Tips for Choosing Toys For Babies Under Age Stages  

Like food or clothing, in choosing toys for your baby to be selective and adapted to the stages of his age. It is most important and should be properly addressed by all parents when giving toys for babies is the safety aspect. Avoid toys that contain chemicals and can injure the child.

Your role as a parent is needed to choose the right baby toys that can entertain your child without harm. On this occasion the author will share tips on choosing a toy that is appropriate to the stage of the age of the child. For more details, here’s the explanation.


1. Age 0-12 months

Newborns generally have not had an active movement and yet have the ability to reach objects in the vicinity. Toys that you can choose for your child that the toys that emit sounds and has a striking color. The toy can hang at a distance that is not too far because ljarak view of newborns approximately only 30 cm.

When the child is at the age of 6-11 months, motor development has increased and even a child is able to sit up, crawl and reaching for objects or toys that are nearby. You can give a toy that can be grasped and sounds like a little doll. Additionally, you can also give a toy that can bite. But in giving the games in bite, you should make sure that the toy is completely safe and free of chemicals and sterile.

2. Age 1 year

The age of 1 year, development of the child is growing rapidly, one of which already has the ability to stand and walk. In choosing toys infants aged 1 year, you can give toys that emit sounds or move like toy cars. Additionally, you can also give the toy blocks that can be collated and stacked.

3. Age 2 -3 years

Children under the age of 2-3 years must already have an active movement and was able to run ksana here. You can choose toys for infants aged 2 -3 years is to give a small ball that can throw. In this case you could invite your child to do the game throwing the ball. Consider the security of a ball that you give to your child.

4. Age 4-5 years

Age 4-5 years the child must already have the ability to talk, run and move very actively. At this stage the child’s curiosity is getting higher. You can give a toy that can stimulate your child’s brain like the puzzle. A game which is very suitable to train the ability to think and patience child. Your role as a parent when giving toys this one is watching and directing the child when it is really difficult.

Thus glimpse of tips provide toys for infants in accordance with the stages of his age. The most important and must be considered that the safety aspects of the toy. Make sure toys given to your child will not be hurt and do not contain chemicals. You can also ask your child to try riding a sepeda air.