Benefits of Pecel Catfish for Health

1. Increase energy

Benefits of the first catfish pecel can help you in increasing energy. This food has a very good protein content for the body. With the intake of protein present in this food will make the body has a lot of energy that can play a role to support various kinds of daily activities.

2. Improve heart health

In addition to helping to increase energy, pecel catfish has a variety of health benefits for the body one of them, improve heart health. The content in this food can form a special protection for the body by stabilizing the cholesterol content in the body. Then the compounds present in these foods can threaten the type of bad cholesterol that can cause heart disease risk. So, this food is very important to make your heart health to be better and avoid the risk of other heart disease.

3. Maintain healthy nerve and muscle function

Pecel catfish has phosphorus compounds that can help nerve and muscle function to work optimally. This compound has a great role in maintaining the health of nerve and muscle function in all organs of your body.

4. Keep and balance hormonal balance

Hormones that exist in the human body will be maintained equally by eating pecel catfish, this is because these foods contain phosphorus when entering in the body will be a controller that menjdikan hormone remain balanced.

5. Improve memory

Pecel catfish has omega 3 content that plays an important role in the development of cell membranes in the brain neurological system and also the signal path. Medically these compounds are able to optimize memory mememabangan brain both in children and adults.

6. Lowers high cholesterol levels

Benefits pecel catfish in the know to reduce high cholesterol levels. In this case the compounds present in these foods will help raise good cholesterol levels and lower bad cholesterol levels in the body.

7. Spending on depression

The content that is in pecel catfish can help you in reducing the problem of mild depression. The content can work by affecting the brain organ. However, it has a different way in the appeal of anti deprsei drugs in general.

8. As a very powerful antioxidant

Pecel catfish is also known as antiviral and bacteria, substances present in these foods can help you to prevent the development of fungi, bacteria, viruses, yeast and worms in the body.

9. Overcoming constipation

For those of you who are experiencing constipation, highly advised to eat this food. This is because the content that is in pecel catfish can help you in the process of disposal of toxins in the body. If there is constipation, then may try to overcome this by eating this food.

10. Prevent the occurrence of cancer

Cancer is one of the most dangerous diseases that can cause death. Therefore, many researchers are looking for alternative medicine to treat cancer. Some experts say that the content in this food can prevent cancer

Benefits of Quail Eggs for Health

1. Can improve the brain

The first quail eggs can help you in improving your brain. The choline compounds present in these foods are excellent for helping to optimize and improve memory of the adult brain. In other words, the compounds present in these foods will be useful for improving memory, thinking power, concentration and focus on adults.

2. Good for the development of the fetus

If you are pregnant, try to increase your intake of quail eggs that have this high choline compound, so it can help you in brain development in the fetus and you can be more optimal and also better.

3. Prevent death in fetal cells

In addition to good for fetal quails the quail has many other benefits. One of which prevents death in fetal cells. Choline compounds present in these foods can help to protect your fetus. This is because the choline compounds found in these foods are able to prevent death in fetal cells.

4. Good for brain development

Quail eggs have a myriad of ingredients in them, one of which is a very good choline compound to help optimize brain development in children, especially during growth, therefore, if your children want to have perfect brain development, give this food In the nutritional intake for your child everyday.

5. Good for eye health

The content that is in the quail egg is proved to have excellent benefits to help improve eye health. If you frequently eat this food, then your eye health will be more leverage and can be better again.

6.Can heal allergies

Besides quail eggs also have a very good benefit to help you in curing allergies that you often experience. One of the allergies that may be cured by this food, is one allergy to chicken eggs and some other products.

7. Anti-cancer

Compounds in the quail egg is known to prevent cancer, then by eating these foods, then your body will avoid health problems, one of which is that can help prevent the emergence of cancer cells in your body.

8. Slow down the aging process

A study revealed that quail eggs can help you in preventing premature aging by fifty percent. Of course this is an opportunity for you to eat these foods regularly, especially for women who are very concem to skin health and also premature aging.

