Travel Agent Tips Strategies choose Bromo

Travel malang juanda – Traveling is needed to reduce the sense of fatigue that arise during daily activities. One of the attractions in the country’s most popular these days is the object of Bromo . Many people want to come and vacation to Bromo, but sometimes people do not have time to do careful planning for the care of all the travel needs of up to details.

Especially if you are going to travel in a large scale such as school holidays or other vacation travel. If you are one of them you may need a travel agency to arrange your holiday schedule. However, choosing travel agency can not be arbitrary, any one of you will get a less responsible java agent and make a profit without appropriate facilities. If so you need some tips on selecting agent Bromo travel packages.

Bromo Tour Travel Tips

Tips on choosing the agent Bromo travel packages

Choosing a travel agent can not be arbitrary. You must be observant in order to get the best travel agents at a cheap price but not cheap. Some of these tips can you sample to obtain a tourist agency that is most appropriate.

  • Meticulous in selecting an agent that professional

To choose a reliable travel agent first you can find recommendation from relatives or colleagues. The experience of relatives or colleagues can be a good one as consumer feedback from travel agents . After that you can choose your own by comparing professionalism or from travel agencies are there that can be used as a reference. The trick is to compare how the travel agent to explain to you, whether professional or not impressed. From there you can see if the agent is to have credibility as the ability to explain and also the flow of information submitted

  • compare price

The price is expensive or cheap prices actually can not be used as a measure of the professionalism of an agent. The high competition in today’s business makes a lot of tourist agencies do a lot of ways to get consumers as much. They raced the race by providing facilities as well as well as the lowest prices low. Therefore do not be easily fooled by the price is cheap or expensive.

  • See the facilities you get

One to see whether or not a travel agent is to look at what you get with the facilities and the quality of the facilities provided. The travel agency that has a high professionalism certainly has a connection or network extensive cooperation. This extensive network of cooperation which can be seen from the quality of hotel facilities such as buses and other facilities to facilitate travel.

  • See the route of travel.

If you have determined your choice to the tourist agents , Tips on choosing the agent Bromo travel packages are seeing tourist route you will visit. Avoid choosing a travel package that will give you the package that you do not know. It’s just going to waste your time.

Bromo travel agent Ongis Travel

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Ongis Travel gives you comfort in traveling because you can adjust the budget you have with tour packages that have been provided by Ongis. In other words, you will be charged in accordance with the travel package and also the facilities that you will use.

If you are interested in traveling to Bromo along Ongis Travel you can immediately call the contact person of Ongis Travel now also because of the customer service of Ongis Travel will give you a reservation service for 24 hours non-stop. Ongis Travel is a travel agent with the service number 1, so do not hesitate to traveled with Ongis Travel, expert travel services Bromo.

best of bus travel in karimun jawa island

best of bus travel in karimun jawa island

In early 2017, My Cousin Along Came Without any knowledge Regarding Publications. When the IT industry What we know only: islands WITH Sand Beach PTIH And Down A Captivating sea.

As well as the funding limitations of leave time, because the ITU Travel Travel We currently undertake on basis of not heeding risks, resigned TO MAKE We Should fact that we can not follow the sea TUR Until Done, Just Up Half day.

Disappointed? Not at all.


Although only half a day, I think I already got Enough Overview ABOUT Karimunjawa sea. And Also, we were not too disappointed BECAUSE of We So the industry know that the Mainland Publications also keeps Potential Yang Not Lose WITH Under the sea!

BECAUSE TUR We are not using landline Singer Travel agent services, we Have to ask AT Local Residents And Information Center in Karimun About Places What can we go for a review TUR land. Officer in place information, we were given a map. We may soon BUT NOT smart to understand a review. IN the end, we only rely on the Citizens Neighborhood And instinct as a guide.

For reviews around, we rented motorized prayers A Citizens for Rp. 70,000, but BECAUSE of We Only Half-day is giving We Rp. 50,000.

