Finding the Best Absolute Toilet Seat


If you are planning a bathroom makeover without the hassle and expense of a complete remodel, one of the simplest ways to give a fresh new look is to replace the accessories and supplies that are used or have seen heavy use. And along with items such as your faucet, shower head and a towel rail, an item that can help change the look of a bathroom or powder room is a new toilet seat.

The toilet seat is best for your bathroom may be one that fits the existing color scheme and decor as well as models of partisi toilet you have. While visiting a local online catalog or showroom will provide a lot of design ideas, here are some tips to help you make a choice that is practical as well as fun.

Round or oval? A quick look at your toilet should be enough to tell you whether you are round or elongated toilet – but if you want to check, get a steel rule or tape measure and measure the distance from the front seat to the bowl hinges or holes for them. Toilet oval will be about 18 1/2 inches long, and the toilets round about 16 1/2 inches. Manufacturers usually make a chair that would suit one type or another.

Wood or plastic? Many people like the warm, luxurious look of a wooden toilet seat, and there were some forest or range of finishes for a range of different decorating styles. Plastic but also a practical alternative and handsome. Here are some things to consider:

Cost: although the toilet seats of the two varieties may come with optional features that cost a little more, wooden chairs tend to be more expensive.
Convenience: wooden chairs may feel warmer to sit on a plastic one, and some people prefer the texture of the skin.
Durability: most modern toilet seat manufactured to withstand regular use and heavy, although the cracks may be in both types. Many wooden chair formed from molded wood for greater strength, and you can also find plastic style premium for extra toughness.
Ease of cleaning: some users calculate that the plastic chairs can be scratched easier over time, but the modern chairs of both types usually offer resistant finish. Looking for optional features such as a mechanism for the rapid elimination of the seat, allowing you to clean around the hinge area easier.

custom hinges or closure features? If you like the look of polished chrome, brass or other metal finishes, you can find a variety of different styles that hinges on the wooden toilet seat. plastic chairs tend to have a plastic hinge, but also incorporates features such as a slow closing mechanism designed to stop the chair slammed shut.

If you have special needs or preferences, you may be able to find other options such as toilet seats padded or heated, or the model by hand, open front or a built-in toilet training toddlers.

Macerator Toilet Problems


Macerator toilet fast becoming the first choice for the canal and river sailors and reliable but when they go wrong, it tends to really go badly wrong with a lot of chaos …

common problems and how to fix it

Toilet who make bad sound and not emptying properly
This is usually because someone has put something on them that they should not. Remember that only light (2 ply) or specially made disintigrating toilet paper (like the ones made by Thetford) could go down them and OK for long-term use (!) If you put the toilet paper weight that advertises as an extra soft and extra thick to be OK for temporarily but could cause problems with congestion open non return valve, bends in the pipe pumps out or even the tank vents if too full. In order to fix the blockage because these products are used, you’ll have to strip down macerator or get a professional in. Remember that opening the macerator is quite skilled, requiring safety torx screw bit and will void the warranty if new. It’s best to check first without voiding your warranty you vent and non-return valve. Non return valve usually rubber bend 90 degrees which serves as a connection pipe behind the toilet. You can take off and remove the jubilee clip (with bucket at the bottom of it, maybe a great one needed depends on your tank and pipe layout!) To check. They are a very simple design, just make sure not there to force open or close.

The toilet worked well but slowly recharges (a little but did not overflow)
It may be a mistake non return valve. On some boats can ride the pipe work before he went across and down into the tank. If the non-return valve slightly wedged open, the volume of garbage in the vertical section of pipe will leak back into the bowl.

The toilet did not do anything when I tried to flush it
failure to complete without something happening which is obviously quite rare so simple things first. Check the fuse and weaving connections and took the plate of panel flush if you have one to check for wire damage or water ingress. If you have an electronic key that is not installed in the toilet itself, the tube behind it may have come a long way. These buttons have a small pipe behind them which connects to the pressure sensor in the main board and the public on a power supply voltage cubicle toilet. They forced air into the pipe types such as syringes so that if someone is too strong with it, the pipe may arise out of and the need to put back in. You may be able to look around the side to do this depends on your installation.

Another potential problem may be that your capacitor has failed and needs to be replaced. They are connected to the main board and is quite large, about 8cm long cylinders.

Toilet emptying slowly
Sometimes you may blame the plumbing work. A macerator must have connected to the pipe which has NO 90 degree bend in it and do not have to reduce the size of the lower run before it gets to the tank. If you have a particularly small outlet pipe may caking with calcium. Get 5 standard liter of white vinegar and put half a liter to the toilet with every flush for several days to break it. It is surprising how quickly this can happen on a ship which is new even top up their tanks with water in certain areas.

The toilet has overflowed
This usually only happens if the toilet macerator pumps have been damaged or have a full tank and flushed repeatedly to try and clear it .. If the toilet does not clean in the first flush then you do not have to flush again until you have at least turned off the water supply. This toilet is not like the people in the house that sometimes can cleanse themselves if the water level to build pressure. Moreover, they do not have any sensor to let you know they are damaged. They usually just have more thermal load and fuse to protect the pump itself and no one thinks about the state of your head if the toilet overflows. So, insulated water supply – it must have a stop cock right next to the toilet and if you do not have to turn off your main pump and drain the tank header on tap. You can now try again as toilet flushing will not be able to add much water into the bowl and cause it to overflow.If to ilet fulfilled by itself then you may have a bad installation of pipe layout that is not un heard.