9. Not causing allergies

Globulin compounds that exist in quail eggs, it turns out these compounds can help you to prevent and also will not cause the emergence of allergies in those who consume them, especially those who are allergic to eggs. Therefore, if you are allergic to eggs, then try to eat these foods, because these foods will not cause allergies.

10. Improve heart health

Quail eggs are very important to maintain heart health. The content present in these foods can form a special protection for the body by stabilizing the cholesterol content in the body.

Benefits of Chicken Nugget

1. Increase muscle mass

Efficacy of chicken nugget the first to help increase muscle mass. Protein content in it is useful to raise muscle mass so that muscle will look stronger. Therefore, you can consume these foods for your muscle formation.

2. Maintain a balance of cholesterol

In addition to increasing muscle mass, chicken nuggets are also able to maintain the balance of cholesterol. The content of niacin contained in it can lower cholesterol levels so that these foods are safe for consumption by those of you who suffer from cholesterol.

3. Boost the immune system

To boost your immune system you just need to consume chicken nuggets routinely. Mineral content in it makes the body becomes more immune in the face of various diseases so that the body will remain healthy.

4. Increase appetite

Chicken Nugget is perfect for those of you who often have problems with decreased appetite. Content that is in it proved to increase appetite. Therefore, you can consume them to increase your appetite.

5. Prevent anemia

Anemia is a condition of the body that occurs when the lack of blood. To prevent it can be done by consuming a lot of chicken nuggets. Iron content contained in it helps the formation of red blood cells so as to prevent the risk of anemia.

6. Good for child growth

It turned out to consume chicken nuggets are also very good for the growth of children. This is because the content of phosphorus and calcium in it is very useful for the body, especially for the growth of children. Therefore, you can consume these foods to accelerate growth.

7. Improving the immune system

The immune system is a system that serves to protect the body from bacterial or viral infections, and destroy cancer cells in the body. To improve the immune system can be done by consuming many chicken nuggets. Mineral content in it can increase the immune system so that the body will remain protected.

8. Reduce the risk of arthritis

One of the causes of arthritis due to infection, injury, or old age. The content of selenium in it is useful to prevent the development of arthritis so that it can reduce the risk of arthritis. Therefore, you can consume it.

9. Maintain tooth strength

Teeth play an important role to tear and chew food. Maintaining healthy teeth can be done by consuming a lot of chicken nugget. Phosphorus content in it can keep and strengthen the teeth so that the teeth are not easily damaged or perforated.

10. Increase metabolism

If the metabolic process is disrupted then, the overall smoothness of other processes in the body will also be disrupted. By consuming chicken nuggets can help increase the body’s metabolism. The content of vitamin B6 in it serves to encourage the enzymes and metabolic processes of the body.

Also brand-new preseasoned frying pans are not frequently 100% nonstick when you initially prepare with them

Also brand-new preseasoned frying pans are not frequently 100% nonstick when you initially prepare with them, as well as a well-seasoned frying pan will certainly still end up being less nonstick without proper maintenance, so it’s important to treat your cast-iron frying pan with therapy. Properly maintaining the flavor on your fry pan starts with successfully cleansing it. (These standards are for conventional cast-iron skillets; enameled fry pans could be taken care of a lot more like various other pots and frying pans.) Cleaning Cast Iron Skillet.

The Scientific research study of Seasoning.

When fat or cooking oil is warmed up for an enough time in actors iron, its fats oxidize as well as restructure together (or “polymerize”) right into a new plastic-like layer of particles. This layer happens allured within the matched surface area of the fry pan in addition to bonds to the steel itself, creating the glossy layer referred to as seasonings. Repeated direct exposure to warm oil stays to improve this coating, making it more slippery and long lasting. That’s why although most frying pans nowadays come with a factory spices, the surface will certainly become far more nonstick with duplicated usage.

What Does “Well-Seasoned” Mean?