And finally begins, adventure We crawl Mainland Karimun!

1. Enjoy the sunrise at Nirwana Beach

We were lucky day ITU. Supposedly, for a review of the area enter the resort in addition to guest The stay, subject to include ENTER cost around Rp. 15,000. But today WAS NOT seen guards at the entrance so that we can SIGN WITH free.

Nirwana Resort is a prayer One Among Many resorts in Karimun. INTO the area, you will be greeted Many white frangipanis, sedges Yang arranged beautifully arranged seta footpath The shiny rocks. Blanching interesting, singer resort overlooking the beach. I can imagine must be nice to stay here. Like the Korean drama My favorite, Full House, to settle at Beachfront.

We leaned IN A sundeck Made Of Wood while staring at Nirwana Beach Direct Edge. Wish the sun slowly Emerging From The seabed. Alongside We, young coconut A former, complete with straw perched at the sexy differences wooden table Country. We giggled Together, our same mind: if the coconut ITU Still Intact And indeed provided for our review. Definitely Fresh One.

Nirwana Resort sandy beach in white fitted the gazebos. Until perhaps WITH designed such purposes the Guests can relax Enjoy SATISFIED Awaiting Beach sunrise Like That we did. Just being here MAKE We feel the aura as a tourist suitcase.

2. Enjoy Serenity in Turkish Edge Loro

Nirwana Resort, we continued our Journey Into Ujung Loro Beach. Left Right WITH narrow beaches rocks. In Turkish singer provided the swing Yang tied IN A tree. The rock island enjoying poking Looks Alone at sea Central there while alternately swing toy Being ACTIVITIES What we do in Turkish singer.

In Turkish singer anyway, We Meet friends Travel, A Western tourists with his wife A native of East Java Women.

“I Want to Swim Into ITU island!” Foreign tourists shouted in English Then pointed Toward, AN island. We followed Directions, his hand pointing. It turned out that Pulau Batu That is mean. Pulau Batu It looks So Close From Turkish singer.

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Tourist attraction in Malang Part 8

26. Coban Rais

Coban Rais is one waterfall tourism in the town of Batu. To reach the waterfall Coban Rais, have to go through a relatively gentle footpath, forest road, and paket wisata malang down the river. And during the trip, you can views of Batu eye-catching. Rais name taken from the name of one of the villagers are commonly called Rais pack.

malang 5

27. Coban Pelangi

Coban Pelangi Pelangi or waterfalls, is one of nature conservation areas under the protection of Perum Perhutani within 10 Km from the district Overlapping and 32 Km from the city of Malang. This waterfall is d district rugged mountains and winding, with the slope over 45 degrees is at 8.0109 ° S; 112.8607 ° E; 1299.5 m asl.

To reach the waterfall, visitors will pass through hilly terrain with a slope of approximately 45 °. After passing through the hills about 15 minutes, the rest is along the path above the creek.

Requires physical state healthy and strong to achieve this waterfall, where guests will find the state of unspoiled nature and green as well as an incredible experience awesome. Green forests, cool mountain, birdsong and crystal clear rivers are things that can be found when going towards Coban Pelangi.

Coban Pelangi waterfall flowing over a cliff with a height of 30 M. There is a cottage which was prepared as the facility to enjoy the beauty of waterfalls in Coban Pelangi. If lucky, visitors can also see a rainbow refracted from the tops of the cliffs, which became the origin of naming this Coban.

28. Jatim Park 1


Travel is the most visited in the City of Rock is currently the Park East Java (Jatim Park). Understandably attractions that are on the slopes of Mount Panderman this is the most modern and best hotel in the City of Rock. Rides his game a lot of the landscape is also beautiful. Besides a cool air makes the sights at an altitude of 850 asl it is suitable for people who come from the heat.

