This type of Punch Techniques and PUSH in table tennis

Table tennis is a sport that uses bat (BAT), ping pong balls, and tables. In a game of table tennis, there are two ways of holding the bat i.e. penhold and shakehand. In the game there are also table tennis techniques-techniques that can be learned be it engineering services as well as technical punch.

The following is a technique-it makes: harga meja pingpong murah
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1. Engineering Services:

-Servicing of backspin. Advantage when wearing this service is:
a. generated ball servicing a heavy backspin, short, and low, hard to be returned with a hard knocks by opponents.
b. ball produced by servicing backspin is a potent weapon to prevent a refund in the form of a drive.
c. balls produced by backspin services difficult to cycle all its type and direction are alleged.

-High Service toss.

2. punch Techniques:

-Drive. Is the most blows power gesekannya small. Drive commonly called lift, is the Foundation and the parent of various types of punch attacks.
The perks:
a. High low fly ball easily mastered
b. Fast or slow driving on the ball not going hard is controlled
c. Ball drive does not contain a power too hard
d. Balls are a bit of a turnaround
e. can be waged in every position of the point of the ball on the table without feeling the difficulty against the balls heavy, light, fast, slow, high or low, as well as against various types of turnover ball.

-Push. Derived from the development of punch block. The perks:
a. push the ball can be used as a tool of coercive care to go through the transition of the situation which can also be converted into one stroke push either a counteroffensive.
b. push the ball including the plain balls, with the ball the defense that has the meaning of an element of a counter-attack.
c. push Punch played at the backhand, generally to represent the backhand half volley that is looking for an opportunity to build forehand

-Block. Often used near the table so often called a short block.

There are 2 kinds of flat blocks i.e. block and mute. The perks:
-Including balls plain, which is one of the tactics to survive from close range table
-Overall energy block in principle return the ball with how to use or borrow the coming energy ball attack opponent’s insistence; If able to suddenly change direction the ball placement point, so even the blocking will be turned into offensive punch block.
-Able to absorb, alleviate, or weaken the reflected power ball opponent.
-Very effective use when the opponent is in the middle position of the range or distance from the desk.

-Smash. Also called killer/blow pembantai the ball as it is a big blow to the most powerful, fast, and dangerous. But the blow is very seized power. Is a blow to the development of hit and blow cycle all its types include ball shaft.

-Hit. Used with the power being at the forehand. Power does not exceed the smash. The resulting ball hit ball plain. Often used as a substitute for a smash and is the most appropriate.

The Half-volley. Also called a punch attack. The resulting half volley ball is the ball plain.

-Side slip shot. Punch attacks aimed at derailing the ball towards the edge of the table or line angle widens. Comes from blow half volley.

-Loop. Form a ball that berputaran (topspin) that make up the curve, also called the towing ball.