A well-seasoned frying pan will certainly have a dark, semiglossy surface in addition to will certainly not be sticky or oily to the touch. An extremely easy way to assess a frying pan’s flavoring is to fry an egg (cozy 1 tablespoon grease in fry pan over medium warmth for 3 minutes, afterwards add egg).

Take advantage of the Right Oil.

The much more unsaturated the oil, the more readily it will certainly oxidize and polymerize. We have really situated that flaxseed oil, which oxidizes and polymerizes much faster compared to different other veggie oils, forms a specifically durable flavoring. Nevertheless more economical oils such as sunflower and soybean are additionally really unsaturated and also task charge Cleaning Cast Iron Skillet.

Degree 1: Routine Maintenance.

Effectively maintaining the flavor on your frying pan begins with properly cleansing it. Right here are a couple of criteria for keeping your regular cast-iron pan in maximum kind. (Enameled skillets might be handled even more like various other pots and also frying pans.).

Tidy after every use: While fry pan is still cozy, wipe it clean with paper towels to get rid of excess food and also oil. (Usage little quantity of soap if you like; wash well.).
Add 1/2 tsp of oil to frying pan and also tidy interior with paper towels up till delicately covered in oil. Continuously massage therapy oil right into fry pan till surface looks dark in addition to shiny and has no continuing to be oil deposit Cleaning Cast Iron Skillet.

Level 2: Minor Service.

Also if you consistently tidy your fry pan after every use, there will likely come a time when it requires a better degree of remedy. In those situations, use this cleaning approach to bring it back to its original trouble.
– Stovetop repair work service (for boring or uneven skillets): Warmth frying pan over medium-high heat as well as wipe it with paper towels (held with tongs) dipped in 2 tablespoons oil up until surface looks dark as well as semiglossy yet isn’t actually sticky or greasy. Repeat 3 to 5 times with oil-soaked towel, allowing skillet cool for a couple of mins after each round.

– Stove repair work service (when stovetop repair doesn’t work): Warm stove to 500 degrees. Scrub 1 tablespoon (for 12-inch fry pan) or 2 tsps (for 10-inch frying pan) oil throughout surface area of skillet utilizing paper towels. Utilizing neat paper towels, entirely get rid of excess oil (skillet should certainly look dry, not beaming). Area skillet upside-down in oven as well as cook for 1 human resources. Making use of hot pad, get rid of fry pan from stove as well as allow outstanding completely.

Level 3: Major Service.

Over the lifetime of a cast-iron frying pan, you’ll normally simply maintain or retouch its flavors. If this happens, use these actions to remove a cast-iron fry pan– that is, totally get rid of any kind of reoccuring flavors on a cast-iron frying pan prior to reseasoning it.

1. Working outdoors, area cinder block on ground and cover with heavy-duty kitchen location trash bag, curtaining bag over block to ensure that sides will be easy to recognize as well as raise over the frying pan.
Location frying pan upside down on top of block. Using rubber gloves, spray frying pan all over with Easy-Off Stove Cleanser, being mindful to maintain the spray away from your face and revealed skin. Draw plastic bag up in addition to about frying pan and connection to shut.
4. Still placing on rubber gloves, remove plastic bag as well as scrub fry pan around with steel woollen and warm soapy water to remove all deposit. Rinse, repeat rubbing up, in addition to rinse once more.
Fill out frying pan with vinegar solution and also enable represent Thirty Minutes to 1 hr. Throw away treatment in fry pan and also utilize staying remedy to clean outside of frying pan.
6. Follow our stove repair solution strategy in Degree 2 area over, replicating it six times or till skillet has a smooth, dark black, semiglossy surface area.

Also brand-new preseasoned skillets are not regularly 100% nonstick when you initially prepare with them, and also a well-seasoned frying pan will still come to be much less nonstick without appropriate maintenance, so it’s critical to treat your cast-iron frying pan with therapy. Suitably keeping the flavor on your frying pan begins with successfully cleansing it. (These guidelines are for traditional cast-iron frying pans; enameled frying pans could be dealt with a whole lot more like various other pots and frying pans.).

(Enameled frying pans could be dealt with more like other pots and likewise frying pans.).