The concept which occupies an area of 11 hectares, it blends harmoniously concept of education (education) tourism (tourism) in one space and time. Tourist attraction The  stone is to be a means of distributing information about the treasures of science and technology (science) which was presented by the presence of a vehicle such as a gallery of learning (such as biology, chemistry, mathematics, and physics). There is also provided a gallery stage of learning that can accommodate 300 students.

This study gallery equipped sheet student study guide and completeness of applied science props both indoor and outdoor backed by PLN, Telkom, Rimba Raya and a number of leading public and private universities in East Java.



21 Attractions Batu Malang Mandatory Visited Part 2

4. Eco Green Park

Eco Green Park Malang

One more place in Batu Malang educational tours that we can visit that Eco Green Park which is located on Jl Ora-ora Ombo No. 9A, right next to Batu Secret Zoo and Jatim Park 2.

Here at least there are 35 rides education paket wisata malang that we can visit. Calm down, kids will definitely love to play and learn here, moto karenan attractions in Batu Malang, this one is Fun and Study.

Eco Green Park itself seek to incorporate the concept of nature, culture, environment, and the arts. Interest Eco Green Park is of course that the visitors (especially children) to learn about the ecosystem. Eco Green Park is divided into several zones, namely Zone miniature famous temples throughout Java, insectarium, walking bird, music plaza, jungle adventure, world parrot, Duck Kingdom, Home Reversed, Water Track, Dome multimedia, and others.

At Eco Green Park, you can get around by renting e-bike. At Jungle Adventure, you can walk around the woods with an open carriage while shooting poachers with toy guns. Exciting! Eco Green Park is open from 09:00 every day.

5. Alun – Alun Kota Batu


Square-stone city gradually has become one of the destinations Batu Malang we should not miss, especially at night, especially for young children.

Since renovated in 2011, the town square has become a tourist in Batu Batu, Malang cheap-rousing. You can enjoy the beautiful fountain with dozens of pigeons flying around the fountain.

There is also a Ferris wheel rides, mini playground, giant strawberry-shaped information space, and toilet-shaped rally. Stone Town Square is often the scene of the performing arts.

Wow, very interesting to be a place to hang out is not it?

6. Transport Museum


You want to see a collection of thousands of luxury cars, antique cars and cool cars? You can visit the museum of transport in Jl Sultan Agung Upper Canal No. 2, Batu, Malang.

This includes new museum opened, around the date March 9, 2014 and became the first tourist attractions in Southeast Asia is the concept of transportation.

Transports in musesum we can see various collection modes of transportation, ranging from animal-drawn up by transport using electric power.

Museum that stands in an area of 3.7 hectares is divided into several zones, among others: education zones, zones and Batavia Sunda Kelapa, the zone Japan, the EU zone, Hollywood zone, and Zone Gangster & Broadway. Transport Museum which is under management of Jatim Park Group is often the site of exhibitions, community events, even a prewedding photo. Transport Museum is open daily from 12:00 to 20:00. Few tips for those of you who also want to visit the Museum d’Mask Kingdom, you can buy a season ticket at a cheaper price of course.

7. Museum d’Topeng Kingdom


Still in place adjacent to the transport museum, you can visit the Museum d’Mask Kingdom. The museum also includes a new open, not much different from the transport museum.

Museum d’Mask Kingdom opened since May 23, 2014 this. Here visitors can see a collection of historical objects from ancient Indonesian culture. This museum also store more than 2000 ancient mask from various parts of Indonesia.

The mask collection is stored in a large cabinet that are separated by regions of origin. One of them is the mask that was found around Borobudur coated prada based paint. There is also a collection of royal chair Singaraja in Bali, a collection of ancient Quran hundreds of years old, and various types of puppets. Museum d’Mask Kingdom is open daily from 12:00 to 20:00 pm.

8. Parks Selecta Batu


Taman Batu Selecta has become one of the Batu Malang tourist destination not to be missed. This park has been around a long time, around the year 1930 the Dutch colonial period.

