovation from them then making flagship music, proves its winning elements, primarily the return to the mix of his majesty Adrian Sherwood. It is an insight that, in the ten tracks resulting, thrives on bright sunlight especially in the memory of that Napoli Trip shared with Massive Attack Karmacoma two decades ago, accrued over permanently in the refrain of a slow and relaxed Curre core, in the pressing rhythm section, along with the voice of Cristina Donadio, underlying Votta to pass album production’, suffused in ticchiettio behind which an electric and distorted blues, to’ a people, and the extra gear that receives the reading of Ciucculatina d ” at railroad Nino D’Angelo, where the dub is leading more than ever.

On this last well hold the enveloping excursus old style of On the Run and the fascinating jumble of funk and r’n’b you read between the lines of Gimmeurlove, while the traditional component has the upper hand in both the reggae carrier industry, lightly middle East, of which Scatulune in question-and space-response between Raiz and one of the founders of the Nuova Compagnia di Canto Popolare, then Musicanova, that Charles of Anjou, whose controversy is at the heart of popular music, as well as rock echoes enter violently into that Tiempo niro, shared with Lucariello, and the frenzy of the African ‘O ssaje comm’รจ road, do not sacrifice all that spirit gritty and outside the typical primordial patterns, indeed, they live it. Today’s Almamegretta are so, give or take. But certainly best to take, given the batch delicious resulting proposed by EnnEnne, what they say to age with style.

The Role Of Music In Human Life


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Music is an art that depicts the beauty presented in the form of sound. Currently, the music can be said to have become a necessity for humans. Music events on television and radio even more and more. Almost everyone every day listening to music.

While relaxing, working, studying, on the road, going to bed, even today many people carry cell phones into the bathroom just to listen to music while taking a bath. It sounds silly, but it is a fact. Music plays an important role in the lives of everyday people.

Many people assume that by listening to music, can relieve stress. Therefore, today more and more people are enjoying the music. Most people today prefer to buy gadgets that can be used for listening to music, rather than a gadget that can not be used for listening to music.

In the study of science communication, music included in the mass communication. Communication is the process of delivering a message from the communicator to the communicant. In mass communication, the process of delivering a message can be done through music. Music is an effective medium to convey the message. In communication with the use of music, it can be concluded that the musician as a communicator, lyrics and rhythm as the media, and society as komunikannya.

The music does a lot to have a positive impact on human beings, of which music can affect the human psychology, relieve stress, can be used as therapeutic media, and certainly as entertainment for humans. However, behind the positive impact of music, there is a negative impact. One of them is, riding motorcycles or cars while listening to music with high volume, so the driver did not hear the sound around, and this can endanger motorists.

Of the positive and negative impacts, we as music lovers should listen to good music. Not violate the rules, let alone to disturb the work and endanger yourself.