Scrub 1 tbsp (for 12-inch frying pan) or 2 tsps (for 10-inch skillet) oil all over surface location of frying pan using paper towels.

Quick and Easy Ways to Train Dogs Allowed + pict

In all these cases, the frustrated dog owner asked, “What should I do?”
the answer is to provide basic obedience training for your dog-teach him to keep the commandments, how you can train your dog so that she obey?

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It was the size of the dog exercise according to age his ability
Age 1-5 months
The command should be trained:
-Come when called
rope-walking with the body and leash
-larangan touching
Light exercise:
-shake hands
Age 5-8 months
The command should be trained:
-melepaskan objects
-sit quietly
-stand up
Light exercise:
Age 8-12 months
The command should be trained:
-Pemantaban obedience training
-Meneruskan workout at the age of 1-5 months and 5-8 months
Light exercise:
-telentang idle
1.Ciptakan pleasant conditions when training
2.Cari easy way and not confusing for the dog
3.Tanamkan in mind the dog that you are the leader
4.Jangan snapped dog if he did not obey
5.Segera stop exercising if you start to feel uncomfortable in training
Tips for Dog Training
1. Always use the same word for each command.
2. Dogs like to be called by his name. So, include the name when
giving orders. ( “Nero, sit down!”) But do not call her name
when scolded, like the “Stop!”
3. Frequently gave him praise. Many dogs will be more compliant if
given the love of food.
4. The exercise time should be short and fun.
5. Do not give him too much attention when he was acting so
unwittingly supports mischief.
physical punishment
such as hitting or kicking, is not necessary. “I simply say ‘Stop’ sharply higher for the dog and know that I was not happy with his behavior,” If you have to act harder, hold the back of his neck and shake gently while saying “Stop”. Strikes should be administered during or immediately after the dog was doing something undesirable.Remember, a dog will not know why he was scolded when he scolded a few minutes or hours after mischief. He also tid
How to Teach the dog to shake hands?
by the way give the command “greetings” disembari with us reared anjing.dan do that many “every day.Nothing long your dog will do the greeting when you ordered for a handshake.
How to teach that dog out of the room if we tell him?
dog when we entered the room that we think dogs should not be masuk.kita can give the command “Exit” with a slight tinge keras.Jika dog still forced entry do not treat a dog with a rough, but always hold the skin on the dog’s neck and drag it slowly out of the room these and when he will enter again warn “stop” .lakukan are many “.
How to Teach the dog to pick up the goods?
Command – Take, actually being able to be taught jointly hold command when the dog was trained by playing. At the time of the goods / objects thrown pleasure dog, then the dog can be given a command – Take, when the dog ran to get the goods / objects pleasures.
Another way to teach a command – Take, if the dog does not want to take is to dog approach the goods / objects that should be taken and the handler to take the goods / object and put it in the dog’s mouth, accompanied by the cue – Hold. In this case the command – Hold, must be taught and mastered by dogs.
How to train your dog not to jump towards you?
The first method, step back and give the command “Go back!” And then the command “Sit!” Another method is to capture all fours and advanced toward him while repeating the command “Back off!” Praise when he complied.
How to teach your dog to sit?
attach a rope, and gave the order while holding down her backside and pulled his head up gently using a rope. Then, immediately praise. Repeat these steps until your dog to obey.
How To your dog to remain sitting still?
Use the command “Shut up!” While standing in front of him and stretched out your hand to him with the palms facing down. If he moves, say “Stop” and return him to the starting position. Repeat this command, and praise your dog when he remained seated for a time. If he obeyed the command, Extend time of his seat and also the distance between you and your dog gradually.
The best way to teach your dog to come closer?
is to use a long rope, and pull it gently while giving the command “Come here!” As he approached you, step back as he continued to praise her. Soon it will obey you without being pulled by a rope. If your dog is struggling and did not want to obey the command “Here!”, Call and ran away. Normally, dogs will instinctively chase.
How to teach your dog to walk beside you?
not precede or be left behind. For that, use the exercises and rope chain necklace short. Put the dog on your left side and then give the command “Go!” While stepping with the left foot. If he tries to precede you or behind, tapping the rope quickly, patting your left knee and said “Legs”. Praise when he obeyed.
How to Teach the dog to Down?
There are 2 ways to train the dog down:
1.Dengan dog in a sitting position, the front legs one by one, little by little stretched forward with cue: -tiarap-.
2. With the dog in a sitting position, his right hand placed on the backs of both front legs and left arm shoulder presses dogs; With a quick motion right hand drive both front legs dog to the front while the left hand shoulder presses to bring the dog in down position while gesturing.
How To Teach Dog To Roll?
1.Perintahkan your dog to lie on her side. You can use the command ‘dead, Dog!’ to command the dog to play dead so that he immediately lay down.
2.Genggam both feet with your hands. Hold the front legs and hind legs near the floor. Grasp firmly but not painful.
3.Gulingkan dog’s body in the opposite direction to exemplify how to roll over. Do this until your dog understands what you mean.
4.Puji your dog if he successfully rolled over on their own. Dogs who liked the attention very like to be praised and to be easy to learn the commands you want.
5. Do not forget to use the command ‘rolling’ as a sign for a dog to roll over. You can also teach hand signals for your dog so that he rolled over, for example, saying ‘bolsters’ you rotate the wrist.
How to Teach the dog to attack the enemy?
In training a dog attack, initially socialized dog bite is soft objects such as rags and others, which are held by people who are not known by the dog, so the dog will take it as a threat and increase his anger.
Each dog is angry, teasers, runs away and the handler to follow the dog to chase teaser. Teaser should be running scared every time the dog attacked him and these exercises are done repeatedly until the dog feels that teaser afraid .