This park has an area of approximately 18 hectares and is divided into four main parts, namely Recreation Park, Hotel, Restaurant, and gardens. Selecta in Taman Batu and rides there are various facilities, such as swimming pools, flower gardens, outbound, and jogging arena. With the beauty of nature and the weather was cool, Selecta remains a tourist favorite, no matter there are already many new attractions in Batu, Malang.

9. Inggil Museum Resto


Well, if you’ve lapa, you can taste the culinary pleasure of Malang in Inggil Resto Museum, which is on Jalan Gajah Mada No. 4, Malang.

This restaurant is very well known because we can enjoy typical Javanese culinary offerings plus the performing arts, as well as view a collection of antiquities nuanced Java. There are a variety of alarm clock, old-fashioned sewing machine, old radio, and others. The waitress was wearing the typical Javanese kebaya. Some menus are presented, among others: rice corn, rawon tail, satay komoh, and carp sauce squeeze.

48 Points of Interest in Malang, East Java Most Popular 8

35. Bath door Kalireco

Pemandian Kalireco Malang

Tourist attractions in Malang next is a fitting bath to reduce body temperature. Kalireco bath is very fitting for the nature lovers.

Fresh water, plus the air is still cool coupled with the clarity of the water bath is definitely made us linger here.

The location of this mace kalireco bath in the paket wisata malang 2 hari 1 malam village Sumber Sane, District Lawang, Malang. Kalireco itself is yet to be formalized into a tourist spot in Malang, but because of great potentinya made many a traveler coming from different regions.

Kalireco baths are free of charge, so that we can enjoy this place free, unlimited again. Tourist attractions in Malang again this hits very beautiful and exotic.

36. Bay of Angels

One more tourist attractions in Malang suitable for, the bay angel. Angel bay located in Mbehi Beach, Village Sumberbening, District Bantur, Kab. Poor.

Gulf angel is still relatively new and, more recently famous for many photographs of tourists coming selfie make people become curious.

As the name implies, the latest attraction in Malang is indeed kece Abis and made us feel at home ngadem long time here.

Angel bay is a spot (puddle) circular in shape with the color turquoise water. Its location is one area with Turkish Mbehi. A cursory look, this bay looks like the latest tourist attractions in Bali called Angel’s Bilabong.

If you want a vacation to the Gulf of Angels, just head to the beach Mbehi. Mbehi beach just west coast Sugu. You will need 30 minutes of Sugu Coast to Coast Mbehi through forest tracks to a footpath. Along the way, you will be presented with a jungle atmosphere is still very beautiful. Oh yes, this area is still protected forest areas Bantur area.

Beach Mbehi you will need about 30-40 minutes for trekking and required to use a guide that has been prepared at a cost of Rp. 10,000 / person.

37. Banyu Down


Banyu plunged into tourist attractions in Malang further you can visit. Banyu dropped less if interpreted falling water is located on  the waterfront Lenggoksono and direct water flow into the sea. On it, you can enjoy a refreshing natural pools. Banyu Down is located in an area Dampit Tirtoyudo Village, District Tirtoyudo, Malang.

To get here, you have to walk about 30 minutes from the village Tirtoyudo through the trail and the gorge. The entry ticket price relatively cheap, only Rp. 5.000, -.

38. Travel Tubing Wringinanom

You want a vacation that challenge? Well, tubing tour might be the right choice. The location of this tubing on the  slopes of Mount Semeru, precisely in the hamlet Besuki, Wringinanom Village, District Poncokusumo.

Adventure tourists will be invited to feel the sensation of swift flow Amprong rocky river. In addition, upstream there are also Coban Pelangi flowing from the slopes of Mount Semeru.

To be able to enjoy the thrill of extreme sports tour this spring you are only charged Rp 15 thousand. In this place also provided tracking dirt bike and camping ground. By using the security tools and tub. Guides take tourists down the hill toward the starting point slide. Your adrenaline will be encouraged when start sliding in the rushing rivers.

Advantages Compared Avanza Car Rental Cars Other Family

Today rent a car has become a necessity many people including companies in Indonesia including. Many rental car racing the race for offer car rental services that answer the needs of consumers. Various options ar car type to car prices varied offer many car rental providers in sewa mobil madiun and other big cities. One of the favorite car is Avanza.

Avanza is a car that most often hired many people with various purposes. Many of the advantages of this car is that Avanza become a much-loved cars in various circles. What are they? Consider the following.

Avanza Car Rental

Families Right Choice

When you want a vacation with your family relatives then with car rental Avanza is a very appropriate decision. Because Avanza has a spacious cabin space so that you and your family can enjoy a pleasant journey.

Features and Convenience Yang More

Driving comfort is something that a lot of people when they want to rent a car. For that select Avanza is a matter of right. This is because Toyota Avanza equipped with AC double blower which is very convenient to the back seat. Avanza also known fine in terms of traction so it will not make you feel tired when having to go through a long journey.

save fuel

Avanza car hire is the right decision for you, because Avanza is a fuel-efficient cars. This is because Avanza equipped with an engine that is more environmentally friendly and more stable. Avanza also has a capacity of 1,300 cc and 1,500 cc. Kubikasinya relatively smaller making it more fuel efficient.

Having a Good Design

Many car rental customers to give his opinion when asked why they chose to lease Avanza, and one reason is because the model is very good. Indeed, many of those who say that the Avanza car looks classy and elegant, that’s why many of those who choose to rent Avanza.

Yes that’s him the reason why many customers choose the car rental car rental car Avanza as rental.

Jatim Park attractions Tourist Rides in stone town

On this occasion twisata will review the existing tourist attraction in East Java, precisely in Kota Batu – Malang. Jawa Timur Park or commonly referred to Jatim Park is a learning park and rides which became one of the tourist icon in East Java. Sightseeing in Batu is located approximately 20 km from the city of Malang precisely at Jl.Kartika 2 Batu.

Here you will find a wide variety of exciting rides with a total of about 50 rides that are worth a try, as the drop zone, spinning coaster, a large swimming pool with ornate sculptures – sculptures as well as an educational vehicle that can be coaxed the visitors who come here.

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Jatim Park itself is divided into two, namely Jatim Park 1 and 2. For Jatim Park 1 contains a lot of games and entertainment that can be enjoyed by all people ranging from children – children to adults. As for the Jatim Park 2 lots comprising a means of learning about the environment and nature as the Museum of Wildlife, Trees In Hotel and Batu Secret Zoo. Jatim Park 2 itself is located on Jl. Oro – Oro Ombo No. 9 Batu.

History Establishment Jatim Park Kota Batu
At the beginning, East Java is not so well known because of the development of the tourism sector are less, most travelers spent much of their vacation time to visit tourist attractions in Bali and Yogyakarta, as no doubt the city is indeed very rapidly once its development, particularly in seltor tourism ,

The potential for tourism in East Java itself is so large, one of which is the potential that exists in Kota Batu, which once was a region with Malang. This city is already very well known since the reign of the Dutch East Indies, with morphologic there is lots of hills – the hills and be among Mt.Arjuno and Gunung Kawi, causing the air here is very cool and is very well suited as a tourist destination areas and the development of agriculture by the type of horticulture such as vegetables – vegetables, fruits – fruit, medicinal plants, flowers and ornamental plants.

In addition, the Mount Panderman that stand between Mt.Arjuno and Gunung Kawi helped beautify the scenery Kota Batu. And in this region Jatim Park was built on the place of recreation and entertainment with science and technology, so that the later is expected to attract both domestic and foreign travelers to get to know the wealth of natural, cultural and technological advances in East Java. In addition can also be used as a means of developing knowledge for students ranging from kindergarten to students with a relaxed atmosphere and recreation.