Developments 4 Months Baby and How to Take care of him with the Good

Kota Cilegon – It is undeniable that the development of the baby 4 months showed very rapid progress. Even at these ages, you will be more aware that your baby gets older and experiencing growth. Lots of changes that have been experienced by the baby, ranging from physical changes to the emotional changes that may have been more sensitive. At the age of 4 months, your baby will be more clearly when issuing voice.

Especially the baby will more often laugh if they see something that is considered funny. Lots of growth experienced by your child when he was 4 months. And as parents should you constantly monitor and find out how your child grows, from the first time out of your stomach until now through the days with you and your family. So, in this article we will more fully discuss how the development of a baby’s development entered the age of 3 months to 4 months.

Developments 4 Months Baby and How to Take care of him with the Good

Baby’s Development 4 Months Ordinary Visible
Actually there is a lot of development of your baby start when he entered the final age of 3 month, he stepped up to the age of 4 months. One of the most visible developments possible is the ability to stomach. Babies begin to learn on his stomach and was looking forward, lifting his head and shoulders with a pedestal hand. Thus he could look at their surroundings and pay attention to the objects around him. Exercises are performed by the baby automatically will help the baby to strengthen the muscles in his hands.

In addition to his stomach, the development of the baby 4 months also started to show that your baby already isa rolled to the right and to the left to move the position. Movement dilaukan by this baby could also help train the muscles of your motor in order to grow. And as a parent, there are a few tips that you can do. Especially is to stimulate the baby so he rolled to the right or to the left.

For example, you put an object of interest for the child such as bolsters, dolls, and so forth. Thus the child will be goaded to move and rolled toward the object. If he managed to achieve the object, give him praise in the form of applause or a sign of your affection else so he goaded to do the same thing again.

Development of infants 3 months to 4 months is usually also showed that the baby had begun like holding and grabbing objects in seklilingnya she liked when she saw. But at this age the baby still can not hold objects perfectly so that the object is still fragile in spite of his hands. Will tetetapi, as a parent you should always keep an eye on what objects are there in your baby’s hands.

Because if the object is dirty, of course, will affect less well for the development of the baby 4 months. Moreover, from the age of 2 months babies have learned to insert various objects into her mouth, one of which is put his hand to his mouth.