To visit the attractions in Stone is very easy, this is due to tourist sites located within the City and close to public transport facilities such as stations, airports and terminals. And if you are from out of town, you can be the first transit at the station, Terminal in Malang, then proceed toward Terminal Landungsari using the code AL transportation / ADL takes about one hour drive. after arriving at Terminal Landungsari your trip could proceed to Terminal Batu using transport BL / BJL / BTL.

If you use air transport, you can be the first transit Juanda Airport in Surabaya, then proceed to Malang from Malang You can then continue the journey back to the city of Batu.

Activities that can be done in Jatim Park Stone
Jatim Park is an amusement park and recreational center for families, if you visit the attractions in stone, you can enjoy a variety of exciting rides that exist here. To Jatim Park 1, there are about 50 rides very interesting to try, are as follows:


Adu prestige ala Children Rinjani

Travel surabaya malang ,I walked with a porter toward Pergasingan, one of the hills that can be used as an alternative tourism in Mount Rinjani National Park (TNGR), in view of Mount Rinjani is closed to climbing since October 28, 2015 yesterday.

The entrance of the village of Lawang Sembalun, Sembalun, East Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara.

Five children followed us from behind. One of them named Lion, grade 1 junior, walked carrying a bag and a pot on her head, a replacement cap.

“If the weekend is usually crowded at the top, on the tent tide,” said the porter, carrying things.

Yes, indeed crowded, but never imagined me this crowd filled with children. A fellow Lion carrying bags green tent, the size of three people. These tents raped five boys junior high school.

Soon, from afar looks three other children were riding on a different path. This time more “eccentric”, just bring one orange tarp.

One child did not even dressed. At peak, five children had arrived first, put up his tent and make a fire and a place to put a pot.

“Eat what deck?” I asked.

“Indomie, only we can cook,” said one of them.

His name Noval, grade 1 SMP too. When dark fell, three other children had arrived. Armed with two tool lights, they fit into the flash of pine trees. Not long back with some wood. Four of them ditancap so long, orange tarpaulin attached earlier, be a tent.

I half believe with these children, while I hike with fairly complex equipment such as mountain boots, mattresses, tents, sleeping bags up. Even bring porter.

In our own group there are two children involved, Asrad Aldi 3rd grade and 4th grade. Asrad is the owner’s son kutempati halfway house in Sembalun, while Aldi was the son of the porter.

I had asked the owner of a halfway house the day before the hike, “why Asrad will ride?”

According Asrad father, son Armasih has long wanted to join the climb to Pergasingan. The reason, his friends at school had ever climbed, so Asrad often teased because he had never climbed the mountain.

Tips for Saving Together Family Vacation

Holiday is over, but why it still wants to vacation kept up well. For the budget is rather tight, they could vacation anyway. Here are 10 tips on saving but still memorable holiday for your family: travel malang juanda

10 Tips for Saving Together Family Vacation

  1. Prepare well in advance if we have a plan that is long enough to vacation outside the city let alone abroad. Longer preparation time would be better. Set aside in auto debit of our monthly income during the period adjusted by the amount of funds needed.
  1. For the cost of transport and accommodation, it is better if we can get a promotional package. Even if there is, the homes of relatives or locals and apartments owned by individuals can be a place to stay. We can save you quite a lot, considering that these two things are the most important costs.
  1. Usually by taking vacation packages provided by the tour could travel cheaper. But if we want to travel alone, to know first the intricacies of a vacation destination. The cost of transportation, accommodation, recreation and eat and do not miss a spot of shopping, become important points to note.
  1. Be mindful to select a vacation spot. Search attractions that is really unique and nice, and is a hallmark of the place. Avoid going to the tourist sites that are unnecessary and costly.
  1. Just like a vacation, looking for a place to eat / restaurants must be in accordance with the budget is prepared. It’s better if we choose a place not far from the place of stay or the last place we were visiting. In addition to saving time, saving costs as well.
  1. Popular shopping places not usually cheaper than shopping venues crowded with tourists. Hunt for souvenirs and handicrafts to traditional markets and even directly to the place of manufacture / factory besides a pleasant experience, we can certainly save money.
  1. If we have the flexibility of time, consider to travel during the  “low season”.  We can get an attractive offer and cost that can not be found during the “high season”.
  1. Do not forget to always bring supplies such as bread and drink water in the bag. Besides being more healthy, we too avoid unnecessary snacks.
  1. Bring pocket money according to the budget. And keep record of all expenses during the trip from beginning to end.
  1. If your budget is currently not possible to travel far, vacation in the city could be an option that is no less interesting. Many alternative vacation spot that is instructive for children. Even the house can be a pleasant place for a family vacation. Create your event / activity that has not been done in the family home. Importantly, think creatively and are happy to be the key to be able to enjoy the holidays.