In addition to physical development such as increased body height and weight also began to increase, emotional is also changing. Therefore as parents, especially mothers, your emotion is more sensitive in responding to your baby’s emotional desire. For example, by understanding the crying as a signal that he was hungry and wanted to drink milk. And at the age of 4 months, your baby is already starting to show disappointment if you do not fulfill her wish. Usually the baby will cry or scream if what he wants can not be met.

For the sake of the development of a 4 month baby smooth and well developed, you also have to see to it that does not get the words out loud or yell in front of your child. The baby will start to be able to respond if you talk with a high tone or loud. Your child will usually silent and sometimes memerlihatkan sad expression. Or if she was happy, the baby also have started to express their feelings through the look on his face.


As we know the called Task Manager, in Spanish Task Manager, it is a tool that includes the Windows operating system through which we can analyze processes that are carrying out programs that are running on our PC.

Also offers interesting information about part of the hardware of the computer, howtoinstallprinterdriver including values relating to RAM memory, hard disk, Internet connection, among other things, and is thence from where we can interrupt the software processes that are creating problems in the performance of the team.


One of the great additions made by Windows in the latest versions of the operating system, including Windows 10, is the possibility that as users can perform a series of configurations on the Task Manager, with which we can customize it to get the data that most interest us.

Here are some of the most interesting configurations that you can perform on the tool:

One of the things we can do in the task manager of Windows 10 is to add more columns of information to the “Processes” tab, for which we have to press with the right button of the mouse on the heading of the column, where it says “Name”, and will display a menu in which you can add new columns of data that include type State, editor, process name, command line and others.

It is important to note that this may be information that can get us to really be useful, for example to know the “process name”, with which in that column we can see the actual name of the process, which is shown as “nombre.exe”, which we can easily identify those programs that could be showing false information, as for example virus.

On the other hand, in the case of the column “Editor”, which is certainly useful, provides us with information about who is the developer of the program, which also can visualize so that software that comes from a company that we do not recognize.

On the other hand, within the task manager of Windows 10 we can also choose to display the resource consumption of each process in percentages or in values, and best of all is that we can configure it resources, i.e. memory, disk and network.

To do this we must repeat the above mentioned procedure click on the item “Resource values”, and there choose values or percentages for each of the resources, among which is the RAM memory, hard disk, and network.

To view the resources consumed in percentages is extremely useful to be able to detect those programs for example using too much memory and thus generate slowdown in the performance of our PC.

Looks that will make you look slimmer

Tips on choosing a jacket fit with your bodyWhen pound them more us installed in unwanted areas, instead of hiding them under layers and layers of clothes that blur your silhouette, is a good idea to think about in choosing clothes that make us look stylized, without losing the forms and much less, the glamour.


It is important to think that, if you want to look slimmer, you should avoid using very large clothes, or several overlapping layers of clothing, then the effect will be the opposite. At the same time, stay away from sweaters and thick jackets, ruffles and trims in general, because you’ll look more voluminous.


To disguise wide hips


Get the length of your blouse, sweater or jacket reaches to the waist or otherwise, under the buttocks. Or, in other words, it avoids everything that reaches the half of your hip, because they look visually wider.


A team that is very flattering for this type of body, especially if you have thin legs, use a jean skinny, legging or narrow pants with a blouse or top style tunic, or kimono fitted at the waist or cut Empire, that comes up to your thighs.


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How to Make Carmelized Apples and Candied Frui


What you should avoid: skirts or tight miniskirts, cut dresses Mermaid, pants adjusted without a top or long jacket that covers the problem area, or those who have high waist.


The most common when makeup mistakes


To hide the belly


The tunics in general work great when it comes to conceal the excesses that are reflected in the belly. Use them alone in a long model, or as a top with skinny pants or a pair of leggings.


The dress wrap type are ideal as the folds at the waist are responsible for camouflaging that area. If you also add a stampedjual sepatu converse navy you will manage to confuse to the more trained eye.