Hotel in Batu Malang, East Java

If you’ve ever been to East Java’ve heard Kota Batu, a town in the mountainous region in East Java. The air in the area at 15 to 19 deraja Celsius, want to ukurang passable in the air in Indonesia especially in the morning. The mountains that surround the city are like Mount Paderman, Many, Welirang and Mount buttocks, the mountains are an attraction and make people feel at home in this city because of his air of cool to be enjoyed.

As a mountainous area, Batu accounted vegetables and fruit quality for supply to the rest of East Java and several regions in Indonesia.

List of hotels in Malang, East Java

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In addition, the City of Stone has a variety of tourist attractions that you must visit if you are in the city such as the Transport Museum, the Museum of Wildlife and Batu Secret Zoo. Culinary in Kota Batu you can try like Ice Cream at Toko Oen very famous, Sate rabbit, Know Kentaki Dhigadho, Lalp Wander fish and other culinary variety that exist along the way.

If you want to vacation in stone town there are several hotels in Batu Malang that you can make to stay overnight. Well, the following list of hotels in Batu Malang that we recommend for you;

Hotel Puranama

Hote in Batu Malang presents the charm of a very beautiful view with a cool mountain sights. Hotel has a very strategic location because it is located in the hills surrounded by mountains in East Java, at the hotel you will feel the holiday mengasikan and can eliminate the fatigue of everyday activities. There is a pool in the middle of the hotel which is fenced by plants with a relaxing place on the edge of the pond. Permalam for the cost of staying in this hotel, you will be charged a fee of 500 thousand permalam. Address hotel is located at Jl. Raya Selecta 1-15, Batu Malang.

Stone Source is a hotel in Batu Malang near to attractions Rock Night, atmosphere very pleasant hotel and became one of the places to spend the night for recreation in Batu Malang good. This hotel is located in a residential area so you can greet each other with the people around and around to enjoy the environment around the hotel. To stay at this hotel, you will be charged at cost. Just need to spend money amounting to 270 thousand permalam. The layout of the hotel is located in Jl. Darsono No. 14 Batu, Malang.

Deview Hotel Batu

This hotel is great for recreation, you can vacation at the hotel with family and enjoy the surroundings and the view of the town of Batu, Malang. The hotel room was very clean, neat and comfortable. There are 2 types of rooms to your message at this hotel, the type Deluxe Double and Deluxe Twin. To stay permalam, you had to spend $ 500 thousand permalam. Address hotel is located in Jalan Raya Selecta, 157, Punten, Batu, Malang.

Bunga Matahari Guest House and Hotel

List of hotels in Batu Malang next Sunflower Guest House and Hotel, a hotel that has fairly easy access to visit popular tourist attractions in Batu Malang, such as Jatim Park 2 and travel Batu Night Spectacular. The hotel not only has a strategic location but the price offered cheap, very suitable for people who want to enjoy sightseeing in Batu Malang without wanting to spend big. For an overnight stay, you will be charged a fee of 220 thousand. Address hotel is located in Jalan Untung Suropati, No. 49 Batu, Malang.