A blouse or dress draped, with many folds, also logará to cover this area.


A piece of two colors, or a length clear at the top and darker at the bottom, will help you to look slimmer.


5 steps to dry your hair yourself


General tips


He always prefers the darker tones, and horizontal stripes to the vertical. Prints tend to make the figure look bigger, so is that prevents the large flowers or striking motifs. Avoid the shiny and metallic genres. You can use vibrant colors carrying so much this season, but away from problem areas.


Make sure that the underwear you are using will favor you. If you have tummy, avoid the thongs and prefer a model of panty covering the area of the belly. Avoid the tight elastic, that divide your back and your butt in two, the same applies for the Bras.


If you want to draw attention to the area of the neck and divert it from the hips or waist, be sure to highlight this area with proper fittings. Be very careful of recharge of jewels. One piece as focal point is preferable.


Avoid pants with many pockets, and preferably choose them shortthrow. High waist pants tend to highlight your belly and make the hips look wider.


Be careful when using belt adjusted, especially if you are not very high and very wide. The same applies to the waists of pants and skirts in general, if you want to avoid the famous muffin effect.


The position is critical. Sit upright, walks with his head high. A trick to straightening your neck is trying to separate as much as possible your ears from your shoulders. The secret? Maintain posture, and practice it at all times.


If you want to make your legs look slimmer, choose a long above the knee. Halfleg skirts are much this season, but feel better women tall and slender. Remember that high heels are always your allies when it comes to visually lengthen your figure.


How to wear clothes to hide my belly

NEW YORK, NY - JUNE 07:  Actress Rose McGowan attends the 3rd annual amfAR Inspiration Gala New York at The New York Public Library - Stephen A. Schwarzman Building on June 7, 2012 in New York City.  (Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

Excess food and sedentary lifestyles are reflected immediately in silhouette and, therefore, in your look. Learn these style tips to hide belly, choosing the right clothes and combining them strategically.


There are certain items that are our allies when it comes to conceal problem areas or areas that you complexed. The objective is to highlight your attributes and make them the protagonists of your look. Let’s see what are the golden rules:


Prevents the skirts, dresses, blouses and pants in very large sizes and, at the same time, very stuck clothing. The first will make you look more bulky than you actually are, and the second, will highlight the areas that you want to hide.


Choose the underwear according to the shape of your body. This will help you to smooth curves. For the area of the belly, you can choose a girdle, able to reshape the body with micro elastic fibers.


These kinds of items tend to go unnoticed and if you choose a good quality, they can be very comfortable.


If you’re thin, but you want to counteract the rolls, used a corset, they are made to mark the bust and waist to hide, you can put it under a blazer.


Choose jackets or blazers structured but never crossed. In terms of length, they should arrive right at your hips, never to waist height.


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If your body is curvy and you want to hide the belly, a central plank in a skirt A dress will work wonders. Prefer singlecolor and make it neutral. And, as we said above, avoid very straight and tight dresses.


Never forget heels, since they help you Stylize your body.


For women with pounds more and bellyjual sepatu converse hitam a dress draped on the side of the waist with a pronounced cleavage, will be the ideal partner to highlight the figure.


If urges you to conceal those rolls, used a dress cut Empire, they have a seam just under the breast and they are wider in the fall of the skirt.


For those who are a free curves and long legs figure, the robes will be their best friends. Marry them with a pair of black leggings or jeans skinny with shoes or boots with heels well. Important: avoid the robes at all costs if you have much bust, or if your shoulders are wide, as they will make you look more bulky.


In terms of pants, the dark and straight are perfect to hide your belly. Take them comfortable, but never baggy or tight. Prefers lowwaisted models rather than cut to the waist.


Balloon skirts are ideal when it comes to hide the belly, and in addition, are this season. Avoid use with tops long jackets, because they desdibujarán your silhouette, and opt instead for one that reaches to the waist.


Skirts with flights in neutral or dark shades can help deflect attention from the area of the belly. By the conrtario, those of model tube or very tight not you favor, but if you still insist on using them, choose those that have front pockets, or the popular peplum, carrying both this season.


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Choose long blouses with stitching under bust, or which are loose from a shoulder, that favor women‘s wide back. What you must avoid: the attached blusitas.


As regards the prints, you can use them but on t-shirts at the height of the bust, to divert the attention of the belly. You prefer vertical stripes to the horizontal, and avoids the prints of great reasons.


Use clothing of a single tone, and if you use colored blocks, seeks to make the color stand out a favorable area of your body. Use deep v necklines.


With these items you can train various combinations, but most importantly, to feel safe, beautiful and fabulous with your look. Remember that you reflex towards others what you think about yourself.

Tips on using pants with right fit your body

ROME, ITALY - OCTOBER 26:  Actress Penelope Cruz attends the Penelope Cruz And Sergio Castellitto photocall during the 6th International Rome Film Festival on October 26, 2011 in Rome, Italy.  (Photo by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images)
ROME, ITALY – OCTOBER 26: Actress Penelope Cruz attends the Penelope Cruz And Sergio Castellitto photocall during the 6th International Rome Film Festival on October 26, 2011 in Rome, Italy. (Photo by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images)

An essential garment in your closet is the pants dress; you will bring many troubles when you don’t know what to wear. You can use it in cases where the type of event requires a code of dress semi-formal or formal, for example: a business event, a job interview, a dinner or a daytime party.


This season, on red carpets, we see the famous look spectacular on the classic Tuxedo female, in which pants dress comes to prominence and takes all the applause.


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To make flattering dress pants, the design must be just to your needs, either very large or very small. The same thing with the long, should just reached the height of your shoes. SI eres bajita, the perfect choice is to buy a design in a shop where they have section for petite women, who tend to be shorter. If you’re high, you can afford to choose the one you like, just be sure that the hem is at least a centimeter and a half of the suel


Now, let’s see how take advantage of pants dress according to your body type.


Body type oval


Women with oval silhouette tend to be narrow shoulders, with volume in the area of the waist, narrow hips and thin legs. To give you an idea think of the actress Queen Latifah. The main objective is to Stylize it visually, therefore you should try hide the abdominal part, making it look thinner.


It avoids the tootight pants as they will leave out the areas that you want to hide; or very loose, as they will add visual volume. Stay away from the hip designs, as they tend to leave out the abdomen and choose them in solid colors and preferably dark.


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You choose to throw pants medium and slightly wide leg, these will make you look stylish and visually slimmer.


An outfit that would be you fancy is a straight black pants, a blazer that comes up to your hips you close perfectly, and a vneckline blouse And of course, the inevitable: the heels.


Rectangle type body


They are wide women of shoulder and with little defined waist, low bust and hips. Victoria Beckham and Cameron Díaz are our reference. Both have a proportionate, but lacking silhouette curves. The objective is then to add volume through our clothes to look more curvilinear.


Choose pants you have applications or ornaments, for example: buttons, pockets, pleats and belts. This will add more volume, you favor models with contrasting seams that are visible.


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Designs which reach the height of your hips, while wide tapered pants give you the visual illusion of height and, if they are in pale beige, the camel, the white colors, will make you look with much greater volume are ideal.


SI eres bajita keep in mind that pants with straight or slightly flared legs may give the illusion that you get lost between the fabric, so be careful when choosing them.


Proposal: use white wide tapered pants and combine it with a soft fabric blouse in grey, with black spots or any other pattern, but tucked. Combined with heels and a maxi bag, also in grey.


Body type triangle


Women with this body type have narrow shoulders, low bust and prominent hip. Within this category goes to Jennifer López.


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Avoid pants that have buttons, pleats, pockets, or applications very striking. Do not use them very stuck together or hips and prevents those who have too much fabric. You prefer the straight cut, but preferably which are pants that are increasing their bandwidth from the thighs down.


Ideal for shapes such team is composed of gray pants, straight cut and a brown bag. You can combine with a bodice satin in champagne tone.